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Nov 9, 2020
Apr 20, 2008

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Nov 9, 2020
    1. RollBoat
      Hello TheDanish, years ago I gave a try to your Nameless Orc's campaign and I must say I was amazed by it. I want you to know that I have continued the story of your world. But after a while, I realized that I should have asked for permission first. So I scrapped the idea of continuation and renamed all of the characters and cities and locations but its still 20% inspired by your world(I've been working on my world since 2007,i just conected your world with mine becouse how amazing the Namless orc's campaign's world is). Ulms has been renamed to Ulsulmu, Aduan to Auden, I have added new cities like Aveoust, Etar, and Lambarda all part of the Divinity. The Divinity is located on the continent of Mengemel witch is the smallest continent in my world. If this has angered you in any way, know that i apologise and if i have to i will compleatly abolish the whole Divinity idea from the world that im working on.
    2. SLICED
      Aah.. really loved the Nameless campaign, too bad it won't get a sort of "ending".. but hey, it's pretty understandable.. good luck with everything in life, TheDanish ! You're one of the best :D
    3. TheDanish
      1. deepstrasz
        :D and what about two years later?
        Jun 11, 2017
    4. TheDanish
      A rather silly notice:

      My work on the Nameless campaign has been on indefinite hiatus for several years. I am currently in the middle of a doctorate program in history, and I'm getting married, and I'm writing a book. As a result, I unfortunately do not have the time to work on my WC3 projects.

      I currently play a lot of Europa Universalis IV and I've been working on some small mods for that game. Nothing major, just stuff for fun.

      I doubt I'll pick up Nameless again, but, as the saying goes, "never say never."
    5. [E]clipse
      I cant wait for ur next campaign or the next upfate for nameless orcs saga
    6. StoPCampinGn00b
      Hello TheDanish, you haven't had a vm in years yet you've recently logged on. Here you go :]
    7. kris4o
      i love your nemeless orc saga chmpaign dude.
      are you going to meke some other chapters?
    8. imre
      Hi there when ae you ontnuing with your Campaign, I ant to play but it is ad if there are only two chapters ;-(
    9. X-OMG-X
      Why do you play on the North America sc2 server if you're danish?
    10. jupi9999
      hey are you gona continue on the orc campain???
    11. Cthulus
      Oooh, that's neat, I'm very much interested at this point.
      Funny fact: that strange battle where the protagonist sort of.. changed and all reminds me a lot of a character from a short story I wrote recently.
    12. Fussiler1
      You need to make a WIP this week, I believe.
    13. Cobra-Wolf-Demo
      No worries. I understand if it takes up too much of it's time. But if you are going to make a book series of this then I'll be the first to buy it.
    14. Cobra-Wolf-Demo
      Hey you, I just want to say that I love your campaign.
    15. MrBimbo
      hey! sure i'll check it out! but im on vacation right now, so it may be a while. thank you for the notification!
    16. TheDanish
      Posting on my own wall, lol. Anyway, if anyone's looking, I've been working on Chapter I of the campaign "Nameless - One Orc's Saga" off and on for a while now. Various IRL things (school and now work) have slowed progress but it's still going. Chapter I is about halfway done, I'd say. At the moment my only real fear is the chance of WC3's editing community switching over to Starcraft II when it's released.
    17. Rumbadebu
      HI! Is there any hope you'll continue your work with "Nameless - One Orc's Saga"?
    18. Dylanyo123
    19. Zelda.Alex
      the problem i mentioned regarding the inventory of Nameless:one orc saga . is that a bug or i misunderstood the wording in the quest menu?
    20. MrBimbo
      Yeah it is xD. Umm... what I would suggest is that you keep working on the map and then just upload it on many websites, not just THW. I like THW a lot because it's very sophisticated, but a tad bit too much strict >.<. But I still think THW is a better place to host maps because downloads count more then let's say.. epicwar.com because to get downloads in THW, your map must be somewhat appealing unlike epicwar.com where people can download freely and so on.

      Continue with map making! The major issues you need to be concerned about is balancing and lag. Make sure your units are all balanced with damage, hp, spells, ect, and also make sure you do not have any memory leaks. If you have a question about memory leaks, then please ask me :).
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    USA East Coast
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    Nameless - One Orc's Saga
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    US East
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    Silver Hand
    Warcraft, Starcraft, strategy games, taekwondo, writing, reading
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