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Need a partner for my Project!

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Level 8
Feb 20, 2020
I'm looking for someone to help me in my digimon world project.
help with object editor, triggers, tests and other stuff.

What is the project:
An ORPG based on digimon world 1, 2 and 3 from playstation.
Basically you choose 1 starter digimon from 7 ( guilmon, terriermon, renamon, lalamon, gaomon, falcomon, agumon)
Make quests, fight wild digimons, bosses, dungeons, raids.
Find equips, make recipes, explore a vast world.
Reach the conditions and digivolve to a stronger form.
Make your own digimon team (you can use 3 digimons at a time and have 3 digimons in server)

I already implemented :
  • Save/Load codeless system
  • Revive System (digimon dies, turn into a digitama, revive after 60 sec)
  • Digivolve system (reach a level, then digivolve), but I'm thinking of changing it.
  • Item system (drop the item if it belongs to other player)
  • Camera System
  • Catch System to catch new partner digimons
  • Elemental Attack/Skills/Defense System very well balanced (flame, Sky, Holy, Shadow, Nature, Beast, Mech, Frost)
  • Custom Attributes system (critical chance, evasion, critical damage, based on agi, int, str)
  • Imported (and made some) all digimon models (total of 347 digimon models) all with their very own appearance
  • Already Designed the first area (Native Forest)

What need to be implemented
  • tons of skills (1 signature skill for each digimon, 1 support/offensive secondary skill, a passive skill and a special move for megas)
  • tons of items ( food, potions, equipments, recipes)
  • tons of tooltips (for the skills, the digimons, the items)
  • terrain ( the rest of the file island and the dungeons, the map will be basically digimon world 1 map)
  • bosses (world bosses, dungeon bosses)
  • egg system (for rare digimons partners)
  • Raids (for rare items and points)
  • Better Digievolution System
  • Arena & arena rank

Here some prints:

All the digimon models imported (they are in line from rookie to mega)


The Fily city preview

Another view of file city

A little preview of native forest

And the Interiors of the houses
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