WarCraft: Chronicles of the Second War

Project media for the Reforged WarCraft II campaign.
All of this is fantastic! I'm really curious as to how the Broken Isles will look like in this compared to the WC3 campaign (environment looked like crap). I would expect it too look maybe somewhat like in WoW but not necessarily. I would picture it looking a lot like Nazjatar kind of, but with more vegetation (not tropical?) with lots of coral obviously. Either way the maps of Draenor and Eastern Kingdom's really shows that you guys got the lore right. Looks good, either way I know the outcome is going to be a HUGE hit! :goblin_yeah:
@Moonman Right on! I figured as much since they butchered it in the campaign. However they did have a few doodad buildings that were ok but the tile set and the way they made the exterior of the tomb was a complete bust. lol

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