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Pokemon World V1,10 Beta

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Level 16
Oct 10, 2011
Dark-Zalor presents :

Pokemon World Beta V1,10
Created by Dark-Zalor


Map Info

An epic travel in the universe of pokemon.
This map purpose to players to move in a pokemon universe to catch/train/customize/name Pokemons.

You can customize your team, the spellpack of each pokemon. When pokemons get new levels.
And they can access to new attacks.

You can battle with other players.

For any questions or suggestions please send your e-mail at: [email protected]

Visit my facebook page at: facebook.com/DarkZalorMapper
I will add a few more Pictures on the page.

All the Pokemons/Musics belongs to The Pokemon Company

Only works with 1.32 version of Warcraft 3 or newer.

This game is a Rpg type map.
This is a list of the primary features :

  • 255x255 Map size (divided in more that 4 custom regions) with custom textures
  • 72 playable and customizable Pokemons
  • UI life/mana bars during battles
  • Custom Game UI
  • 154 custom spells
  • 17 Pokemons types
  • 10 official musics of the game
  • Option to Name your Pokemons
  • Frame to customize your team
  • Frame to customize your spellpack
  • Pokemon spawn system with probabilities
  • Custom battle system with funny Introduction :D
  • Custom Damage system with types Bonuses/Maluses/critical strikes/stabs
  • Xp custom system
  • Custom End with scores & credits

Mods :

Commands :
There is a few commands in this map :
-zoom XX : to set the distance camera to (XX x 00) ranges.
-view : to reset the camera to the default angle and with the player set zoom.
-dur XXX : to set the time duration as minutes to XXX. [30 - 180] Default 35 minutes.

Spells :
There is 154 custom spells. The spells have types.
And damage type spells Physical/special


Coming soon ...











Coming soon ...



Coming soon ...

If you can send me your games replay I canf fill this section with them, with credits of course :D
Work In Progress

  • Still working on Xp gain.
  • Spell Damage
  • Pokemon stats gains/lvl
  • Pokemon Evolution Level
  • Pokemon Spellpack
  • Desyncs (fixed normally)

  • Pagination for Pokemon Team management (more than 60)
  • 61 new Pokemons
  • 4 new musics
  • End tables/Scores
  • New Type "Fairy"
  • Legendary Pokemon Apparition
  • Pokemon models sprite in management UIs
  • Pokemon descriptions
  • Xps bars during battles
  • Dresser custom pick (maybe)

  • 3 zones still blocked
  • some zones are quite empty
  • arenas customizations
  • pnj to add

I didn't see some crashes dure to frames. (Your feedback is appreciated)

V 1,10 :
Corrections of Desyncs due to frames

V 1,0 :
First release

Special Thanks:

  • The Helper
  • Hive WorkShop
  • The Warcraft 3 French Community
  • Blizzard
  • chaosrealm.co (for awesome Pokemons models)


A HUGE thanks to TAYSEN for UI Frames answers. His very complete tutorials. All the informations he gave to me and without
it that map won't be that far.

Author's notes

I really put a lot of work and I really enjoyed for the moment the work I add in there. Even if warcraft III UI system is a pure nightmare.
I hope you will appreciate it and find it as fun as I had when I played Pokemons. I know that it is far away from a definive project.
And I still have a lot of work to add. I really need some feedbacks and maybe ideas to debug.
So I hope you will be patient to lacks, crashes, bad spelling and other stuffs that can ruin your future plays.
I didn't made that project to benefit of the pokemon fame. I really want to offer new experience to players. And this kind of projects makes time to buid.
I hope the few screenshots will give you the envy to PLAY that game. :D

If you have some ideas about spells, events, modes, just send me an e-mail at : [email protected]

Keywords : Arena, Battle, RPG, Fight, Anime, Pokemon, Death, Kill, Spell, Game, Ability,

I appreciate feedback and suggestions!
I really appreciate if you can send me some streams of your games. To improve my description. With credits of course.



  • Pokemon World Beta V1,10.w3x Part 1.zip
    60 MB · Views: 59
  • Pokemon World Beta V1,10.w3x Part 2.zip
    51 MB · Views: 47
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Level 16
Oct 10, 2011
I finally released a new version of the map. I worked hard to remove desyncs in game.

If you download the map in the description You must unzip the files then join them using 7Zip free tool. https://www.techulator.com/resources/6601-How-split-join-files-using-7-zip-free-tool.aspx

otherwise ther is 2 links to get the map directly:
I uploaded it in WeTransfer:
Link: Pokemon World Beta V1,10.w3x

And 1file:
Link: 1fichier.com: Cloud Storage

I hope you will enjoy it.

I edited all the presentation and upload files... So for what reason the uploaded date is not refreshed and the thread not put on top of the section?
Btw nice job with this website.

Have a nice day
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Level 16
Oct 10, 2011
The map has been released here:

This thread can be locked.
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