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[Role Playing Game] Maze of Doom: Reborn (100% Complete, Up to 23 Players or AI, Third Person or Regular Camera + More!)

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Jan 5, 2006
I'm adding this here because unlike my other wc3 custom maps I've made, this one is big enough that I think it requires its own unique thread.

NOTE: If you are interested in my socials: will lead you to them.

Game Mechanics Explained
(NOTE: This game is a VERY High End game for a Low End PC, so if you can't handle intense games, this one you may need to
lower settings, and not use the AI at all)
-Up to 23 Player(Online or with AI)
-RPG with 130+ Custom Items, +150+ Default Items, most of the custom items having models that appear on your character
showcasing you wearing them! Items can be obtained via random drops, bosses, quests, secrets, and shops! (+Also an
Equipment System with each slot reserved Helmet/Gloves/Boots etc. Read Quest Log (F9) How To Play for more info!)
-Play with Third Person Camera, or Default Warcraft 3 Camera, by typing -camera to switch back and forth!
-Up to 8 Custom Classes, 25 Default WC3 Heroes, and Secret Classes to Unlock!
-Up to 3 Difficulty Settings, with each unlocking more content, quests, items, and bosses!
-Save/Loading Code System so you can save your character and reload it for multiple playthroughs! You can -save and -load
as many characters as you want, you will just need to keep track of all of their codes. Its tied to your account name,
meaning you cannot share your code with a friend and have it work.
-Custom Classes include: Samurai, Ninja, Monk, Huntsman, Retribution Paladin, Arms Warrior, Protection Warrior, Priest
-Only a few Cinematics in the game, all other dialogue in the game you talk to NPCs via walking next to them to read
text, walk away, then walk to them again till exhausting all dialogue, typically unlocking a new quest.
-There are Tanks, Healers, and DPS in this game, but it is not required to have Healers or Tanks in order to progress,
everything can be done solo, but is significantly more challenging solo.
-Shopping: on Normal difficulty, you can buy items with gold obtained via defeating enemies, and random loot. On higher
difficulty settings, this becomes irrelevant, as the items that drop are far beyond anything you can buy.
-Paradise System: When you start the game, you get 3 lives, after running out of lives, you revive at Paradise, and
will be stuck there until someone at the starter maze defeats the Boss guarding it, once defeating it, you will unlock
the ability to leave the starter maze, and leave Paradise(but only after you've talked to an NPC there for some quests if
leaving Paradise) at this point in the game, you can start to explore, find hidden loot, dungeons, and complete quests
and do significantly more things, then you could at the starter maze.
-Roll System, you can type -Roll to roll a random number between 1-100 and use this as a method to roll for loot
-Soul Bound Items: When typing -save and -load with your code, this will cause the items on your character to become
Soul Bound, meaning they cannot be picked up anymore by other players. Non soul bound items can still be picked up by
-Scoreboard to keep track of ItemLevel, so you can see who needs gear the most!
-Recall potions to take you back to Paradise, or the Starter Maze, for extra attempts in case you run out of lives!
-There are Item Tier Sets in this game; you can randomly get pieces of them such as Gloves/Helmet randomly from enemies,
for Tier 1 on Hard Mode, but in order to get the Boots/Chest you need to defeat bosses on Hard Mode to randomly get them
from that boss. (Might take you multiple attempts!)
-Legendary Items and Beyond: Additonally on the higher difficulty settings, you can get items that do rediculous over the
top effects, such as causing you to randomly teleport and knock enemies back, unleashing tornados and more! (Just one of
MANY unique effects)! You will mostly find these on Legendary items or better.
-End Game: Bosses on Normal Difficulty aren't very challenging, you just do enough DPS and eventually you win. However
on Higher Difficulty settings, you will have to dodge, get out of the way, as Bosses use abilities that hit very hard,
but are still avoidable. You will need powerful items + paying attention to whats going on in order to win, Bosses on
these modes can also Reset, meaning if everyone gets taken out, the Boss goes back to 100% Health, and their abilities
reset back to their starting point. There are some exceptions, of course, but those exceptions are typically for a good
reason (Hint: VERY Strong Bosses). Items drop from bosses like this: One item is 100% an item from that Bosses loot table,
the other 2 items have a CHANCE based on Difficulty Settings, to be a: Item that drops from that Boss ONLY, OR it will
be an item that exclusively drops from random enemies on that difficulty setting. So you have a chance to get 3 items
that the boss drops, otherwise worst case; you get 1 item from that boss, and 2 that you could randomly get off basic
enemies on that difficulty.

Custom Classes + Class Type Explanation
Class Type Explanation:
-Default Heroes gain Attribute Bonus all the way to Max Level with a total of +90 to All Stats
-Custom Classes do not gain this, but what they do gain: is Ability Damage Scaling, meaning the higher your Primary
Attribute is, the higher damage your abilities will do, this doesn't mean that Default WC3 Heroes become irrelevant, as
the game was actually balanced around them however.
-Secret Classes gain very overpowered advantages, such as starting off with Legendary items, but they have some type
of drawback, so for the ones who start off with these items, you can never unequip them, meaning you can never get
replacements that are better later on. Or they hit incredibly hard, but have the lowest armor type in the game. You can
get a Secret Class by doing certain things in the game, once you find said method; doing the method will remove your
currently played Class from the game, and replace it with the new Secret Class, typically starting over at level 1, in
order to keep your new Secret Class you will need to -save, and -load it. You can still load your old character if you
saved it before hand.

(NOTE: For simplicity's sake, I am going to summarize the effects of these abilities, for more details read their ability's
in-game description)

Custom Classes:
Retribution Paladin

Primary Attribute: Strength
Description: Plays like a Ret Paladin from WoW. Focuses on DPS(Primarily)/Healer/Support

-Hammer of Justice: Stuns Single Target for 3 seconds.
-Seal Of Command: Chance on hit to hit twice + Bonus Damage
-Judgment: Deals Single Target Damage
-Divine Storm: Deals AoE Damage + Small AoE Heal
-Holy Light: Heals whoever is selected, or Damage to Undead
-Ultimate: Divine Shield: Becomes invulnearable

Arms Warrior
Primary Attribute: Strength
Description: Plays like a Arms Warrior from WoW, your mana(Rage) slowly drains over time, but entering combat you will
generate Rage as you battle enemies. Focuses on DPS

-Enrage: Generates 20 Rage
-Rend: Deals Single Target Damage Over Time
-Whirlwind: Deals AoE Damage
-Sunder Armor: Lowers Armor of Single Target
-Charge: Charges forward towards a Single Target, stunning them, and dealing Damage.
-Ultimate: Exccute: Deals Primary Attribute x 14 + 2000 Damage, resets Cooldown if it finishes the enemy off, can only
be used at 30% HP of enemy.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Description: Plays like a Holy Priest from WoW. Focuses on Healing/Support

-Greater Heal: Heals for ALOT on Single Target
-Purify: Removes most negative debuffs, and most positive buffs of enemies + Bonus Damage to Summoned Enemy Units
-Flash Heal: Heals for a lesser amount, but has Auto Cast, and short cooldown
-Holy Fire: Deals small AoE Fire Damage on Single Target
-Ultimate: Mass Resurrection: Revives, and Teleports ALL Player Heroes directly to the Priest.

Protection Warrior
Primary Attribute: Strength
Description: Plays like a Prot Warrior from WoW, your mana(Rage) slowly drains over time, but entering combat you will
generate Rage as you battle enemies. Focuses on being a Tank.

-Taunt: Taunts all nearby enemies to attack you.
-Mocking Blow: Taunts a Single Target enemy to attack you.
-Shield Block: Reduced damage from Piercing, slower movement speed.
-Sunder Armor: Lowers Armor of Single Target
-Charge: Charges forward towards a Single Target, stunning them, and dealing Damage.
-Ultimate: Shield Wall: Takes 50% Reduced Spell Damage + 50 Armor.

Primary Attribute: Agility
Description: A Ranged Class, dealing lots of AoE damage. Focuses on DPS

-Huntsman's Trap: Drops a trap at the target location, stuns enemies near it after its timer runs out, or its defeated.
-Stun Blast: Stuns Single Target for 3 seconds.
-Multi Blast: Deals AoE Damage
-Flame Spread: Adds extra ranged attacks per attack, and adds small bonus damage.
-Luck of the Draw: (Chance on hit to hit twice + Bonus Damage) But Lowered. Also increases Critical Chance by a small
-Ultimate: Huntsman's Track: Increases Attack Speed, and Movement Speed by 100% for 12 seconds.

Primary Attribute: Agility
Description: A Melee DPS Class, that focuses on illusions and confusing the enemy. Focuses on DPS

-Shuriken: Deals Single Target Damage + Stun + Teleports to the Target
-Shuriken Barrage: Deals AoE Damage, no Damage Scaling, but has short cooldown
-Summon Dopplegangers: Summons a set amount of clones of yourself, as long as 1 exists, you will swap places with them
when you are attacked.
-Sprint: Increases movement speed for a short time
-Ultimate: Illusion of Reality: Revives again, each time the cooldown resets

Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Description: A Melee DPS Class, that focuses on Knockbacks, Evasion, and Dashes. Great for Third Person Camera! Focuses
on DPS

-Flash Punch: Knocks a Single Target back, and enemies around it, lowering their armor briefly.
-Errupting Burning Fists: Deals AoE Damage, Damage Over Time, and Knocks back all enemies around
-Smart Evade: Dashes away automatically from an enemy that just used an ability, or if none are found, then away from
-Smart Dash: Dashes forward automatically to an enemy that just used an ability, or if none are found, then toward
-Ultimate: Sonic Implosion: Pulls enemies toward you dealing 2000 + Primary Attribute x 14 Damage.

Primary Attribute: Agility
Description: A Melee DPS Class, that focuses on the Way of the Samurai, dealing DPS. Focuses on DPS

-Way of the Sea: Unleashes a tidle wave, dealing AoE Damage in a Line
-Way of the Sun: Deals AoE Damage, and knocks enemies back slightly
-Smart Evade: Dashes away automatically from an enemy that just used an ability, or if none are found, then away from
-Multi Strike(Forgot name): Strikes in front of yourself 3 times at once, dealing AoE Damage
-Ultimate: Crescent Slash: Deals Primary Attribute x 14 Damage to a Large group of enemies in front of you.

Credits for ALL models/icons etc used are mentioned in-game (F9 Quest Log)


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Dec 4, 2007
That's like a blast of the past, straight back to the times of open rpgs like Sol's rpg, cot rpg etc.
Admire the effort.
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