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Mar 17, 2019
Aug 7, 2013


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sethmachine was last seen:
Mar 17, 2019
    1. brownin
      Can you please respond to me just once, so I know where we stand on MM RPG. You've been on since I messaged you but you haven't responded. Please just give me something, there's a small community of people waiting on literally any update...
    2. TheLifeBinder
      Hey, I was wondering if you'd mess and update Monster Master RPG? Unless you've no intetion on messing around with it anymore. Ye?
    3. brownin
      Please respond to me fella
    4. brownin
      I've PM'd you just so you see it :P
    5. Frotty
      1. sethmachine
        hi, thank you for checking in. I ran a test in vanilla Java to reach your JSON endpoint. I basically used a configuration in Java SSL to not verify the cert, which allowed it to work over HTTPS. I could do HTTP without doing this. But I used Apache HTTP client to make the GET. Resty isn't working even with an HTTP GET, according to your previous update. My main rig will be a Windows machine, where this shouldn't be a problem. I haven't tried to fork the Wurst setup yet, but I think for me it's just a matter of replacing all the Resty calls with Apache Http Client + GSON. Git shouldn't be a problem--I have no issue cloning public repos. But I didn't try updating Java, which I'll do and see if that also fixes it (I'm on Java 8).
        Jan 1, 2018
      2. Frotty
        I understand what you did and why, and I appreciate the effort. However this problem will most likely affect people other than you as well, and I would like to know what causes it in the first place.
        Also if you use https and then force disable security mechanisms, you can simply use http in the first place.
        The ideal situation wouldbe https working for you, and the reason why it's not should be addressed.
        Jan 1, 2018
    6. deepstrasz
    7. HandsOfficial
      Hey man Just wanted to say I really appreciate your effort on the Monster Masters 2 map, MM1 was so much fucking fun, I'd have to say it's my number 1 favorite game ever
    8. daemoth
      Hi, are you still looking for a terrainer and willing to do some coding work in exchange. Message me back!
    9. StoPCampinGn00b
      Oh, you're in Clan RC. I've seen posts about it years ago on Diplomunion.

      I checked the battle.net profile and I was sad to see it pretty inactive.
    10. Cokemonkey11
    11. Dat-C3
      Well it is up to you now to trust me or not, I can't write JASS or VJASS by itself. I have memory issues so I can't really provide you proof that I know it, however I do know it. I may end up creating stuff for you in GUI but will later hopefully re-script it into VJASS/JASS... Speed difference isn't that big unless its a complicated/complex system/spell.
    12. Dat-C3
      I don't know if I should join you, I dislike it when people overcomplicate it for no apparent reason. Has LUA been fixed as well since the previous windows update?
    13. Dat-C3
      All the stuff you have said your doing can easily well mostly be made with GUI even.

      So I was curious why your using notepad instead of the VJass script editor?
    14. Dat-C3
      I'm not a fan of doing stuff like that, what's the problem with using the editor? VJass already makes it incredibly easy.

      Of course if I have too, I would learn if I don't know it already... =) but I would like to hear your side of it.
    15. Dat-C3
      You only use newgen right?
    16. Dat-C3
      If you got a list of what you want done and tips all over the code, then I can give it a try and definitely return it to you when you come back. =)
    17. Mythic
      setmachine, :cgrin:

      You like hacking stuff?
    18. Mythic
    19. Frotty
      Ok, that itself isn't a problem. But then why do you make wild assumptions and statements without having actually tested it?
      The time it took you to write that post is probably longer than the time it would have taken you to evaluate your thoughts and check if your resources/citations are actually valid.
      Maybe consider this next time when talking about a matter you aren't familiar with.
      In the end writing nothing is always better than writing something wrong.
    20. Frotty
      So let me get this straight: You "flame" me for an accidental, easy to distinguish typo, but can't even get your sources right? (Nestharus just wrote he never did anything for eclipse)
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