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Tomb of the Dragon RPG

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Level 9
Jul 15, 2005
An evolution of my other map - RPG Arcade -, Tomb of the Dragon is a fast-paced multiplayer RPG map where teamwork excels. Choose from one of seven Heroes to fight your way through the rounds and make it to the Tomb of the Dragon.

I'll update this thread as new versions arrive. Here is a demo video displaying most of the systems.

1.01b Changelog:
Fixed: Item duplication bug when not equip able
Fixed: Hero swapping items going to backpack first
Fixed: potions not correctly swapping to hero when clicked from loot bag
Fixed: Level 3 boss sometimes duplicated on spawn causing multiple of them to spawn
Fixed: Items sometimes disappearing from inventory unexpectedly
Fixed: recalculation of item bonuses sometimes wasn't working as intended
Fixed: Completely reorganized Snowfall to make it more compact and easier to find things
Fixed: added the ability to purchase additional talent points in town
Fixed: Level 3 keys now are automatically added to the quest counter when you pick them up
Fixed: Level 8 boss spike ability was spawning entirely too much and was sometimes impossible to defeat
Fixed: Added ability to purchase extra lives in town
Fixed: Amplify damage could be cast on friendly units when using the upgrade version
Fixed: Increased Balrog's flamestrike damage
Fixed: General stability fixes and framerate increasing modifications
Fixed: Reworked Level 2 boss fight area. Made it more compact and requires more coordination to not get caught for ranged heroes

1.01c Changelog:
Fixed: more minor issues with item swapping
Fixed: Healing abilities were sometimes not working properly
Fixed: Level 7 is now 100% complete
Fixed: Increased difficulty of terrain on level 3
Fixed: Can purchase talents in town
Fixed: Adjusted enemies levels for level 3 and 4
Fixed: A bug where higher level items health and mana would not register correctly when equipped
Fixed: again, level 4 boss duplication
Fixed: a rare bug where you could full heal boss units
Fixed: a rare disconnect bug when fighting the Kraken boss
Fixed: lots of ability tweaks, balancing
Notes: level 8,9,10, are about 75% complete. Should be ready by next version

Map Download
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