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  1. BigMacNCheese

    Mdlvis - Access Violation

    Hello, anyone can fix this problem? i was opening these two models and they have the what so called "Access Violation" when i'm opening their sequence, can any of you guys know how to fix this? I'll give the model if necessary. thanks in advance
  2. TheHieroPhantom

    Item Pickup Trigger Trouble

    So, I need help. I'm currently working on a map, and I have it planned so as to when you pick up a specific item-type (actually, it can be any of three specific item-types), it triggers a short bit of dialogue and then displays a hint with a sound and all. The thing is, I don't know what...
  3. RoadNewS

    Problems with shaders option (quenching mod)

    I recently installed the quenching mod, did everything as instructed, but when I launched the regular map I found that absolutely all objects were double. Does anyone know how to solve this?
  4. Lordliw

    Trading system

    I have to ask how does trading resources actually work and when someone can't and WHY. I don't really even know where to begin and what details to share so I'm just gonna leave the map so you can see for yourself and hopefully know what's wrong and why teal can't trade to light blue and gray...
  5. Nevanii

    [General] AI not gathering gold and can't build on blight

    So I've encountered two weird problems. I don't know when it happened cuz I wasn't checking it regularly. So the first issue is that AI won't enter a mine to gather gold for some reason. No matter how far or close I'll place it to the town hall or if I change the race - it won't work, they will...
  6. The Nightmare Book

    [Lua] Problem with spell

    Hey guys, I have next spell that does alot of things depending on targets global group (animals, humans, etc). But right now I don't know why it doesn't work - my spell simply doesn't call and I don't know why. I tried different approaches but currently I don't found the answer. Init 10 Spells...
  7. BrothForMyPeople

    WoW model viewer - items' textures cannot be seen

    I can't see items appearance on the model. Helmets, Pauldrons, weapons and quiver have no problems but items for Chest and Legs as well as Feet do not display. Did someone have similar problem and has fixed it? https://www.hiveworkshop.com/media/wowmodel-viewer-jpg.134545/full
  8. wowmodel viewer.jpg

    wowmodel viewer.jpg

    problem with textures
  9. nanis

    Zaffar's Footman don't work

    version of game : v. - Footman - Hi, I hope someone can help me because the mod is not working and I don't know why. - It is a map created from World Editor with no modification except importing the model and the skin of the Footman.
  10. Verdun

    Okay but this death animation thing is driving me mad

    So anyway I feel like I figured out decay animations okay, but death animations still elude me. I THOUGHT it was okay, and it looks fine in the model editor, but in the GAME, it does weird ugly things, namely, when the damn thing dies it pops right back up. It's not so bad if I make the death...
  11. Ruvven

    [Trigger] Leak Problem (Trying my best)

    Hello again masters of WC3 Editor! As i have recently become aware of so many leaks in my game (that i hope can be replayable so leaks or gonna be a massive issue later). I am trying my best to "fix" the leaks and i have run into a slight problem that i am really unsure how i should take...
  12. Ruvven

    [Trigger] Melee/Ranged Isnt Working

    Hello Community that has helped me understand so many things in the WE! #MuchAppreciation! I am having trouble with yet another situation here as i have googled and searched through here for answers on switching from Melee -> Ranged and keeping spells and all of that is cool. The problem is...
  13. Lordliw

    Need help with JASS AI - Workers not harvesting lumber

    Hello, I am basically new to JASS scripting. I have recently made a very standard AI, and everything seems to be going great so far! But the problem with my AI is that when the workers are trained they harvest gold, not lumber as I want them to (not the starting workers, the newly trained ones)...
  14. Ciandehx

    Edit model Help

    I am new and trying to edit this model, but I have this error.
  15. LordHatchet95

    [General] Units/SFX disappearing, Sound issues [FIXED], and the Haunted gold mine problem

    Hello everyone. LordHatchet95 here, after a loooooooooong time of hiatus... Well, to the point: I've been working on a starcraft volcanic map, with high tides and low tides of lava... Both the triggers and the models are ready. The issue is the following: I ended up using "units" with...
  16. posthumousturbo

    Elune's Grace item doesn't work

    Why elune's grace on item doesn't work i give this taken damage 40% and movement modifier 10% 0% chance to deflect. Specific targets is needed to it is work or not (I have invulnerable and vulnerable targets on this item skill)? How repair this skill?
  17. Teitan

    [Solved] >HELP< Can i get this model fixed please?

    Hello, i had a friend edit one of Black Stan's models, he only added an animation and edited the textures, and the model got this weird bug where its shadows are all over the place: (left one has the glitch, right is how it should look like) We have no idea why it happened nor how to fix it...
  18. DexterFstone

    damage engine

    Hi I using the damage engine v3 (wc3 patch 1.26) and it's work very well by unit index but unit index change hero hitPoint to 50k why it's happening and how to fix this problem?
  19. GhxBronie

    Problem with Default Models in WC3

    Hi WorldEdit M8s :thumbs_up: I have a problem with Default and Custom Models from Warcraft 3, these ones don't work properly in their Animations, Sound and apparition. For example, in this video i casts the common Breath of Fire, it damages the enemies but don't appear the FX and yesterday the...
  20. RinaDeithee

    [Trigger] Help Detecting when fighting is over

    I am making an AI for a hero. Im using knowledge i've learned from this tutorial. The AI has two parts. Attack and defend. The AI will decide wether or not to attack depending on wether or not it is defending. The hero will defend when ever a unit of the same team is getting attacked. I am...
  21. Martinez

    [Crash] [help] poor editor quality

    Hello, I have a rather unusual problem. My editor displays the world in very low quality, regardless of the settings. Interestingly, even somehow the editor icon is worse When the units are brought closer, they look clear, but blur as they move away My computer settings are normal and...
  22. DexterFstone

    problem ability learn

    Hi I make a hero and max leve of hero is 25. Hero has 4 ability (ablity 1 has 4 level and ability 2 3 and ability 4 has ult and 3 level) change level skip requirement ability 1 2 3 to 1 and ult to 5 and required level ult to 6 But you can't always learn a level of ability for examole ( 4/4/4/2)...
  23. Xzere

    [Solved] Trigger question

    Hello, how do i make a trigger like this only fire once per unit? I want the unit to gain increased stats only the first time they enter the region. Increase Unit Stats Events Unit - A unit enters Blood Elf Spawn <gen> Unit - A unit enters Draenei Spawn <gen> Unit -...
  24. Martinus

    [General] Water Problem - water removed by terrain

    Hello and good day! Can someone help me to solve a problem I am having with a water, please? The problem is as it appears in the image I attach, here, for depiction: To describe the circumstances that (from my point of view) have led to it: I have created a map with an "Initial Cliff Level...
  25. deepstrasz

    (SOLVED) Flickering model textures glitch

    So, I am trying to create this out of this While the cluster one looks good in Magos' and Retera's, ingame and in the editor it's like in the attached video or even worse.
  26. HerlySQR

    [Solved] fix leaks

    Some time ago I had asked for help with this map, with which I eventually had lag, they told me it was due to memory leak, I did everything to solve that, but continue, could you tell me what else I am doing wrong please? (And by the way please also tell me your opinion of this map)...
  27. Zucth

    [Help] My world editor have a problem blurred characters

    Right what I mention... anyone know how to fixed this? My eyes hurt badly now. You can see the different between these character[photo]
  28. RadimX

    Plague Texture

    Hi, I have one problem. In World Editor I have certain parts of land covered with plague texture, but when I play the map, there is no plague, just the regular texture of land, grass and so on. My question is why? How can I make it permanent that it will not disappear when I am playing the...
  29. Zucth

    Melee Map 7 Players Maps Ideas with picture(problem help!)

    (I didn't finish the half right yet and it's not a duplicate of half left) Detail: Mid of right side are tavern, near mid are GM and near player will be merc As you can see, right now I designs of new 7 players maps and try to not make it round... so problem for now is that the Teal and Green...
  30. Maroxian

    Problems with custom campaigns.

    Hi. I have a problem with some of the campaigns. some of them do not work at all and some of them only partly. i mean that in some campaigns i can play only 3-4 missions (arthas campaign undead version, rise of the blood elves, rise of the forsaken and so on). and in some i cant play even a...
  31. Pokemanharald

    Problem with Custom abilities in new editor

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this but figured since it's related to the reforged editor i might as well try here. So i'm having a problem with custom abilities in the reforged editor. On the first screanshot here you can see the ability in the editor, it has a description, custom buff...
  32. ZeroGravity

    My map crashes when clicking on tavern

    So I was editing my map and testing stuffs then suddenly when I clicked on red, green or yellow tavern, my map crashes without any warning. I wonder why. The blue and orange taverns are fine though. I don't think it's my triggers and all my units are working fine. Any idea?
  33. Yours Truly

    Walking animation problem

    So I made an edit of a model where he uses an axe instead of a ball and chain. The walk animation does not suit the axe, because it appears as if he's using it as a cane. I wanted to make it look like he's dragging the axe, but I'm very bad at it and the result is very jittery. I'm hoping...
  34. Yours Truly

    [Solved] Ability projectile won't pass through corpses.

    Hey all. I'm using kawas11's Breath of Fire spell and it seems to be working fine. However, despite being told to only damage Alive units, the spell seems to try and damage dead units as the projectiles won't go pass their corpses. Here's the boolean that specifies it to only damage alive...
  35. lolreported

    [vJASS] Issue with nested loops, possible bug

    I'm currently having a massive issue with a nested loop, see code (some irrelevant code removed): library JustAnotherLibrary initializer Init globals //... private constant integer PLAYER_MAX_CELLS_ROW = 3 // Max cells up/down private constant integer...
  36. LordHatchet95

    Troubles making a custom "Haunted Mine" + Custom resources issues

    Hello everyone, LordHatchet95 here.... Well, I'm back after a long time, and managed to make a map with custom resources. Instead of Gold/Wood & Food, I would have Food/Wood/Stone/Gold & Population (like AoE1,2 and 3), and i was going to use a system similar to another game named "Rise of...
  37. J-B

    Six player instances (intended?)

    Hello there, I am currently on a LAN with some friends and we decided to play Gaias Retaliation ORPG. We have played the map on two different occasions before but were both times with two or three players. Now we convinced some friends to play along and our group of six went on a journey...
  38. NickGreefpool

    [Solved] Problem with Item Dropping Heroes

    I'm making a Hero Arena of sorts and i have a trigger for making players get an item after an elapsed time. The problem is that sometimes the items seem to dropp (i'll expand on this). The items are listed as 'not dropped when the hero dies'. Listing the items as 'Not Droppable' didn't help...
  39. redscores

    [Wurst] Problem with getting WurstScript to run

    Hello dear Hiveworkshop Programmers, I am currently getting into Mapmaking again and I am confronting myself with WurstScript. I installed JRE. Then installed VS Code and installed the WurstScript Plugin. Then I proceeded to start the "WurstInstaller" and set the paths correctly to my...
  40. Tom_Almighty1


    Hi guys I tried my best to create a tile, I can't find much tutorials in the internet. I can't seem to make texture a good tile. Can someone convert this into a tile or teach me?
  41. Jeppe109

    UV mapping problem (Is Milkshape even worth it?)

    While attempting to texture my first model in Milkshape, I have run into a problem: Remapping doesn't work properly. Front remapped fine, but when I get to Left, it simply remaps everything to a single point, making it impossible to work with: Any ideas on how to make it work properly? Or...
  42. Doorsmasher7

    [General] Power Fields <help required>

    Hey guys So I'm doing some custom race design and I've decided I really want this race to feature a "you can only build near our buildings" mechanic for buildings similar to the undead's blight or power fields from the protoss race in Starcraft. Ideally, I'd simply be able to duplicate the...
  43. Ungoliath

    Problem with "Head Lock On" trigger

    Hello! I've encountered a weird bug (or something like it). I'm using this model: RPG Hero: Human Villager I had the unit lock its head on another unit, which worked fine. I lowered his animation speed to make the head turn more smoothly - again, no problem. Now, after importing some custom...
  44. Zephyrius2412

    Problem with Tech Tree / Dependency

    Hello ! I'm big fan of the World Editor but I've some problems. I'm creating a set of new races, I wanted to add my new heroes, town halls and altars in the game constants in their respective equivalent dependency type (Equivalent dependency - Altars/Town Halls/Heroes). 1) When I train one of...
  45. FeruEnzeruJKun

    Weird Problems with the WoWHead 3D Model Viewer (DO NOT DELETE/REMOVE)

    Suddenly several weeks ago when i was on WoWHead (Also viewing Yrel), it starts not showing a Draenei race model of her including the other Draenei official charas and fan charas. I tired dressing room, and it does not show male or female Draenei. Other race models that are not Draenei are...
  46. BrothForMyPeople

    Removing Hero Glow

    Hi. Modeling - Texture Techniques Using Mdl I've done everything as written in this tutorial and this is what I get... (see uploaded image) I have this magos version War3 Model Editor ...and newest WC3 version right now - 1.28
  47. Levi Ackerman

    Model Changes in Wc3ModelEditor And in Game.

    Hi,I'm using MilkShape 3D with plugins to convert obj to mdx.The model is smoothed and exactly as i want it to be.Everything is ok when the model is in MilkShape and its format is obj. As you see in the picture: Even when i open mdx file to Warcraft III Viewer it has no problem and its exactly...
  48. RobertMKD

    Detect if the Hero's inventory is full

    Hi, I made an item in my map that works this way: - It can only be picked from ground (can't be bought) - When you pick it up it stacks with the other items of its type (if there are any) - The item has an ability and you lose a charge when used What I have done is: I made two versions of the...
  49. Rykon-V73

    Sparky Aura inserted right, however...

    I did try to test this aura with the Firebolt spell, as that one gives it a chance to cause lightning strikes. This isn't working anymore. Is there a way to make the aura trigger, by attacking enemies? I changed Sparky Aura to Blaster Aura and changed the 3 buffs to Blaster Aura. The '-level 1'...
  50. Rykon-V73

    Problem with Transform

    I gave the High Elf paladin the ability to Transform. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet The code works fine, but this is supposed to raise movement speed. The transformed unit is slower and every time the unit goes back to normal, he disappears for a brief second and then reverts to...