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  1. intoxiqued

    Help/request - By Demons Be Driven - playing as Humans/Jaina

    Hii, first time poster here. I've been revisiting Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos after not playing it for almost 18 years. I'm still in love with the Orc Campaign: By Demons Be Driven chapter, but I really wish I could play the same map as the Human Expedition. I was wondering if anyone can help me...
  2. Blahblah_Blagar

    Merging the database for the campaign?

    I've been working on my custom campaign and making various changes with pretty much each level (spells, units, icons, models, etc.), so that in the first level the main Hero has Ressurection as his ulti, but while making the third level I have changed my mind and changed it to Avatar (this is of...
  3. Aquatic Veil

    Convert and Compile w3x to w3n file?

    Greetings! So I just recently got back into Warcraft III for all the nostalgia of my childhood life and I've been having a blast playing custom campaigns. The problem however is that whenever the custom campaigns are uploaded individually as the w3x file, for some reason my wc3 cannot open it...
  4. Baron Sturgen

    Baron Sturgen

    For project #NorthrendRPG More details about the project:
  5. Med. MapGuy

    [Campaign] Battle for Azeroth: War of Thorns Remastered

    Elune-Adore, everyone. I have a new-ish custom campaign coming soon! Reintroducing Battle for Azeroth: War of Thorns Remastered. Originally released on Jun 11, 2020, this campaign is based on the War of Thorns leadup event to the World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth expansion released in 2018...
  6. Pharven

    Set Next Level

    Hey everyone, I tried to make a custom campaign by creating a menu map with a dialog. The idea is that you have a button for each level. The problem is i the [set next level] action does not seem to work. When i press a button it will redirect me to the main menu Am i doing something wrong or...
  7. Superfrycook

    [Altered Melee] Factions of Battlefield Warcraft Reforged (Updated)

    Hello again, guys. Today, I will show you the overall factions of Battlefield Warcraft Reforged. Consists of multiple factions, each has different abilities, tactics, and units. Each rating from 1 to 5, 1 is the lowest, while 5 is the highest. I would like to thank SC2HayasuiArts for the...
  8. AlanSpirand

    Trying to Find an Old Custom Campaign

    As the title suggests, there's a certain WC3 custom campaign that I played as a child about a decade ago and since then lost. I wanted to revisit it but couldn't find it anywhere on the internet (at least with my searches), even though one of my friends confirmed they had it at some point in the...
  9. Daily Warcraft Reforged

    Re-Reforged - My comparison series

    Throm'ka, warriors! Well met. It's been a pleasure and an honor to host the Re-Reforged CC on my channel and show just how epic this project really is. Re-Reforged takes you back into a familiar place but there's always something fresh about it, it almost invokes that feeling of playing the...
  10. Nortander

    A confirmation?

    Hey guys! I am a patient person so I thought Blizzard would implement a "Custom campaign" button in the main menu, as they did with Vanilla. But we're now, one year after the release, and I still don't see anything like it. As I would very much like to play my custom campaigns again and others'...
  11. HERON


    Hello guys, I want to knowing something... is it worth making campaigns for classic, or should I wait until will be a custom campaign in reforged? My English isn't good, sorry.
  12. Superfrycook

    [Campaign] Battlefield Warcraft Reforged

    BFWCR Logo by Ken Lenard Navarro posted Jul 26, 2020 at 6:35 PM This custom campaign for Warcraft 3 Reforged is an improved version, which the previous one has a lot of problems like skipping cutscenes, trigger problems, cinematics and even some plot twists. This time, I need to analyze and...
  13. Elven Archer Voice Test - YouTube

    Elven Archer Voice Test - YouTube

    The voice over test for unit of Elven Archer unit. Also you can see custom models for Human Farm and Human Barracks. --- Project Page and Media --- https://w...
  14. StromwindRuins


    Stormwind City, right after it was destroyed by the orcish Horde.
  15. Verdun

    several Campaign Maps I want don't load in-game & it's driving me nutso

    I know there are plenty of tutorials that explain how to make custom campaigns (some coming with the friendly observation "making campaigns is SO easy") but they don't explain why this isn't working, or at least I am completely lost as to what part of the turorials I missed BASICALLY: If I...
  16. BranHUN

    Fear of copyright law

    Hello there! I am a writer, and I want to create a story in a custom campaign for Warcraft III. This is a story that I also plan to release in a book - and it's completely separate from any intellectual property made by Blizzard, except for the fact that I wish to create a campaign "edition" of...
  17. Maroxian

    Problems with custom campaigns.

    Hi. I have a problem with some of the campaigns. some of them do not work at all and some of them only partly. i mean that in some campaigns i can play only 3-4 missions (arthas campaign undead version, rise of the blood elves, rise of the forsaken and so on). and in some i cant play even a...
  18. deepstrasz

    Brood War fan hiring a team for a custom campaign

    Custom Campaign: Hiring Basically, some fan says he would be paying people to help him work with SCMDraft and whatnot. See if it's worth your while.
  19. Alure155

    HunCraft: Genocide

    HunCraft Genocide is perhaps the most detailed unofficial expansion ever created. It is an alternative timeline that takes place immediately after the events of Brood War. The creators of the game added a full campaign for each of the 3 races (And even a secret mission :)), modified the campaign...
  20. deepstrasz

    Brood War custom campaigns!

    Here you have a list of almost every custom campaign ever made for the first StarCraft and its expansion: The Complete SCBW Fan Campaign Listing The list was started by Church and continued by Pr0nogo. This is the download database link: MEGA
  21. CGminded

    Odd map to map transition problem

    I’m trying to do a fan-made alternative story to "Orc Bonus Campaign" (I've used original OrcX maps as a starting point to save time), the map transition part seems to have a problem. With the help of this tutorial, I changed Blizzard’s way of performing map transitions to tutorial’s one. Then...
  22. LazyKnight

    [Solved][MPQ][Campaign] How to replace Warcraft 3 campaign with my custom campaign?

    I'm trying to use my custom campaign data to replace the Warcraft 3 default campaign so that I could make a "campaign pack" and make my players have a better-immersed experience. I've finished replacing the main menu background, currently, I'm researching how to replace the official campaign...
  23. Milan Milovanović

    My new Campaign

    I have come up with(for me) relly great idea for Custom Campaign so i made this quick cinematic to show off story. i would like to know what other people think of it should i go on with this or stop?
  24. Maks Lion Of Orcs

    LF project helpers or just teach me for my little brothers map :/

    (Ill revise this later) Im looking for some people experinced or versalite with world edtior to collab,coach,teach me or possibly just finish this project if they want to i got the map semi terrained out and a general idea of all the zones and their levels and the storyline but i just need...
  25. AlexRuloor

    [Campaign] The Dark War

    Campaign Info: The Dark War is a custom lore campaign which takes place on the world of Asherah. Asherah consists of multiple races and has been at peace for centuries.The orcs on the other hand is seeking for a new world to call 'home'. Since their home called Solarii has been devastated by...
  26. frizolino

    [MAC] [Patch 1.28.5] Custom Campaigns not showing up

    I have a Mac OS Sierra and patch 1.28.5 Warcraft III Frozen Throne. About a month ago I was playing Custom Campaigns, then I reset my PC and yesterday I re-installed Warcraft III. I have two folder locations for my Warcraft III. First one: /Applications/Warcraft III/ Second one...
  27. Xanadu-King

    Custom Campaigns (With Custom Races)

    Hello All, I am brand new to this site, just created an account today. However I have been an avid fan of the WarCraft games since I was young (in the 90's). Anyway, I need some help, and feel free to move this to the proper section if this is not in the right spot. Enough stalling onto the...
  28. Redhawk

    Tales of Alvia

    I have in mind of making a campaign of a kingdom called Alvia,while I don't want to make it without any suggestions or feed back and stuff and it to become a total failure,for my idea it''s like this : Gameplay : Close to totally different techtree then the normal humans. Story : The kingdom of...

    Are there any good custom campaigns which follow the Warcraft lore especially after frozen throne?!

    Hi i am a new member to this site though i have been downloading different custom campaigns and maps and models BEFORE JOINING and that compelled me to join as i just love this site but as i have a really old computer (and never liked paying) so i never played World Of Warcraft. So can anyone...
  30. Frostgiant

    Custom campaign quitting unexpectedly. Please Help.

    So I'm new to the whole mods and custom campaigns thing and I am hopeless when it comes coding so i was hoping I could get some help. I don't even know if this is the right forum to post this. I have recently began trying to play some of the custom campaigns that are present on this site and I...
  31. reach745146

    Warcraft TFT Custom Campaigns Menu Locking Up

    Greetings all, I'm attempting to play custom campaigns, but when I select "custom campaigns" in game, the screen immediately locks up; the mouse cursor and hot keys are unresponsive. Strangely, the sound continues uninterrupted and unaltered. I have tried with several files and even tried just...