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I'm looking for people who would be interested in participating in my project "Dark Stone - Custom RPG".

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Oct 4, 2021

Hi, I had already made a post in October 2021 and I'm making a new one because I've made a lot of progress on my map and I'm starting to have a more global view of what to do. The concern being that the ambition is great and I find myself limited, not by the work in itself (even if it's a big task) as I'm passionate but the mental organization for one mind is really hard to finish such a project.​


This is a project I have begun since august 2021. The goal of my project is to make a RPG as customizable as possible with coop, maximum freedom and replayability with the tools of the editor. My version being 1.26 and I'm using GUI but I have systems that I have imported that use JASS and custom scripts for leaks (I had to learn about it the hard way...). Depending on how it goes I would love to adapt it on reforged and make the music if people enjoys it.

Some Mechanics/Systems:

  • There are 6 stats (Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Faith, Dark, Luck), classes are equipment named Sets that equip your hero (similar as Fantasy Life).
  • Crafting with 7 professions (Engineering, Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Tailoring, Enchanting, Furnishing, Alchemy) and skills (currently just Lockpicking, cooking is planned). All have 5 upgrades as games like TES games which are Novice, Apprentice, Adept, Expert, and Master.
  • Inventory system (6 slots: 2 rings, 1 neck, 1 hands, 1 waist, 1 feet) and a storage system of abilities under the name of Rune which are equipable.
  • Hunger and sleep system to increase your stats and get bonuses or penalties (with cooking, fishing system)
  • Dialogue system with the NPCs, can be useful for quests. Not really exploited for now, you'll understand why on "my difficulties".
  • Housing, you can build a tent that you can enter and close. Each player has his own personal place. This is where furnishing is the most useful as you can craft decorations.
  • Dark Stone system. Hence the title of the game (not at all inspired by a famous license...) These are usable items that can offer unique bonuses or penalties per use, they can also be used as components or for quests. They are a focal point in my lore.

And more but I think you get the idea. Here is now where I'm struggling.

My difficulties/Help:

  • World building. I'm not a great designer to create a world, or level design basically. I have ideas for how to make a situation exciting, how to create a path to get from one place to another mostly from a gameplay point of view. But I don't know what connects these situations, how many and how, to have a great feel of an adventure. So this is where lore/story is important as the main inspiration for creating content.
  • Lore and quests. I'm not a writer, but I've started writing a story around my game world. I think that's important for designating the world, but I'm not sure where I'm going with that. For example there are no elves or orcs in my world, which makes importing resources more complicated. Creating quests can be an important part of the game but i don't want teleguided quests where you have to track points, i prefer quests that require you to interact with the world in an organic and unforced way that you can gather information from the environment or talking with NPCs, a bit like Dark Souls or TES. Creating quests can be interesting content but it requires a lot of work on triggers and inspiration, including lore. The lore is finally quite important because it is what will connect all the elements of the game including the items, factions, ennemies, NPCs, ect. So it is important to decide as soon as possible the lore and the direction to create contents.
  • Spell crafting. It's one of my biggest concerns, it's one of the most difficult and most important points I believe. First, I don't know how to create complex spells, I only did two basic healing spells that depend on stats. Here are some difficulties I found: The first is the abilities ID, there must not have conflicts, I saw that a guy had created a system allowing to have no conflicts by making 6 channel abilities of Different IDs per ability. The second is crafting the spell in itself, making it depends on stats with no conflicts (MUI). And the third being designing the spell, finding ideas.
  • Crafting system and items creation. This is not necessarily the category where I need the most help actually, but it is certainly one of the most difficult and demanding. Creating a good crafting system is extremely complicated, you have to do tests, think very early about the components, how to find them and their abundance. But also creating all the elements is what is laborious. For example, for a table, which is a decoration, you must: 1 create the unit, 2 create the item to build it, 3 create the item ability (from the human tower item), 4 create a trigger to repackage it in its item state (there is a Repack system), 5 create a channel ability for crafting with requirements in the description or profession level requirements (in this case furnishing, can be apprentice, adept, expert, master), 6 and finally create the trigger to create the item and give xp to the hero and add specific points to the profession stat.

To conclude.​

I tried to keep it short, I still have lots of details and ideas to share and there are definitely lots of things I'm still learning. It's been a very rewarding experience so far and I would love to complete this project making it the best possible so any help and advice is very welcome.
The game will never be perfect, there will always be problems with balancing, exploits and compromises because of the engine and the work it would need, but that must not prevent players from having a fun and intersting experience.

I am the most reachable on discord but I come regularly to the site too. I am French but I understand English well even if I speak it badly.

Take care,
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