[Solved][MPQ][Campaign] How to replace Warcraft 3 campaign with my custom campaign?

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Mar 27, 2018
I'm trying to use my custom campaign data to replace the Warcraft 3 default campaign so that I could make a "campaign pack" and make my players have a better-immersed experience.

I've finished replacing the main menu background, currently, I'm researching how to replace the official campaign data by MPQ.
I find the default campaign is not managed by ".w3n", but split into many folders, and have dozens of files to control the script / AI.
Is there a file (like ".slk") recorded the path data or something like that?

Btw, I didn't find threads related to this, I'll keep searching, any updates will be updated into this thread if I find them.

Thank you for any hint!

2018-8-11 06:52:20 Edit

I did a search to extracted MPQ files, there is a file recorded some data related to those campaigns.
* war3patch.mpq > UI\CampaignStrings_exp.txt
* war3xlocal.mpq > UI\CampaignStrings_exp.txt
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