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  1. Supernickman 32


    Hi i'm in hive since February i already made few projects and now i work on three projects i want to stay here for long and thanks for your time! :grin:
  2. cgm


    Name's cgm. I'm a freelance game programmer who mostly engineers back-end for RPG or Hack'n'Slash projects (Currently applying for a full-time job, though). Games makes sense to me apparently. Furthermore, they're probably the most valuable reason why I began career as a game developer. It's...
  3. Da Beast

    Hello HiveWorkShop Users!

    Hello! It is Nice to Stay here. My Name is Jan Dane I Lived in Caloocan,Philippines Occupation - 2nd Year Student Age - I'm Currently 12 Years Old Date of My Birth - Nov 15 2002 I Already Read The Rules in This Site about Map Making,SiteRules, Infractions. Im Currently Working on My Map :)...
  4. Miss Fortune

    Hello, Ladies and Gentleman

    I am Here to introduce my self So this is my New Account Just to remove my Errors In My Other Account Miss Fortune,
  5. Exarch


    Hello there, everyone.. i'm 21 years old and i've been following Hive Workshop since i was 16. Finally i got that chance to introduce myself. So.. hey! my name is Özgür i'm from Turkey, the reason why i didn't show up earlier cause i was not capable with speaking english at all.. ..I draw...
  6. DEmonstr

    Introduce Myself: DEmonstr

    Hi everyone!! I am DEMonstr and i make maps and such, yet i dont have anything worthy to post yet. I am still not familiar with the forums but because of many years(or months) of using the Hive Workshop(I was to lazy to make an account back then) i see many people are very friendly and very...
  7. Embraced

    I am Honoured to be part of the Hive!

    Hello, I am Embraced, my real name is Tyler and i am a new map maker in the WarCraft III Realm and i am here to help on making maps!
  8. LeDavid

    Introducing the David

    :fp: Hello Hive! My name is David. I am probably a bit younger than most of you since I ..blablaBornInTheWrongGenerationblabla... but I love warcraft and havent stopped playing it since I got it. I tried making maps and races, Failed at it horribly. I play lots of custom maps with my friends...
  9. WarchiefBlackhand

    Lok'tar! Brothers of the Horde!

    Lok'Tar, Horde brothers! And thank you for inviting me to HiveWorkshop! (I'm not naming any names who spammed me to join.) I am so far cool with this and want to continue, I am planning to make a campaign called "The Clans of Draenor." So far it's atleast 25-30% Complete, due to my newbieness at...
  10. River_Song

    Guess this is me

    Hi! I'm River_Song, (if you are a fan of the BBC TV show "Doctor Who", than you should recognize the name:as:) and I have tried a lot of Harry Potter rpg's and I'm really hoping this one will be more fun than the others. Just to know a bit more about me, I'm from America (MI), I am currently a...
  11. Malhorne

    Introducing myself (like the bot said to me :P)

    Hi everyone, I'm a begginner in Warcraft III mapping and i'm joining this awesome community :) To introduce myself i started few projects (pharaonic projects xD) and i'll try to upload them when they will be finished :D Thanks for reading ;) Malhorne
  12. Land-Sengklek

    Please I Will Introduce MySelf

    Hello Im Land :) Im new here, and i hope, i can get a good work from here, and sorry for it, how to upload a model?,:vw_wtf: and why my thread like this "This model has not been approved in the resource section and is not guaranteed to be working." Well thank your for your time.
  13. Skavenloft

    Hi, everyone, I'm kinda new here:)

    Hi everyone, I'm Skavenloft and I'm a Warcraft fan and artist. I know It's pretty late to start adwenture with w3 modding but it is never too late to try something new, I suppose:) I hope you will find my works usefull:) BTW - I watch people works here since 2008 or something, but it is the...
  14. josefrainrayo

    Introduce myself? sounds easy

    Ok First you can call me Efrax and i speak spanish so........write this is a bit difficult :eekani: I like RPG games and all that is new and ...... innovating?? is right? I have all the time to test your maps and give many ideas if u want, cuz y have a lot of ideas for games but i dont...
  15. Nathaniel_


    Hello,Friends Hive Workshop. I am New in Hive Workshop, Please all Friends Hive Workshop want Accept me as Friends:ogre_haosis:
  16. zHunter97z


    Hi, I just enter this hive:grin:. I enter because I want to everyone know about me (just kidding:grin:, I want to study how to make warcraft map well). So if you can, you share with some experience:grin:
  17. I-Ate-The-Moon


    I am I-Ate-The-Moon, one of the best at Footman wars! Really tho call me Aaron. I destroy with the Human or Night Elf race, and prefer the Blood Mage or Warden as my hero! I don't have Starcraft so I don't have that much information to offer about that. My Battle.net account name is also...
  18. Viks Thuzard

    Me Be Viks Thuzard :P

    Me be Viks Thuzard. Me from India. Me begginner :vw_wtf: Me can't understand anything in Modelling and Map Making :goblin_cry: ME NEED HELP!!!!!!! Or me Suicide :goblin_boom: :fp...
  19. emanon4051

    Nice 2 m3t u all

    Hiyas! My name's Chanathip. AKA Puff! Nice 2 m3t u~ :vw_sleep:
  20. Pegasus Charge

    New Maker Model

    :goblin_boom: Hello i am new making model of world of warcraft :thumbs_up:
  21. Flygon

    Introduction About Me

    My name is Sam Hom. I'm from Myanmar. I like to create my own dota maps, ability and spells. I think The Hive Workshop will help me.:ogre_haosis:
  22. buddajr

    Introducing Myself

    Hello everyone, I'm buddajr and I'm new to the hiveworkshop community. Actually I've been on the site for years, mostly using others resources, but I've finally made my own account so I can post my own content. I've been making my own Warcraft maps for years now, but mostly just for myself or...
  23. Flygon


    My name is Sai Sam Hom. I'm about twenty years old. I'm a national of Myanmar. I want to creat some new ability in Dota such as meat hook, passive lightning chain, Tiny's toss. So please help me to creat new abilities.:goblin_yeah::ogre_haosis::goblin_good_job:
  24. george94


    Hello everyone. I have just created this account and i was told i should introduce myself.... so here i am... introducing myself. I'm a map maker like many people here. I have made quiet a few maps in my past. I like to think my map making skills are intermediate. Since I know all basic...
  25. ChoovakPetri83


    Hmmm... I like night time. I'll enter any of the sites in night time:goblin_yeah: I LIKE CHAT!! WUHU!:goblin_yeah:
  26. Pishki


    Hello everyone :3 I'm new here, love the forum and creations made here. :ogre_love:
  27. HeartStrong

    En Taro...no wait...Lok-tar! (lol) Long-time user, new member.

    Hello, I am actually introducing myself because it beats working on a model several hours straight...anyway...Hello! I am not new to 3D work, or map making although never made a finished map--though often artists never finish their paintings--but I am aiming to start something that is in fact...
  28. gufide

    My introduction to the hive workshop

    Hi! I'm a new map developer and I searched for some icons and models and I see that we can upload map so, I decided to introduce myself in the hive workshop :cool:
  29. Aierou

    Greetings :D

    Hello, I am new to these forums as a user but have been with them for around a year now. The "Please introduce yourself" notice was becoming annoying so I made this thread. Oh, and I bet you 1000 gold that my name has more vowels than yours. That's about it.
  30. Belurges

    Greetings from Belurges

    I am not dead sure what the go is with this... There's a thing that says introduce yourself... so I clicked... and I'm here.. Is not a red pill... but I hope it has some kind of result. lol I made an account so that I could put a map on that I play with my bro's and mates called 'Dungeon...
  31. Mikal


    Hi everyone!I am new to the site, but alredy totally LOVE the stuff here. My favourite race in WC3 is demons/humans(hard to choose who :grin: ). My favourite unit from the site is the Royal captain(Blood elf). I ain't sure if I will upload any models,icons or skins since I dunno how to...
  32. ToBeX


    Hi! My name is aldo. My nickname is ToBeX. I'm a newbie mapmaker.
  33. ToBeX


    Hi! I'm Aldo Rifki Putra. I'm a newbie mapmaker :thumbs_up:
  34. A

    My Introductions to The Hive Workshop

    Hello The Hive Workshop, First of all i want to greet you all (the members,moderators) and then i will explain why i join here: first i love to create nice wc3 maps with nice models too, so when i first see this website i registered and downloaded a lot of models. I will also upload all my...
  35. domz186

    My Introduction to Hive

    Hello Hive Workshop and all members.... I wanna join here because i have to learn a lot from you guys on editing maps and campaigns. First I see the website i instantly wanna join, so i register here.... Before registering i have downloaded many of icons,campaigns and models. Hopefully i am...
  36. I_Am_The_One

    Guess I have to Introduce my self eh?

    Hello :grin: My name is Simon, aka I_Am_The_One I make spells, systems and maps, I suck on making icons and models :thumbs_down: Well, guess I'll see y'all around! :mwahaha: ~ The One ~
  37. PrinceOfFame


    Helo i try to indtroduce.
  38. trefor


    hey i like all blizzard games except starcraft.:thumbs_up:
  39. Kanage

    Eh hi..

    Hello. My username is Kanage, and I had get the order to introduce myself, so that is what I gonna do: I like all types of roleplaying, listen to music, bla, bla, bla, and I have maping in some years now. Here today, I want to make a WoW machinema (or whatever it names), and I go to the web...
  40. Zeatherann

    Hi! im new here...

    Im new here, as said in title, and i've been using THW tools/icons/ect. for a long time now. I finaly desided to join your community! I'm like most people, average in most things about map making. I mostly like to make mini-game maps because they are small so you can add a lot of things. My...

    I'm new here

    hay guys :cute: I'm from Brazil, this is not my first forum account but the Hive is the first forum i wish to frequently visit :gg: Sorry for the bad english, I learned IN DA STREETS OF PAIN !! (kidding, i'm a kind of self-taught :bored:) Ready to work! :grin:
  42. Pakmand

    introduce pakamnd

    hi:infl_thumbs_up: i joined hive workshop because it was a nice site and i used the models and otherthings in side it + i want to crate some tutorials but i cant find were to upload torials
  43. Phoenix258

    Phoenix 258

    I'm Phoenix258 and i live in the Netherlands. i'm currently busy with a hero defence for W3. well... how i came here was easy: i was looking for some skins i could work with, because i'm horrible with spells :P and the first thing i saw was this site. i looked arround and there are really...
  44. cayser


    Hi, I'm Cayser:cute: just joined and looking forward to testing maps talking to everyone and i can ever get into the mood long enough I'll try to make a map. I always start maps but never finish them:cry:, if anyone has a tip to help it would be appreciated.:thumbs_up: See yous, Cayser
  45. avpchin


    Hi! avphin here! I recently joined the hiveworkshop community n haven't really upload anything yet..sorry. Working on my Zombie Invasion map which is like a survival map. When I'm finished with the beta, I'll try to upload it as soon as possible.
  46. psychophat

    psychophat at the Hive!

    Howdy, am a fan and avid watcher of the Hive and all its nice things. I also use some stuffs here and there and learn new things as well. I'm like the rest but let me introduce myself and what I can contribute: web, texture, gfx, model & basic mapping. < Jass newb, would like to but well maybe...
  47. slavi621


    Well, theres' not much to say. I'm just a kid who's addicted to Wow. But I stopped playing the game for a while and started making some maps on War3 for own entertainment. But I'm not so god with world edit - I'm still learning. I know a few things... Anyway, I watched some vidios on youtube and...
  48. Vosty

    Lastest Project Introduction

    :grin: This is vosty. Latest project: Magic Rooms TD A TD with multiple rooms, each having its own special theme. Examples: One room the volcanic room has the ability to damage random creeps. While the Ice room freezes creeps in place to holp them captive for a short time.:week...
  49. propotato


  50. Kaede45


    yo peoples :spell_breaker: I am Kaede45 and I like playing WarCraft games and making maps (even though I'm not that good at either)! I especially love RPG maps and I am trying to figure out HOW THE @#$% YOU RAISE THE %#$% LEVEL CAP and such but I'll soon learn I guess... yeah... ts about all I...