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  • this.stop();
    function max(x:Number,y:Number):Number{
    return (y>x)*y+(y<=x)*x;
    trace(max(-1,1));//says 1
    //put this code to the first keyframe
    Frankster (General Frank) = tauren
    Bloodelf Phoenix Guard = Sylvanas
    Archmage on foot, dwarf paladin
    Frost version of Firelord
    5*300=1500 kb.. +1mb prob=2.5 mb
    Turn-based real-time strategy involving economical infrastructure, taxes and large uniquenesses of races.

    Prj order - jass editor, map^, releqium, witcher, stalker
    Да нет, не отвлекаешь, как раз наоборот =) Приятно видеть наших среди буржуев. К сожаления рисую я не в гимпе, а в фотошопе. Попробовал гимп - и больше не стал =) "Я свободен" - песня Кипелова, от которой я недавно зафанател.
    Thank you alot. I really appreciate your adore for my work. Are you russian? / Большое спасибо. Я очень доволен что тебе нравится моя работа. Ты русский?
    Yes, I planning to do that.

    The most expert terrainer that have help me the most was Revan(Rom), he was going to be free during the christmas season and going to help me with the campaign.
    By the way, if it was necessary. I would probably request other terrainer to edit the terrain you make, this would be done if it could possibly effect the camera or unit position upon my coding to the map. So, don't feel offense when the terrain you done have a major changes.

    After all, this campaign terrain and gameplay must be extraordinary in order to outshine other superb campaign available out there.
    Thanks dude, sometimes I make a raw sketch of the environment because I afraid the terrainer might not know what type of terrain I wish to have.

    Once you 100% complete the prologue terrain, send the map to me. Right now I have a private message from other terrainer who're willing to help me, so I do not want both to create same terrain for same chapter.
    I have seen the scenery. I would said you did a good job at chapter 1 for ruined city and forest except for the village scenery. I have told you before that the mountain and randomy place destructible of the house was a image of how you should make it look like.

    Can you remake the village scenery to make it really look like a city with mountain at north east ? Of course, i would adjust the camera later on.
    soo fast almost done the map terrain for chapter 1 ?

    The terrain must be extremely good, it cannot just be average. Just to tell you.
    By the way, focus at the terrain and not at the trigger or anything else. Those camera setup and everything was merely a basic setup.

    And once you get the entire terrain at every chapter done. Upload it to pastebin and send the link to my private message.
    and i need a terrainer that could make a extraordinary terrain. All those campaign map size doesn't exceed 162..
    Well, I could use your help. But, I do not want promise only. There is a lot of people promise me this and that upon seeing my signature. But I never get any result from them.
    Yeah, i should Watch i say
    Correct me if I ever get out of line

    I do Love Lessons though
    and in the contex of the Post I think it was appropiate,
    if Read the people that replied to me, see if anyone disagreed/wuteva

    I'm saying um....
    I love posting periods :(
    This is My wise word:
    1.Don't waste your time, because time can't come back.
    2.Silent is gold, so don't waste your time with talking.
    3.Nobody perfect, but you have to do all your job with your best.
    sorry i just wrote your comment about "Shaun the Sheep" and my Nickname; and honestly it has nothing to do with Shaun the Sheep; i came up with that name around 7years ago when i just played DnD Legends of Myth Drannor and started Warcraft3; the original name was SHaunDakuL and this is just a shorter version =)

    ps: sry for replying 5month later xD
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