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Hi! im new here...

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Im new here, as said in title, and i've been using THW tools/icons/ect. for a long time now. I finaly desided to join your community! I'm like most people, average in most things about map making. I mostly like to make mini-game maps because they are small so you can add a lot of things. My current project is Mini-Epic war. I've made other mini-games but never uploaded them or hosted them for the fact i never finish them and move on, lol. However i have hosted one map: Keep Everlasting. I've been trying to get the bugs out of it, hehe. The map is like a map i loved from WC2, but has no cutom 'anything' imported so it's not that good. Anyways, im happy to finaly join you people and that i would like to post my current map so you may help me with it (for ideas, my mind is starting to blank out on me). And so i will give you what i have so far unprotected in a different post to see if you like it, not much to steal anyways. It has custom icons/skins all found on THW.
-P.S: sorry for the 'double post' of having two things in one post.
Welcome to the Hive. It's sad that 33 people have viewed this and not one person has posted. I'd be happy to help with any issues you may have with your map.

Heres a couple pointers:
1. Be familiar with the rules and respect them.

2. Understand that not every mod here is the same, and each of them has their own "Pet peeve", so re-refer to pointer #1.

3. Respect the users, and you will earn respect yourself.

4. Be creative and stand out. Be unique. This will get you recognized.

5. Most importantly, Have fun and enjoy the Hive.
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