WarCraft: Chronicles of the Second War

Project media for the Reforged WarCraft II campaign.

Always wanted a sort of remake of WC2. And finally I'm getting it. Thank you guys. You surely are better than Blizzard in remaking stuff.
idea for Tomb of Sargeras part 2: could you change the "human forces" there into Moonguard Night Elves?
the howling of their tortured souls fill the air. Although the inhabitants of this place died long ago, their bodies have been torn from earthen graves by the vile magics of the Daemons and made to stalk this region for all eternity.

maybe not Moonguard Night Elves but ghosts of the Farondis Court
@Ardenaso I think that the Naga would do a much better job than Humans or Night Elves. Moonguard would require Night Elf mages which might be confusing to many people. I guess that recoloring the High Elves might work, but still it would confuse with the High Elves. I think the optimal solution would be the Naga with Demon and Golem (titanic constructs in Reforged) creeps.
@Ardenaso Yes, spirits of Highborne is much more likely, but it's definitely almost only demons.
That's the lore to it Tomb of Sargeras, so the only ¨human¨ who was there is Aegwynn, and ¨modern¨ Night Elves don't seem to have visited it for millennia (before WC3 events and WoW: Legion of course).

EDIT: There might be more clues in the books, so nothing's final yet.

We'll consider a proper implementation once we get to polishing the mission, thanks for the info!
Is the lion-headed pauldron on the Stormwind footman custom or is there a unit that has it in Reforged. I've been looking for something similar to use.
@Ardenaso I was just wondering because I would grab it off the vanilla model and attach it to my own. I would rather do my own work, just wondering how they did it. Got a reply on another thread, though, so it’s all good.

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