Zephyr #13 Discussion

It's about time to discuss a new theme for our spell contest zephyr.

Here we have some ideas we might try again, but also some new.

- Choose one element as theme for your spell. (fire, ice, earth, ...)

Model theme
- Create a spell that fits a chosen model very well, that was submitted on hive.

- Create a spell which appearance does not fit the standard WC3 theme. It should be something absurd, like by an unknown being.

- Create a spell which concept is seperated in at least 2 phases.

Blizzard extension
- Retrigger a default blizzard spell. Modify parts of it, add extra effects/featues, extend it. But the spell philosophie should not change too much.

- Create a spell which focuses on trick your opponents. It should mislead the enemies to make bad decissions.

You also can bring up an idea to discuss here, if you find mentioned themes not interesting.
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Level 33
Apr 24, 2012
I would like to suggest a Detonation theme spell where the spell has two casts, one for launching and the second for detonating/triggering the effect

for example, the first cast launches an ice missile which deals damage to whoever it passes through then the second cast detonates the ice, stunning all enemies within it's radius




Model theme - Create a spell that fits a chosen model very well, that was submitted on hive.
Just wondering, couldn't one relate this to the current Icon Contest #13 ?
Of course, it would greatly limit the creativity of the spell creator, as the ability icons show up a mechanic already, but maybe it is worth a thought.




I think Elemental is a bit lame. Of course, we can never have enough spells being themed elemental, but it is something you see everywhere and all the time.
Model theme would be interesting, tho I think it offers a very limited use.

I like the idea presented by Almia. It is something uncommon one rarely see.

Other ideas I have:

- Blizzard Extension: Choose a default spell from Blizzard, trigger it and add many custom features to it and make it widely configurable.

- Blizzard Modification: Choose a default spell from Blizzard, trigger it and change its components in a way the spell becomes something outstanding without changing the basic concept of the spell

- Spell Skill Tree: Create a basic spell and add additional features being dependent on conditions, maybe having also choices, so the player has to decide for one feature in favour of another, influencing/changing the spell in a certain way

What do you guys think ?

1. Multiple phases
Unit starts casting with first phase and the user has possibility to switch the spell to an other phase like for example detonation.

2. Mythology
A spell that is related to a creature from any mythology.

3. Blizzard extension
Re-trigger a default blizzard spell. Modify parts of it, add extra effects/featues, extend it. But the spell philosophie should not change too much.

4. Elemental
Choose one element as theme for your spell. (fire, ice, earth, ...)

Any other themes you are interested in?

Also just quickly give feedback if you are interested in participating in contest, also if you don't have any idea to share.




So, you have to create multiple spells ?
A set of spells for Elemental for example, if it is the theme chosen ?

I might be interested in participating.
Level 17
Dec 11, 2014
Penalty: A spell that has much benefits, but in cost of something else than mana e.g. Life, units, buildings, gold, lumber, etc. this fits a warlock.

Face-to-face combat: a spell which is used in melee combat.

Flight: a spell which is exclusive to flying units.

Other than that, my vote goes for Uncommon.
Level 13
Aug 19, 2014
Detonation seems pretty good that was suggested by Almia while mythology can be compared to a model theme, since I think it will be another summon a unit spell and you'll need a perfect model for that. For an elemental theme, well I saw a lot of it the spell section but I guess anyone has its choice.

Its my first time to give an idea or suggestion and I'm not good at it :ogre_hurrhurr: please bare with me.

Ok so my idea is how about something like a chain effect. Lets say you're first spell is you plant a bomb, then your 2nd spell would be a unit target spell that will deal damage. Surely you can use this to target the bomb you planted in by your first spell and explode it, then your third spell would be an ground target spell that will slow enemies. Lets say its called Drench in Oil, whenever an enemy got hit by the explosion of the bomb and he has a Drench in Oil buff he will then receive more damage plus an overtime damage.

How about that, pretty long explanation :vw_wtf:
Level 33
Mar 27, 2008
Your spell will be focusing on the objective to trick your opponent(s) into making bad decisions.

Your spell will be able to target units, globally.

Your spell will be focusing on laying traps on specific location(s) that will be triggered either remotely, or manually - or something else, depending on your creativity.
First post is updated.
Some suggestions were not listed seperatly because I think the idea with multiple phases pretty much covers them.

@defskull (Deception),
could you make a short example what u imagine? It should be visuals (with not necessarily a real effect on units) that trick the player?

I think we'll make a poll soon, because there is pretty much a multiple choice now.
Level 14
Jul 27, 2007
Building: Create a spell or a system which targets buildings. It can be a buff, a damage spell, a building spell, or an interactive system. There's no limitations on who can cast the spell (e.g. you can make it a hero spell, a unit spell, or a building ability).
Level 33
Mar 27, 2008
Devil's Favorite
Casts a curse onto units in an area, afflicting curse on them. Upon few moments later, The Devil will pick the unit that is most favored to inflict a massive damage and stuns the unit.
Targets an area on the ground (600 AOE) and affected units will have their own timer, counting down from 4 seconds, until 0. At 0 second, only one (1) unit from the affected will take 500 damage and stunned for 3 seconds.

I'll take DotA for example:
If you are in a teamfight, and you are a healer.
There are 5 allies (including you) that needs healing/buff to keep those heroes alive and you can only target one of them at a time.
This will make your healer/buffer confused, who to heal/buff - tricking you into making bad decisions.

I know that this theme is hard, but if you are able to pull it off, I would say that it's a great achievement to be able to think something more complex and creative instead of theme like Nature / Elements / Stealth / AOE / etc.
This will make your healer/buffer confused, who to heal/buff - tricking you into making bad decisions.
"This" -> I'm frightened "this" won't let the user enough freedom, and will much equalities in more entries.

Devil's Favorite,
you pretty much explain in detail what to do, this is not the goal of this discussion.
But anyway we have maybe enough for now.
Level 24
Aug 1, 2013
Ok, my turn: (AoS style abilities)

Confusion: Confuses the target enemy hero, causing him to see all nearby units in a different appearance.
(This will locally change the models of the nearby units, and even changes the heroes to normal units.
I wont have to tell you what the use of that is right?)

Mirror Image: Creates a copy of your hero that will also cast the same abilities as you at the same targets and deals the same damage.
(My version of mirror image... a little bit upgraded.
When used right, your enemies will attack your clone instead of you in an effortless attempt to gain a kill.)

Deception: You will hide 80% of your current health that will be visible again when your visible health drops below 0.
(Imagine you see an enemy hero that has very little health, you then will try to kill it.
However you only see 20% of that hero's current health if this effect is active.
So after you dealt that 20% damage, you will see that that hero now has 4 times as much health as it had when you engaged on him. Could also include mana.)

Decoy: Makes you invisible and spawn a decoy of you at your location.
The decoy cannot deal damage or cast spells.
When you attack or cast a spell, the invisibility will break causing your decoy to deal damage to the surrounding enemy units.
(I dont think this wont need any explanation :D)

The Joker (toggle-able): When turned on, your spells will not cost mana and wont go on cooldown.
However all effects of the spells are lost as well.
(Simply clever.)

Now, you can tell me whatever you think but here are just 5 abilities that would definately be considered Deception.
The freedom given by a subject might be small but the freedom granted by a great mind always wins a design contest.

Do I now have 5 entries already?