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[Hero Arena] DD: Digimon Deathmatch

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Level 8
Aug 8, 2008
Digimon Deathmatch

Digimon Deathmatch is a hero arena type of game, which will feature 2 different gameplays:

1. Free-for-all: Every player for himself. No vision of your enemies

2. Teams: 2 teams of maximum 5 players each. Shared vision of allies.

When the hosting player has picked gameplay and the amount of lives, each player will get to choose a Hero. While it is uncertain how many playable Digimons the map will be released with or end up having, it’ll be well over 20 Mega level Digimons. After choosing your hero, you’ll have the opportunity to buy items and customize your stats using your resources, earned by killing creeps, players and over time. After 60 seconds you’ll get teleported to the arena. Dying in the arena will cause you to lose a life and be revived at the base, once again granting you the opportunity to buy items and increasing stats for 60 seconds. Upon dying without any lives left you’ll lose, making the last man or team standing the winner. Lives can only be earned through killing the boss or having one of your allies leave the game, causing your team to share his resources. Upon killing the boss, you'll get vision of all your enemies with the arena, until the boss respawns.

Any kind of constructive feedback is welcome.

Interested in joining this project?
While I am making the terrain, icons, items and about 50% of the triggers myself, I do need help in finishing this project. What I need is:
- A trigger person: One who can create the more complex triggers (what I am able to create is pretty basic) needed for the gameplay.
- An animator: While Nemesis and BlackSign from Chaosrealm is already helping me on a request, I do need someone to rework some animations of the already imported models and someone to bone and animate whole new once.
- A spell-creator: Someone who is able to create and trigger spells.
Of cause you will be getting credit for your work within the map and +rep for all of your work, if you choose to help me.

- This project is on Chaosrealm as well.

An overview of the Arena so far:


  • Map.jpg
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