Custom campaign problem

Level 1
Apr 12, 2016
Hello Everyone!!!! Im quite new to this site and to warcraft 3 custom campaign. I've recently encountered a problem with my custom campaign "Rise of the blood elves", at the custom campaign button the file "rise of the blood elf" says this "just another warcraft 3 campaign". I can't play this custom or any other custom camapigns. I've followed the instructions in putting the ".w3n" files in the warcraft 3 directory campaign folders and yet the custom campaigns wont play, can help someone help me pleeaseeee since i am really looking forward to play with these custom campaigns... TIA
Level 27
Feb 18, 2014
Do you edit the campaign inside the Campaign Editor? The campaign description taken from there.
Try looking at the size of the file you downloaded if its smaller than the size it should be than the download was not completed and you may have the same problem that I have.
I've posted about that problem here
These two could be the reason,, What version of Warcraft are you using?