The Might of Gilneas
Looking good! I assume the racial ranged unit is a simple huntsman with a hunter hat and a rifle?
@Ardenaso trying to go for something like that, yes. Probably a bow rather than a rifle though. And a doggo on his side!
If you could edit the horses a bit. All look kind of the same with those whitish hair on the legs.
Maybe not all knights need to have the jousting lance but something else instead. Same for the sword.
Maybe these ones could have long hair for a more wild approach.

Similarly with the footmen Greek-Roman crest, not all of them should have the same type.
@Moonman my suggestion would be to make the ranged unit for Gilneas a gunner/Riffleman, would be a nice nod to Gilneans from WoW.
Yes. Rifle fits the most. The leitmotif of Gilneas is that they are more industrial than the rest.
Along with what these guys said about a rifle, I also like that idea just to add some extra diversity to the tech trees, I doubt any other Human tech tree is going to have a ranged unit with a rifle.

Also, this is just amazing. I love Gilneas as Worgen, but seeing them before that is awesome. Can't wait for all these resources!

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WarCraft: Chronicles of the Second War
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