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Hey, I have recently ripped a model from WoW. It is winterqueen model from latest expansion. And there is some weird bug, when I try to convert it to .mdx. In .mdl everything works fine (some animations are not as precise as they should be, but that is very often with wow models). The problem begins, when I am trying to save it as .mdx. It doesn't matter which app am I using, it breaks the animations! You can try it by yourself, model is included in attachment.

So, my question is, how is it possible that binary format is so distinct from ASCII??? And is there a way to fix it?

P.S. Model was ported via Blender and exported with plugin, but it shouldn't matter at all, since I can freely edit it with Magos or Retera's MS.

It is not appearing in reforged game version, and in sd is broken.


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Mar 11, 2012
A person on Hive discord (with username WC3 Tutorial) fixed the model for you.

He doesn't have permission to post since he just made a new Hive account yesterday so I will post it for him.

His quote:

the problem was, that he have to make more geosets. The Main Geoset had to many Vertices and that leads to bugs. Unfortunately i had to make the Geosets like that, because i coulnd'nt import it into Max


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