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The voice over test for unit of Elven Archer unit. Also you can see custom models for Human Farm and Human Barracks. --- Project Page and Media --- https://w...
It sounds quite distorted. It worked for orcs but elves are usually considered to have softer voices.

However, the models are excellent.
this is Tamplier's own take on Elves, I thought about keeping my Voice to Orcs and characters with a rougher accent
@ShadiHD I mean try WoW sound files instead and leave voice acting for characters only which require it in the cinematics. If you plan to replace all unit soundsets like this, it'll be ugly.
@deepstrasz there are variations in regards to custom voice acting :

- playable Units : we record original voices alongside (attack + pissed) quotes that are suitable for the respective unit.
- cinematic characters : those like you said, are only recorded for Characters that only appear in Cinematic (we need American/English) voice actors for that, namely Alliance characters.
- native WC3 + WOW sounds
Those are preliminary, only one of us has the gear for high quality recordings.
Until we can recruit good voice actors with fitting accents and microphones, these uploads are more for quotes than voice.
@deepstrasz that's why we need donations and...volunteers, we're in no shape financially to hire voice actors, I know there are some cheap ones out there, but we have time.

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WarCraft: Chronicles of the Second War
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