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Digimon Destination Arrived

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Jul 13, 2010
Hello everyone. I am currently working on a new Digimon Map.

The map is called Digimon Destination Arrived. It is based off the first season of Digimon. The game starts with you as a Digi-destined when you receive a text message on your phone. Once you read the message you choose to experience a grand adventure. Then you walk towards the train station and enter the Digital World. There at the Digital world you receive your Digimon and train to fight off the Evil Digimon. These are similar to the SAGA Chapters in DBZ ULTRA.

I would like the format of the game to run similar to DBZ. This meaning; I want the creep spawn system to be similar.

Units: I have created a bunch of units already, however would like someone to help me customize the main heroes, as well as lend/create skins/models for the Digimon. I need to make more Digimon however, so if you can help thank you. I need to set custom values which is not completed.

Abilities: I need to completely remake the Abilities for the Digimon and make it more creative. I will use all the help I can get. Please help me if you can, I need custom abilities of course.

Terrain: I have completed most of the Terrain, however if someone wishes to help me I will never deny it. I would love for someone to do such of course. The terrain I have done is mediocre. So yea lol thanks for helping.

Triggers: I have created a bunch of triggers already, basically the map is 45% done in this aspect. I have created a Digivolving System for Champion and Mega Digimon, as well as a Revert System. There is Training System both in the Digital World and in Digi-Heaven.
There is a basic Spawn system which I would love help on improving. There is a Help Skill function, and other tips.
Also a little Fun Fact system, where periodically it tells you about Digimon Facts(the show).

I would also like some testers of course. Everyone who helps will be thanked. There will be a quest section full of names and you can be one of them. Please help me on this great adventure on making the next best Digimon Game.

Special Aspects:

  1. 1. There is a Revive system where when you die you go to the famous old man in Digimons' home and train. Then you can buy a ticket and Digivive.

    2. Earth Training- There is a noob spawn area, where periodically units are spawned and sent to attack a Digimon village. You must help defeat the monsters, these monsters help level you greatly.


I was considering making this a full on RPG with a SAVE/LOAD system and having legitimate quests/items/rpg game style. I have already created 25 items, so it might happen. I just need help in doing such. Thank you for reading.

If you would like to help, please send me a message, then I will get back to you. In the message, tell me what it is you are best at as the subject title, and in the body basically anything :p.


Subject: Triggering, Terrain, Models, Skins, Items, Abilities, Units
Body: Hey my name is Michael and I am the proud owner of Digimon Destination. I would like to let you all know that I want the new Lexus LFA soooo badly. Thanks for reading!!!!!





Terrain: 37%
Abilities: 4%
Heroes: 23%
Triggers: 17%
Models/Skin: 7%
Doodads: 38%

Completion: 27%


  • VBeta Digimon Destination Arrived 1.1.6.w3x
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  • VBeta Digimon Destination Arrived 1.1.7.w3x
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Wow, I'm surprised at this work thread for someone with so little posts on the site.
You've actually thoroughly explained your idea and provided screen shots of terrain that are above bad terraining. Kudos to you for that (threads pop up all the time from random noobs that spit out a half thought out idea in a few seconds and are surprised when no one pays any attention to them).

I haven't tested the game, but from the screenshots your terrain so far is okay. That being said, it could use a lot of work. Try to vary the height up a little with the raise/lower tool (not the cliff tool) to create a more uneven, realistic surface. On the second image: Ice/Cave doodads just don't work on the tiles your using there, try changing the tile set a little to get access to a few cave tiles to use in that area - it will look MUCH better (when you do this I suggest using the raise/lower tool even where you'd normally use cliffs as the cliff tile is still the tileset defaults). For the ones with water, use the raise tool to raise up the area under the trees and such - most plants don't grow in water (it'll make it more realistic). I've probably only watched a max of 2 digimon episodes in my life, but I have to say your terrain lacks the surreal aspect that it had the few times I watched it.
Level 2
Jul 13, 2010
Well like I siad this summer I will work on it, I have been, also with terrain I used your idea and your right I love the lower/raise. I didnt understand what you meant by your first posts many months ago haha, its been so long. Something about the frozen doodads and tile. Also is it better to work in WE or that other WE like the special one.
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