Update 2

Update 2

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Best to finish and release it quickly before Blizzard comes up with their own WC2 Reforged and shuts you down.
@Wlarius ... Warcraft II has been released on GoG as Orcs & Humans and the first Diablo. I see no hopes for those being reforged and that's good.
@Wlarius I know it's just a joke, but there don't seem to be any plans for WC2 remakes, instead there was hope that the community will do something. Also they would never shut down anything like that, ever.
Hi guys,

I have created account just to send you my records of some units from War2. I was trying to recreate original quotes (honestly I though I would done it better :D). Maybe you will find it useful. Let me know how can I send it to you.
@Wlarius Bruh... Blizzard said WC2 isn't fun anymore back in 2018 and then in March 2019 they released the game on GOG (which is a good thing imo) and in 2020 they released the atrocity of Reforged and now it seems they are trying to fix Reforged.

I don't expect them making WC2 again.
@Reaver Agree, they said WC2 and WC1 are not fun anymore. Their released on GOG is very poor. They just put WC1 with DosBox and WC2 BNE with some updated code to run on modern Windows. It's like a one week task for two employees :/

I expect at least some better resolution and modern control features for both games (at least right mouse button orders for WC1!) but nope!

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