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Feb 24, 2021

Throm'ka, warriors! Well met.

It's been a pleasure and an honor to host the Re-Reforged CC on my channel and show just how epic this project really is.

Re-Reforged takes you back into a familiar place but there's always something fresh about it, it almost invokes that feeling of playing the game for the first time back in early 2000s. For me personally, this is especially reinforced because the Exodus campaign tutorials + 3rd, 4th and 5th chapter are one of my favorite missions of all time, and I just love the Prologue-ish game design around the maps, story and quests.

It keeps the "epic" in Warcraft kind of in a smaller scale, building up a foundation for the upcoming adventures and glorious big scale battles of the latter campaigns. It's such a fun little 5 chapter adventure and has a special place in my lvl 60 heart.

Chapter I - Chasing Visions

The fog adds so much to the ambient depth and goes well with the "after rainy nightmare filled night" vibe. (But was it a nightmare tho?) The secluded area where Thrall's hut is all soggy, amplifying the Chain Lightning to any trespasser. Dude, no Human Scout or Gnoll Poacher dares to enter the mighty Frostwolf Shaman's ground. Electrocution INC!


Now, as a modder and primarily terrainer myself, this is exactly how I would think about designing populated environment places like camps, villages etc.

Adding Peons and more Grunts than the 3 that pop out of the Barracks to follow Thrall, was the right thing to do. It creates much more realism and depth. The entire camp is alive now, featuring more buildings and props/doodads. The towers were removed, but that's where the Raiders and Grunts patrolling the entrances and the inside of the camp, come into play. Getting close to the camps entrance and entering, shifts the environment sounds from forest/wilderness to a populated ambient, where you can hear mill saws buzzing, axes chopping and hammers smiting. Two Grunts are even sparring with their axes, where otherwise there was empty space, or maybe a Pig Farm in the original. One of the Grunts has an alternative model from the character Gar'thok.


Not only should you not let the nightfall dull your senses, but also watch out for sleeping Ogres. Otherwise, you will have a fierce battle on your hands if you wake the beast.

The second NEW cutscene for this mission. Custom models were used such as Ogre Mound by user Tamplier777, and the Ogre was changed to a one headed Ogre. The camera panning and music add so much to the mystery and immersion. It's literally like you spotted something around that corner of the forest, and you're sneaking upon the camp as careful as you can, only to discover its Big Boy Not-to-f**k-with Ogre, sleeping tight like a butchered Strahnbrad citizen after a Blackrock raid.

(Just curious, and totally not trying to form a movement about protecting Sleeping Ogre Rights: How many of you have spared the Ogres life in your playthroughs?)


Again the use of thick fog here adds so much more to the immersion and ambient depth. It's makes the Golem Alley look and feel even more like "Wrong hood Gnoll-f**ker!". The creepy tension music is again used here when the camera approaches, and the Golem assembles itself, then smashes the ground as if warning the visitors that he's up for a round of Super Smash.


Damn dawg, they are returning indeed, in blizzcon friendly camera angles. Terrain has been modified for this cliff and it's much more interesting both while looking from above and in the cutscene. Thunderstorm effects seem intensified and used at certain timings to make it all more dramatic.

I have replayed all 5 missions twice, and I will post the other videos soon.

InsaneMonster, we can't wait for the next campaigns!

Guys, I'd appreciate if you enjoy the content to let me know in any way you can.

I'll post some links and if it's not allowed let me know I'll remove it.

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Back again with Chapter 1 Chasing Visions. In this video you can see a comparison of the terrain/unit/doodad placement changes, or the Re-Design of the map:


In my opinion the terrain has been diversified a lot and it doesn't look so basic as in the original. When doing terrain on map it's good to mix terrain tiles and try to create patterns or patches that don't look too stiff and perfect but rather natural, which is what InsaneMonster did successfully. Big bonus is the fog added to certain areas, like Thralls starting location and the Golem area.

Chapter II - Departures


The awesome camera angles continue again in Chapter 2, with great timings and camera panning. I love the new forest path that leads to the base and it shows the scout Grunt arriving to report. Pretty creative! And of course the proper naming of Grom Hellscream is back, yay!


WOW! This is pure Warcraft! We see more of the coastal base where Grom is held prisoner. The scale of the human base has been increased a lot and again just like in the previous mission with the Orc camp, the Human camp is now alive and there are many NPC's roaming around and a lot more military troops. In addition troops are being produced and sent on raids towards your base, while the villagers react if they see Orcs nearby and run into their homes. Superb cutscene...


Once you finish fighting your way through this awesome base and liberate Grom, the cutscene of waiting for the rest of horde and stealing ships kicks in, and boy it's improved by a lot!

"The rest of the horde" is now more Grunts but also Raiders, and they're shown arriving into the base. There are also alternative Grunt models by the user Bagysta.

The ships are not just parked near the coast, but there are also docks and a big lighthouse/shipyard building which greatly improves the immersion.

Off to new lands!



In this video you can see a before after comparison of the map for Chapter II Departures.
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