1. Kikinsin

    Could not load file, lost alot of progress

    Hello, I was working in my map and wanted to look another map for trigger and upgrade references, but when I went back to my map I got this. All the models where working fine, I recently added a model with the icon and it worked, but know like 90% of the models are in green box. Is there a way...
  2. Ricola3D

    [Reforged] Nested "Value of Real Variable" events is bugged

    Hello, Some well-known systems for your custom maps use "Value of Real Variable" events as API you can use to get notified of some game actions. For example a well known is GUI Unit Event by @Bribe : For example, the system executes the code below: Set VariableSet Event1 = 0.00 Set...
  3. RoadNewS

    Problems with shaders option (quenching mod)

    I recently installed the quenching mod, did everything as instructed, but when I launched the regular map I found that absolutely all objects were double. Does anyone know how to solve this?
  4. AtivEnergy

    [General] Bug with "Takes Damage" - Event

    Greetings! I found a weird problem with my test map. I tried to make a unit which deal 0 damage to a particular building(tower) and then the tower must use a special effect(heal) The problem is: this "Takes Damage" - Event will activate the special effect of the trigger even when i don't attack...
  5. Henry_AC

    [Solved] Screen issue with WE, screen, dark interface? black?

    Hello everyone, any solution? They gave me a laptop and I installed Warcraft 1.30 on it, I wanted to use WE but the screen comes out like this, no matter how much I zoom in or out, the funny thing is that you can put units or decorations because I hear that typical sound when I put or remove...
  6. Leedin

    Has anyone managed to fix this worldeditor model viewport visual squish bug?

    It's been this way since Reforged dropped. Even dragging the viewport window to the entire vertical width of my screen does not get the model to stretch all the way to correct dimensions.
  7. Arvin.Ma

    [HELP] waiting for host... ‘Disconnect’

    my wc3 version is 1.35.10 , and i play offline custom game with ai, i think host it's myself. problem is when i restart game, sometime will display this panel(waiting for host, disconnect). i don't know how to avoid it, can someone guys help me?
  8. The_Spellweaver

    "Preview triggers" fails for Map resources saved with latest version WE

    This button here, on uploaded map resource bundles blows up It shows this error The map in question is saved in WC3 world editor version The bundle in question is here, both maps. Attaching copies of the same maps; since maps in the bundle will be updated at some point...
  9. BigDatesNew

    Newest Editor bug with custom tree models

    Hello, let me preface this by saying the bug occurs on every map file I now open, from brand new ones dating back to years ago, with every version that WAS previously working over the years is now also broken. There appears to be a bug in the current version of world editor, where trees with a...
  10. Ghostly Sallet

    Upgradable Hero Armor Icon Bugged

    Is there a way to make units that receive armor upgrades and use the hero armor type (left) use the proper icon with the upgrade level box (right)?
  11. Wiimeiser

    Undiagnosed vanilla mod conflict

    Recently I've been trying to resolve a conflict between the Warcraft Classic and Star2 Coop mods. The two don't explicitly say they are incompatible like the Campaign and Multi mods do, however enabling both at once causes all the sounds to disappear in whichever of the two mods is lower on the...
  12. Luashine

    [General] WorldEditor v1.29.2 deletes system's TEMP folder on launch & exit

    Edit: read the post below, it only deletes everything inside the temporary files folder. The editor version 1.29c (6060) aka release 1.29.2 will delete all files and folders where you've saved your map when it exits. 1. Open WE (need to clear registry) 2. Save new empty map in a folder you...
  13. Dark-Zalor

    !IMPORTANT! - Real Comparision BUG

    Hello everyone, I just notice a bug (I hope it's not my warcraft 3) I have version of Warcraft 3 classic when there is a comparison (superiod or equal) between 2 reals (one of them is a counter) it can't detect the 2 amounts are equals if the amount added is lower than 0.1 here...
  14. Luashine

    Resources have a different CSS style, breaking WYSIWYG editor

    I expected the Resource page to look exactly like in the editor, but it looks awful instead because the headings are not as bold as they should be, deviating from the editor preview.
  15. The Nightmare Book

    [Trigger] Multiboard Issue

    Hello everyone! I have next issue: I'm working on campaign on 1.31 patch, latest before Reforged. I'm creating some sort of TD and I use multiboard to show player what enemies he could see in coming wave; But strangely game just crashes when it comes to multiboard changes. For example, waves...
  16. HerlySQR

    [Solved] I found a bug with the item stack of the new versions

    Hello, I tried to create a Item Spawn system that detects when you picked an item and then discounting it from that ones that are in the floor, but I discovered an annoying bug. The items I spawn are stackable and when is picked the function GetManipulatingItem() instead of returning the picked...
  17. Voltron212

    [Solved] Destructible within region not registering after creation

    Hello! I am reasonably new to the map editor, however have been learning quickly on how everything works. I currently have a problem where after a destructible within a region has been removed and a new one created; a trigger - 'Destructible - Destructible within region (Playable map area)...
  18. jainaproudmore

    Some missile sound effect missing bug

    Does anyone have issues of missile sound effect? Somehow, some of the missile sound effect are missing like I uninstall and reinstall and some of the missiles still missing sound effect like can someone help me here.
  19. TwoLeft

    Bug: Manabar stuck to screen

    Rarely when my map starts a manabar becomes stuck to the screen/camera, as shown in the attached file. Restarting the map usually fixes this. Anyone any idea why this happens? I got a lot of triggers firing at the start, preloading, hiding and moving things around. I guess it has...
  20. Meatsausage

    [General] [Help] Game ends for unknown reason!

    Hello there. I experienced game crashes dropping players instantly out of game showing score screen. Sadly i just cant find any reason for this bug to happen, so i hope i can find someone who can provide me with the right information to get rid of this nightmarish problem! It occured ~3 times in...
  21. Thiiago

    Shadowy Dress parts bug

    How i can fix this "bugs" of parts of dress is darked? and anothers is so lighted ?
  22. conde

    cursor bug

    My cursor always looks like this. In main menu, in game... How can I fix this?
  23. Maldiran

    Broken mdx converting

    Hey, I have recently ripped a model from WoW. It is winterqueen model from latest expansion. And there is some weird bug, when I try to convert it to .mdx. In .mdl everything works fine (some animations are not as precise as they should be, but that is very often with wow models). The problem...
  24. posthumousturbo

    How use alternative flame strike graphics without graphic bug?

    I want use on my map nether strike and I change special graphics and further i have flame strike when I channel skill? How repair this bug?
  25. posthumousturbo

    Elune's Grace item doesn't work

    Why elune's grace on item doesn't work i give this taken damage 40% and movement modifier 10% 0% chance to deflect. Specific targets is needed to it is work or not (I have invulnerable and vulnerable targets on this item skill)? How repair this skill?
  26. posthumousturbo

    Orb Effect on Void Dragon

    Splash attack don't work with orb effect. Why? Any ideas for attack modifier be logic on void dragon. This is missile (splash) type of attack.
  27. Teitan

    [Solved] >HELP< Can i get this model fixed please?

    Hello, i had a friend edit one of Black Stan's models, he only added an animation and edited the textures, and the model got this weird bug where its shadows are all over the place: (left one has the glitch, right is how it should look like) We have no idea why it happened nor how to fix it...
  28. ScrewTheTrees

    1.32 The LUA GC is seemingly disabled.

    This is just a heads up for whoever uses Lua / TypescriptToLua or similar frameworks for their warcraft 3 maps. The Lua GC is seemingly disabled. Over in the hiveworkshop discord we did quite a bit of experimentation on this issue after i realised my map was leaking 0.6MB/s, but the leaks made...
  29. Cheshire

    [Trigger] buggy trigger

    A spell of mine that was working perfectly stopped working when I transferred it to a new map. I broke it into pieces and was surprised to find the following: bank tunnel Events Unit - A unit enters (Playable map area) Conditions Or - Any (Conditions) are true...
  30. Chickncz

    [Solved] Custom AOE root spell bug?

    Hello everyone, It has been a while and I am still working on my map. I have tried debugging this "bug" in my map for the past 2 hours and I cannot figure out why it is happening. I am here to ask you guys for help, because I know you are the best. Problem: (Sorry, my WE is in the Czech...
  31. Prometheus3375

    Removing items with 0 life is bugged

    If an item has 0 life and then is removed, it is still can be picked with EnumItemsInRect. If the life is not zero, then an item removes properly. This affects both 1.26 and 1.32.9. But there is a difference if one changes the life of an item to some non-zero value after the item is removed...
  32. Reggaeman

    Undead 01 - heroes don't spawn

    as in the title, I downloaded the pre 1.32 campaign version, as i'm playing on 1.29 in the initial cutscene the portraits in dialog boxes are just empty, and the heroes never spawn in also tried on version warcraft 1.26, which had the exact same problem any ideas what to do?
  33. Dispatcher

    Build Animation Bug on Forsaken Building

    Hello guys just a random question that's fit enough to be asked in this forum. Can anyone tell me why the Royal Laboratory model's build animation is bugged?
  34. Dispatcher

    Huge Bug in the World Editor

    Hello guys there is a mysterious bug in my friends World Editor he can't post it himself here because he is lazy as hell. We are making a map full of Custom Sound, Sound Effects, WOW Icons, Units and etc. And we were saving the map but there was an error saying can't save map to Worldedit.w3m...
  35. deepstrasz

    (SOLVED) Flickering model textures glitch

    So, I am trying to create this out of this While the cluster one looks good in Magos' and Retera's, ingame and in the editor it's like in the attached video or even worse.
  36. Macadamia

    WARNING - Specific unit event BUGGED !!!

    Hello there ! After days trying to figure out what I messed with my Lua functions when switching all my events to per unit events (before switching to OOP), I found out this very serious bug. The specific unit selected (same issue with deselected) aka "EVENT_UNIT_SELECTED" does return the...
  37. stein123

    Broken model

    Hello everyone, can someone help me with this model? is broken, some parts of it doesn't appear at all in the world editor (head, shoulderpad and weapons), i don't know how to fix this, also if anyone manage to fix it, could you tell me how to do it myself too? thanks in advance.
  38. HerlySQR

    Problem with local matches

    Hello, recently when I start a match with my map the people who joined have to dl it even if they dl it before, and if somebody else start the match I can't join (The game expulse me inmediatly after join). What happen?
  39. Cheshire

    is this model bugged?

    hey, I tried importing this model (troll shaman) to my map, but no matter how many times I restart the WE, can't get it to appear (it even crashed the WE once). I also can't change it's file paths in the import editor for some reason. is there a problem with the model? does anyone know what...
  40. kleinerhauck

    Input issues?

    Especially on a map where I have to spam clicks and hotkeys a lot, sometimes my input is completely ignored for a short period of time (1-10 seconds maybe). This means I cannot click, command a unit, press a spell/command button or use any hotkeys. Maybe it also happens for other maps but is not...
  41. Cheshire

    [Solved] morph permanently changing color of "hero glow"

    hey, I have been fighting with this for hours and would really appreciate any help - I'm using models that weren't created as heroes - as heroes, so I added a hero glow by making a passive hero glow ability based on "slow aura". currently I am making a temporary morph spell for one of these...
  42. Cheshire

    [Trigger] really weird bug with "replace unit" on creeps

    hey, So I made a spell that issues an order to the target -at lev 1 to move to a random point, and at lev2,3 to attack a random enemy of the caster . I also added to lev 3 of the spell "replace unit" so it would also take the target unit out of any control groups its in (with help from...
  43. Captain Bacon

    [Trigger] Trigger Item Generation based on Pre- and Suffixes

    Hello everyone! Quick question: Are the GUI triggers involving Ability manipulation broken somehow? I'm trying to set up an Item drop system with random stats and abilities based on pre- and suffixes, and noticed some trigger editor functions are just not working - No matter how I set up the...
  44. OverClocked

    Can't modify Imported File Properties

    I'm trying to change the path of a imported file but when i click Modify File Properties nothing happens. Does anyone know why this is happening and how i can fix it?
  45. Tom_Almighty1

    Model Problems (SOLVED)

    Guys I made my custom models through Blender saved as OBJ then imported to Milkshape so I can convert it into MDX for warcraft 3. Not really low poly but still a lot lower than other models. I have this problem where they glitch out at a certain angle or distance of the camera. This is both in...
  46. Xzere

    Import bugs

    Anyone else who's having problem with importing models, icons etc? They work at first but all of a sudden after restarting the WE the model/icon wont show.
  47. Bloodwest

    No voice on custom character (with custom model)

    Hello, everyone! I require advice from those worldeditor masters, who actually made functional custom characters with custom voice-over in Reforged WE environment. I've done this successfully before in pre-reforged classic, created King Leonidas (from 300) custom hero with custom voice-over but...
  48. Yours Truly

    [Solved] I can't open my map anymore.

    I don't know why. There's no obvious reason as to why it crashed. Can someone help? This map is for a contest, and I hate starting over. I get the "Not enough storage" error trying to open it. I can't find backups of the map either. I searched at the the Documents and also at the AppData.
  49. Peach Schnapps

    Stag attack animation plays once then bugs

    So in the reforged editor the Stag Critter has attack animations, and if I set him up to attack while computer controlled he’ll do his animation once, then just sort of t-poses and continues attacking but the animations are bugged I guess? Is this just a bug with reforged? There should be a...
  50. Mathayis

    Reforged screwed me over again! *Solved*

    Well fudge....Soo....The first time I tried installing reforge it totally wrecked my maps..but I was able to save them by installing a 1.29 backup...and i've been having a tun of fun map making again sense... However, this morning I heard reforge has been getting some patch updates, so I...