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  • Hey jonbon29, I posted your request over a week ago, but I haven't heard back from you yet.
    Jon, that map is super huge and is taxing my crappy little laptop just to open it. The framerate is really bad for me and the game takes 2 minutes to start.

    What I've noticed is that it's not the terrain or the doodads preventing the knockback. The knockback is actually just not working after the first knockback. Can you update the Knockback 2D to the newest version? A previous user reported those same issues to me and the knockback update fixed that.
    You must set Missile__Target = Your Unit after

    Trigger - Run Missile Configurate <gen> (ignoring conditions)

    Trigger - Run Missile Configurate <gen> (ignoring conditions)
    set Missile__Target = Your Unit
    Set Missile__Source = (Triggering unit)
    Set Missile__Owner = (Triggering player)
    Set Missile__Origin = (Position of Missile__Source)
    Set Missile__Impact = (Missile__Origin offset by 1000.00 towards (Angle from Missile__Origin to Missile__TempLoc) degrees)
    Set Missile__ImpactZ = 50.00
    Set Missile__OriginZ = 50.00
    Set Missile__Speed = 500.00
    Set Missile__Collision = 48.00
    Set Missile__Arc = 45.00
    Set Missile__Damage = 200.00
    Set Missile__Model = Abilities\Weapons\FireBallMissile\FireBallMissile.mdl
    Set Missile__Data = 1
    -------- Set trigger with should run on missile events. --------
    Set Missile__OnCollideUnit = Fireball Actions <gen>
    Set Missile__OnRemove = Fireball Actions <gen>
    Trigger - Run Missile <gen> (ignoring conditions)
    Hey, not up to now, but since I might do a request involving this kind of edit,
    I can write it while doing it, if you want me to
    I've been solidly busy but I will get to it this weekend now that I have a couple days off!
    The terrain likely has some kind of doodads or a rough texture that prevents buildings, right? Or something else?
    Any type of "buff" on units is really tricky. You will need to use a complex library like Bonus Mod.
    Wow thank you really I'm trying to find a few spells so that it's easier to think for something in one of my maps.

    Are you still working in your AoS map?
    Ohh thanks a lot I just wanted to see how it works I'll try figuring out how will I implement this hahaha :vw_wtf::vw_death:
    Hello there I remember you shared to me a spell in which when casted it increases the armor of the unit something like that. Would you mind if you can share it again. I lost some of my files and I'm interested to see it again.
    Try hitting the Blue<->Red channel in the Button Manager ^^
    Else I have this for you: 2D - Do it yourself - Recolor it yourself
    Open Node Manager and check the helper node, right click it and click "Edit Node". Click on "Scaling", and there, you can manage the scaling of the child bones/the main model.
    It would be better to just attach the SFX. Keep in mind that the Arcane Bomb dummy I use in my test map is a "special one" since it has shadow. Keeping the shadow for the bomb makes it look WAY better.
    That would be because of Bribe's GUI Spell System. He preloads the dummy on map init and removes it. That's why it's better to attach the special effects via triggers instead of changing the model path :)
    OHH so you edited the model path of the dummy in object editor? Are you using the AB w/ GUI Spell System folder?
    Hmm now that I look at the triggers, I dont see you attaching thr special effect anywhere?
    You can add an if-block in the group loop to assess if the picked unit is not equal to Spell__Target. And yes, if you want the trigger to stop when the target is dead, add this:

    if - conditions
    Spell__Target is dead Equal to True
    Then - Actions
    Set Spell__Expired = True

    As for the delay, the unig keeps the movespeed bonus for a few seconds after the ability stops? Only thing I can think of then is to use a different buff, maybe one that needs a dummy to cast it if necessary.
    There are several issues with variables in the Loop trigger which need to get addressed.

    1) Never set Spell__TargetPoint, Spell__Caster nor Spell__InRangeGroup.
    2) Never destroy Spell__InRangeGroup.
    3) Never remove Spell__TargetPoint.

    Those variables are automatically set and handled by Spell System to never need to be removed nor destroyed.

    Next, when you pick units in the Spell__InRangeGroup, have a look at how I do it in the demo triggers for Spell System:

    Set Spell__InRangePoint = Spell__TargetPoint
    Set Spell__InRange = 300.00
    Unit Group - Pick every unit in Spell__InRangeGroup and do (Actions)

    Notice that Spell__InRangePoint is set first, Spell__InRange second, and there is no need to do all those (Matching unit) checks as those are already handled by Spell System when adding units to Spell__InRangeGroup.

    So, with those corrections, your loop trigger aught to work:

    Lightning Orb Loop
    -------- Do not set Spell__TargetPoint nor Spell__CasterOwner. They are already what you need them to be --------
    Set Temp_Stats = (Intelligence of Spell__Caster (Include bonuses))
    Set Temp_Value_1 = (0.00 x (Real(Temp_Stats)))
    Set Spell__InRangePoint = Spell__TargetPoint
    Set Spell__InRange = 300.00
    Unit Group - Pick every unit in Spell__InRangeGroup and do (Actions)
    Loop - Actions
    -------- You don't need to change anything in here --------
    -------- The next if-block is also perfect, you don't need to change anything --------
    -------- Do not remove Spell__TargetPoint --------
    Ahh so you're adding the ability in the looping trigger? If that's the case TriggeringUnit will not work. It is either Spell_Caster or Spell_Target depending on your spell mechanics. I would advise consulting Bribe, I'm sure he would like to help you out on that matter.
    Yeah sorry Im not by a computer at the moment. If youre having problems, just leave a message and Ill check it out after school. If the targetable dummy bothers you, I can show you how I do it in Volatile Light, but it requires moderate knowledge of some JASS to understand it.
    Of course. Just remove the locust ability :p its too fast for someone to target it anyway.
    Well theres a cheap way of doing it :p just create a dummy and have it cast Finger of Death on another dummy. Play with the distance and height to get the right angle!
    You can, specifically Mdlvis. The animation index is the nth animation.
    Or you could test each animation index until you get the right one. Like every time you press Esc, play animation index 'i' and 'Display it to the player' then 'set i = i + 1'.
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