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Dungeon RPG

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Level 4
Jul 28, 2009
Secrets of the Lost Temple

Secrets of the Lost Temple

Map Info:

Secrets of the Lost Temple is a dungeon RPG that will focus on replayability and dynamic, randomized, and fast-paced and action filled battles with NPCs. It's goal is to create a hybrid of the Warcraft Universe with the Diablo Universe.


  • Play with up to 4 players
  • Scaled Difficulty with more or less players
  • 4 difficulty levels, including a hardcore mode.
  • Scripted boss encounters
  • Randomized monster spawning by location, Type, Number, and General Monster Group type (I.E. undead, murlocs, etc)
  • Intelligent and Randomized enemy AI
  • Custom enemy abilities that are fun to adapt to
  • Almost entirely custom made, trigger enhanced spells (all leakless and MUI)
  • Town Portal System that serve as dungeon "check points" that easily take you back to town
  • Health orbs that heal everyone in your party for 15% of their maximum HP on walk over (you dont have to pick them up!)
  • Critical Strike chances based upon your primary attribute that can crit on anything from spells to attacks, with dynamic floating text that is only shown to the criting player (use the -crit command to see your crit chance)
  • Item Table with custom items, and varying quality
  • Randomized dungeon event mini-games (only 4 so far)
  • Random "duel" events that grant bonus gold to the winner


  • Warrior - Charge, Battle Hardened, Overpower, Thunderclap
  • Wizard - Disintegrate, Magic Missiles, Frostfire Ball, Shadow Armor
  • Rogue - Idle Hands, Killing Spree, Split-Blink Strike, Windwalk
  • Druid - Entangling Roots, Thorns, Summon Treant, Typhoon, Barkskin
  • Death Knight - Death Grip, Blood Presence, Unholy Presence, Deathcoil, Locust Swarm, Howling Blast
  • Paladin - Holy Light, Communion, Devotion Aura, Divine Shielding, Judgment of Wisdom
  • Ranger - Permanent Companion, Multi-shot, Beastial Wrath, Companion Charge, Frost Arrows, Shadow Meld,
  • Zealous Priest - Unstable Shield, Brainwash, Bloodletting, Soul Drain, and Resurrection.

Currently Working on:

-Adding quests and special features to level 2
-Finalizing my projectile system and creating an efficient projectile adjustment system. The beginings of both are in the map, just disabled. If you would like to experiment with it, feel free to enable it. The wizard's slow time spell looks really cool with it, but in the current version the missiles bug out when the slow time effect ends.

December 7th
-Renamed the game to "Secrets of the Lost Temple"
-Re-designed many hero abilities
-Added two permanent items called "resolve" and "focus" that regenerate health and mana respectively.
-Re-designed / Improved some terrain
-Added quests and features to level 1
-Removed the Waypoint system, but expanded the town portal system

December 7th
-Re-designed many hero abilities
-Returned the level cap to 25
-Made level 4 the last level
-Implemented a Difficulty Selection System
-Added 2 more mini-dungeons
-Added a new hero, the Zealous Priest
-Added a bunch of new items.
-Potions now stack
-Added Gambling from a vendor outside town
-Added armor, weapon, and magic upgrades in town
-Other various changes

September 30th
-Implemented a Universal Critical Strike System with floating combat text
-COMPLETELY redesigned level 4 (I hated it before, now it's my best level)
-Made several balance changes
-Calculated shadows to improve the look
-Changed Fog to Black instead of Green

September 22th
-Improved the Monster Spawning System to be more efficient
-Completed level 5
-Added alternate monster groups for level 1 and 5 that are random
-Added a new monster type "Exotic" that can randomly spawn in groups to add more random fun.
-Edited the terrain of level 4 to incorporate several "short-cuts" to reduce its length.

September 18th
-Revised several abilities
-Added a multiboard
-Made several more items purchaseable
-Respecs are now allowed with Dungeon Points
-Added a new drop call the "Mysterious Rune" that initiates a random instanced event for your party. (only 2 events so far)
-Fixed various bugs
-Implemented a level respawn system
-Added some new abilities
-Made Magic Missile a normal Wizard spell
-Lowered the Item Drop rate
-Increased the chance of dropping higher quality items from bosses and chests
-Began terraining for level 5
-Other Miscellaneous changes

September 10th
-Made some balancing changes
-Added a rare Item drop that initiates a random duel (only drops with more than one player)
-Changed the models of potions
-Reduced the chance of item drops to 4%
-Made Health orbs drop at a constant rate of 17%
-Added several new items, and a new item rank, "magical"
-Finished an early version of level 4, no boss fight yet scripted

September 6th
- Rebalanced heroes and added some new abilities
- Fixed various bugs
- Completed level 3

August 28th
- Scaled heroes, hero abilities, and leveling speed to 99 levels instead of 24 levels
- Made all abilities MUI, making it so multiple heroes of the same type can be chosen
- Virtually leakless at this point as far as I can tell.
- Updated, changed, and removed several abilities to increase the quality of heroes (namely the rogue and the paladin)

August 20th
-Removed a ton of more leaks (it seems every time i look there are more)
-Added a Town Portal system
-Fixed some dialogue timing

August 19th(b)
-Fixed some more leaks pertaining to monster spawning and Frostfireball
-Added dialogue and enhanced the story / quest line of level 1
-Increased the starting gold from 200 to 350
-The Death Knight now has his name and kill count's color change along with his player color change when shifting presences in order to cause less confusion.

August 19th(a)
-Fixed some abilities that were buggy after the leak fixing
-Changed the lightning effect of disintegrate

August 18th(b)
-Added a damage increase multiplier for more accurate difficulty scaling.
-Changed the layout of the first boss' room, and increased the number of water gushes. Water gushes no longer harm enemies, only the party.

-Fixed even more leaks.

August 18th(a)
-Altered some level 2 terrain to make it more spacious and to make the party split mid-level instead of right before the boss.
-Fixed some tooltips, and balanced some abilities.
-Added a gauntlet-type event that is playable on level 3. (the dreadlord at the end is just placeholder).

August 16th
-Fixed Critical Error that occurred when using the wizard's disintegrate spell. Now fully functional with a bit of a wider AOE to make it easier to use.

August 15th
-Added a new Ranger hero
-Added a Hard Mode Timer to the first boss
-Optimized some abilities
-Removed a ton of leaks

Map is completely open source, just be respectful of anything you use

I've used a lot of art resources from THW, credits just aren't in yet

If you are interested in helping with the project, please let me know! right now I'm all alone on it :p


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  • Disintegrate plus quest.jpeg
    Disintegrate plus quest.jpeg
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  • Heroic Monsters.jpeg
    Heroic Monsters.jpeg
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  • Rune of Town Portal.jpeg
    Rune of Town Portal.jpeg
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  • Rune of Town Portal Opened.jpeg
    Rune of Town Portal Opened.jpeg
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  • Secrets of the Lost Temple (vA.6.1).w3x
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Level 3
Jan 17, 2009
Awesome map! Really! Nice to see something quality for a change, and actually made far enough :)

I played solo to second level boss, so I'll give my opinion so far...
- Terrain is excelent. It's definetly not boring. BUT. It's tightly packed. Everything is so tight. Small. Tiny. Close quarters combat!

- Excelent, boss battles with something to do! BUT. Way too small boss fight areas! In first boss, dodging those water splashes was fun at the first view, but when there's so little room to dodge them, and additional mobs pouring in, it gets uncontrolled and in the end player just whacks the boss and chugs healing potions.

- Lot of items! It's good thing, they're well balanced. But then, boom! Epic sword drops for me with huge stats from the tiny mobs o.o Maybe bit too early drop? Maybe make it drop only from boss? Warmonger was the sword's name.

- I played as Deathknight, assumed it's great for soloing, and it is. But the choice between presences is... nonexistent. In WC3 style game, hp from attacks wins hands down. I'm not sure though, but still. Or does the hp leeching presence only affect Deathknight himself? If that is the matter, then it's differend story.

So there's few things.

Oh, and in the second level, the "puzzle" part... Watch Tower destroyed the mine-field, intented or not? Also, the fire wasn't that hot afterall, I didn't lose even 50% hp by going through it. Well, in that point it's required to have more than one player if those would one-shot, so I quess it's allright... But still, if players can just walk though cleverly placed fire-trap/mine-field, it needs fixing :)

And.... give Deathknight normal Deathknight hero voice instead Arthas? I think it fits better. Just an suggestion :>

I'll test this out more later, with friends. Very good map so far!
Level 9
Apr 20, 2008
Hey, this is really fun! I've only just started playing, but it's really well made.

-Good terrain
-Well made heroes
-Requires some tactics! You can't just slash everything up :)
-Good items. I see you use health orbs. I do as well in my campaign.

The spells are a bit bland, but some of them are at least a bit altered from the Blizzard base spells (like Holy Light dealing a little AoE damage).

I'd like to play this online and see how it is.

It's good to see something WELL MADE nowadays. Seems like every RPG is just thrown together and showcased.
Level 4
Jul 28, 2009
Awesome! Thanks for the feedback, both of you! I've been working on this for about a month now, and i was a bit nervous about posting it on here.

About the watch tower:

The other side is blocked by the minefield, and is let through by the tower. It makes more sense with more than one person.

I haven't decided how I am going to go about making this one player, so for now its ok that you can just walk through the fire up top.

The WARMONGER! lol, yeah i haven't finalized the drop tables or percentages. I just wanted people to be able to see some cool loot i made for now. wait till you see Kaelidoscope :p.

try with some more players, you'll love it.
Level 3
Jan 19, 2008
I've played it and it looks awesome,I will post a review soon.
Great terrain,good gameplay,good heroes,everything on this map seems fine and balanced.
I suggest you to add some screenshots on the first post to encourage the users to download it.
I see that the dialogues aren't completed,I suggest also a good story and some original quests for this map and you will be fine.
Level 14
Jul 16, 2009
The terrain was excellent. I liked the heroes and their spells... It's too hard for soloing though. :/. Gonna try it with full house now. The bosses were amazing. Awesome map!

EDIT: HUGE BUG! We fought the first boss and i got critical error!
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Level 4
Jul 28, 2009
Yes, I sometimes experience the critical error. Were you using the wizard? because it seems to always happen when i have him. I also think i need to look over a few things for leaks.

Thanks Hunter.
Level 4
Jul 28, 2009
k, I actually think i finally found an insanely huge leak with disintegrate on him. Uploading new map now. Also tried to find and destroy other leaks (like item placement). Thanks again for the feedback.
Level 4
May 7, 2008
Great map, but couldn't get further after first boss.
I was playing a deathknight, and picked up the key with my ghoul and tried to open the door but the key just disappeared. Maybe don't let the ghoul have an inventory or such?

Otherwise, very good map.
Level 4
Jul 28, 2009
Thanks! The more updated versions of the map have removed both of those problems (I was experimenting with a item clean up thing... but decided against it for now)

The inventory on the ghoul was not intended and was removed.

Thanks for playing it! I'm glad you have enjoyed it so far.
Level 1
Sep 9, 2009
my experience

i thought the game was amazing regardless of whether i played alone or with more people, i found a few bugs though, you can see through the wall in the room near the naga boss's and a ranged char can shoot the gaurd and free him without having to fight the boss, also when your fighting firelord bryn if you run to the gate and stay there a while he'll become invulnerable for abit and reset, also tons of reed orb will spawn around the arena as if you defeated him, after you kill him when this occurs it spawns tons of randome items around the boss stage.

Suggestions (feel free to not put them in and call me a noob for suggesting them). i enjoy the palladin class most of all thus far, and id thought itd be cool if when hes in the air using comunion you allow him to stay in the air for 5 more secs, then you could cold type somthing like Holy and it would make him do a bonus move, i was thinking fan of knives but replace the knives with storm hammer graphic.

#2 i was thinking that it would be cool if the death kngihts death grip spell did500 dmg to enemy he uses it on (direct dmg), kinda like he pulls them to him and slashes them when they get there.
Level 1
Jun 19, 2008
I just wanted to say I love the map. Stayed up way too late last night soloing through with most of the heros. My only complaint is that there just seems to be SOOO many of the common items.

Hero abilities were all very cool, though it seemed like each one had a basic WC3 ability, but my guess is that those will fade out as the map continues.

Overall though... amazing, quality map :) Can't wait to see more!
Hey! Its time for a little review:

Terrain: They terrain in the map is awesome! Very detailed and everything matches eachother. 5/5

Heroes: Every hero has nice spells that matches the model, but i would like if all the heroes had custom models. Better models makes the game much more interesting to play. 4/5

Quests: The quests seems quite good and isnt just "kill 20 gnolls". But i think it would be easier if you added ! marks over the head of the quest-givers. 4/5

Imports: I would like to see more custom hero models. The hero you play in several hours needs to be just a little bit cool. 2/5

Gameplay: I really loved the gameplay. I only played solo but i think the map will be very fun when playing with friends or on b.net. Everything was high-quality made and interesting. 5/5

Bugs: Havent found any, but there may be some. Please check your triggers. 5/5

Uniqueness: This map is very unique and the sunken ruins style is so fantastic. You made it very well and the heroes and spells is amazing. 4/5

Other: Those health orbs is pretty nice. I dont know what they do but they look pretty funny. The hero selection is also made quite good, and you can repick. 4/5

Overall: 33/40
Level 4
Jul 28, 2009
Thanks for the review! I would LOVE custom models for all of my heroes. Who wouldn't? I just lack the ability to make my own and haven't found that many models that I like.

The rogue model is spectacular, the DK skin as well.

I think I saw a good ranger model too, I'll look into that.

If anyone has links or models that that they think would work, I'd love to see them, but I don't want imported models just for the sake of having imported models : /.

I'm glad you enjoyed my map :), and again, thanks for the review.
Level 9
Apr 20, 2008
I'm having a problem with the map now... when I try to start it, my screen just goes right back to the select map screen. I have this problem with another map I downloaded recently, so it's probably entirely unrelated to your map.
Level 4
Jul 28, 2009
That's weird, I've had that problem with some maps too... I don't know what is causing it... Have you tried re-downloading?
Level 4
Jul 28, 2009
Map has had several updates, including the addition of universal critical strikes, floating combat text, and a completely new version of level 4.
Level 1
Sep 9, 2009

poor poor pallydon and him being nerfed :*( ..but anyways i was playing the newest V alone and when i used whosyourdaddy to test somthing my spells (holy light and communion) were doing 6000 dmg but the font size was HUGE and really close to my screen, i undid the cheat and it went back to normal.

btw in one of your rooms with 7 crypt fiends (which i dont get how im suppose to kil with no cheats wwhen they have 1.4k dmg and a stun and 100 dmg just in single player) one of them spawned ontop of a square plauto that had a tower on it. and i wasnt sure if that was intentional.
Level 4
Jul 28, 2009
Hey folks!

Just thought I'd do a little bump in preparation for a revival of this project. I've been busy with school, but am finally getting some good time to get some awesome work done on this project.

Updates coming soon :)
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