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Oct 10, 2020
Aug 8, 2008


Aka Darial

Darkxs was last seen:
Oct 10, 2020
    1. Yixx
      Sorry I'm not that much on the homepage of Hive anymore, so I only see your VM now ;P
      It would be an honour of course, but I really got no time for anything right now. I'm in school about 40 hours per week, 10 hours traveling to and from it, and then I also need money so I work a few days and evenings. I really got NO time xD, sorry man..
    2. Yixx
      I quit map making a long time ago really. I'm currently at college, studying Computer Science and Mathemathics. How about you? What do you do now? School? College?
    3. Yixx
      I sure do! How are you?
    4. Hubcool
      Rofl no problem. You need to spread rep around before, I think :P
    5. Hubcool
      Loading screen ready, sir.
    6. Darkxs
      HappyCockroach thamks for the tip. But my protection program is blocking it from dl...
    7. Darkxs
      Your so right m8 ;)
    8. Billy the Cat
      Billy the Cat
      Yay ghost Pokémon are cool :D
    9. HappyCockroach
      about MIDI creating...
      i started downloading this one but i dont know if it'll work
      Cakewalk Music Creator 4.0
    10. Darkxs
      whoot? Skype then?
    11. HFR
      Ehh, I don't have MSN...
    12. Darkxs
      I see... Well The terrain looks for sure NICE! It would have been great for my Halloween Campagin project. (I dropped that project long time ago)
    13. HFR
      About my picture: They're dark souls eyes that are glowing in the night.
    14. Darkxs
      Okay m8 thanks for tell me ;) But that part of the post was for Kimperkim7 not me. But anyway thanks :)
    15. SanKakU
      just so you know, Yixx i don't think he's mad at you when he says don't post useless stuff, it's probably just that his thread has gotten really big by now and the less useless posts, the better. especially since it's all stuff related to his map...it makes other people reading it from page 1 have a much easier time.
    16. Wazzz
      Hey, dude, check out my Galactic Conflict idea and tell me if you like it or not :P.
    17. Vercas
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    Kirin Tor
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