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  • New year, old life. Feel free to do things without "special" events to rely on. Wish You good.
    Was actually thinking of moving on from war3 then I saw pe's pm about cr getting revived.
    Happy Birthday! (Happy Birthday!)

    <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is a cake.</span>

    . . . ., ., ., .,. . . . .
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    <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is your present.</span>

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    Not yet. I dunno about my friend though I gave him the link but its pretty hard to reach him since he have a full-time job.
    Here? Dunno. Maybe Nightbrowler and Seki? Why not try posting in the game dev forum? DSG and other programmers here visit that forum from time to time and maybe can help you to improve stuffs programming wise.
    Haven't played it yet. I'm preparing for something.*looks at date of birth stat*

    My friend is an avid fan of the show and the game so do you mind if I share it to him? I'll ask him to also give feedback to help you improve the game.
    Oh, yah, its the Tohen, I though the one you linked me is your old map. I'll check it out soon.

    I'll check the map later, I'm still playing TEOP

    Its a pretty awesome and advance map.
    Holy crap. That is getting interesting.

    I think I'll install skype, I just can't recall my account so I'll probably gonna make a new one. Count me in on testing when you need it.

    Anyway, I'm actually gonna ask you to help me on my map but since you're busy maybe I'll just ask if you happen to have some completed hero with complete(triggered) spells that you can share.
    Rarely, opens skype this days.

    I don't know if I should be surprise that its pokemon. *shot*
    Hmm.. onix is meant to be mostly a defensive hero, but it seems it would need some improvements. And btw, I forgot to mention the most important chat command: start.

    I'm not sure about legendaries yet, but I'll consider your idea. Anyway, legendaries are like a bonus feature, not on the highest priority. What do you think about evolution? Should it happen during one game, or would it be better if an evolution is unlocked for future games as well?

    Thanks for your feedback!
    Thanks for your interest! I checked out your map (only in sinle player, might have been old version, 0.16), and the concept looks really cool. And good job with replicating the original systems. EDIT: That seems to be a very old version, I found a newer version on hive.

    I'd prefer not to share an unprotected version of the map at its this phase, but you can find a protected version in my pastebin. Only about half of the waves have been finished, there are a lot of balance issues, all pokemon don't have 2nd and 3rd evolutions, I haven't done credits yet and so on, but it's playable. If you want to see triggers or other details, just ask. Also any feedback is very welcome, especially concerning those aspects I've asked about on idea factory.

    A few useful commands for testing:
    tp : teleports selected units to current camera view
    herolevel <nr> : sets herolevel to nr. If you skip too many levels, abilities may not be learn correctly.
    gamelevel <nr> : sets game level.
    difficulty <nr> : sets difficulty (1-5), cannot be decreased.
    Isn't really that much enjoyable when playing alone, specially when I'm doing the same thing over and over again D:

    You should probably add some really exciting quests and achievements here and there.
    The thing is sometimes my pokeball is still on cooldown when I enter battles and I have to wait for it. That is slowing down the already slow game. D:
    Just want to point out another bug. If you summon your pokemon indoor it can't go outside. You probably didn't gave them conditions to go outside.

    Other than wild pokemons being so strong that you can really almost die every battle setting hotkey will really ease battling them cause clicking the spell then pointing it to them takes precious seconds.

    I have to play the map more to give some more feedback.
    Hmmm, well, it can be enjoyable if you probably played it a lot and know exactly what to do. Not really that newb friendly.

    But anyway, just wanna point out that the play forever option still gives a time limit of 1 hour and 20 minutes. Also, maybe hotkeys for the abilities?The map also relies on you having a potion or returning the former relying on gold too much and the latter going back to town which is very time consuming and makes the map very slow. Map needs more polishing but that will be done as you keep working on it.

    Oh also some minor stuffs.

    Pause a bit after every battle instead of suddenly returning you back as you kill the enemy, if you don't like that then at least pan the camera back to the trainer.

    Starting gold plx.
    Blame my LAPTOP. I can probably run that amount of War3 instances on my desktop that I rarely use! XD
    Let me give you some simple tips that might help your terrain even with your current terraining skills.

    -Scrap that tileset you're using and change it to Village or Village Fall.
    -Change Lordaeron's Trees to Dalaran Tree Wall or Fall Tree Wall.
    -Tinting down models that can be tinted via object editor actually gives a pretty nice effect. Change the RGB from 255 to 120-170 (E.G. Rocks, Flowers, Fences, Shrubs, Cattail etc.)
    -Learn to scale things. Yoju have some weirdly scaled rocks, if you gonna make a mountain then just raise them via raising tool on the terrain pallete and cover it with rock tile.

    Well that should improve something cause if it didn't do anything at all I'ma throw you out the earth.

    Sneak peak of my Survival Map.
    Fair enough.

    Now, if only you can do something about that turrible terrain of the map.
    Oh, that sounds interesting, will probably boost the maps replay value by a lot and your bloody map already have tons of replay value in the first place.

    Although being able to breed your pokemon is still sounds cool for me. xD

    Anyway, does the map still ends with a final battle? I hope not or at least you make a mode that removes that so players can just roam the map for hours and that will blend nicely with the Egg System since leveling pokemon takes a lot of time.
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