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Jul 23, 2020
Mar 18, 2012

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Quality assurance, from Germany

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Jul 23, 2020
    1. HenrkIII
      Hello Sir BPower

      This is regarding your system here: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/equipment-v2-5-2.243917/page-4#post-3312008

      I just like to ask if you can add a function that allows the transfer of equipment from one unit to another (I notice that the code you used is almost similar to The_Witcher's equipment system but highly improved) I was initially using his system but i noticed the significant improvement that your system has so I would like to use your system instead.

      The_Witcher's equipment system uses this function:

      function ChangeEquipmentOwner takes unit u, unit newowner returns nothing
      set Equipment.owner = newowner

      it basically transfers an active equipment to another unit.

      Can you help me out? You can PM TIA
    2. DD_legionTN
    3. Lions_Blood
      Hey man are you still around?
    4. Siscon Onii-san
      Siscon Onii-san
    5. Fingolfin
      Hey, is there any chance you can revisit my realistic airplane system? I updated it twice, but it doesn't seem to move back to the "Submissions" folder.
    6. ToolorDie
      Disabled equipment and errormessage. Problem arose with Equipment Setup Example.

      I disabled Equipment Setup Example, and tried save again. I used to be able to get the optional ItemSet to save properly, but now I have this error

      // Trigger: Item Set
      library ItemSet / v2.5

      "Not a valid library declaration: (neither the [/] nor the [*])"

      Thanks again. Only reason I asked about a public forum was because I didn't want you to think I felt you weren't being helpful haha I am very grateful for you attention to this problem I'm having.
    7. ToolorDie
      Are you successfully saving a map if you import the original map's triggers into the new one? I am still getting errors.

      function ThrowWarning takes boolean expression, string libraryName, string functionName, string objectName, integer objectInstance, string description returns nothing
      if (Fields.lastError != null) then
      set objectInstance = 1/0

      Do you mind if I take this to a public forum and ask if anyone else is having the same problem?
    8. ToolorDie
      I had to delete some of what I think was documentation. The optional libraries with links to those systems had to go, it was interfering with the save. Now I have come across one more, I do not know how to fix it, I can't find what trigger it is under either.

      //* Destructor:
      //* ===========
      //* Does also unequip all slots.
      method destroy takes nothing returns nothing
      local integer index = 0

      Error is Line 585 Member Redeclared: Destroy
    9. Spellbound
      Ah, I see. I'll keep and eye out for it then.
    10. Spellbound
      What's the difference between Missile and Projectile? Almia said it was a rewrite in Projectile's thread, but how much of a rewrite? Will the API be similar to Missile, and what new features, if any, will it have? (Will it be able to do homing + arcs + curves? :P)
    11. Flux
      Yo BPower, how does your missile system handles missiles created out of the worldbounds? Example, will call Missile.create(99999, 99999, ...) crashes?

      Nevermind, I got it using something like this:

      //Safety precaution, make sure bullet is not outside bounds
      if x1 > WorldBounds.maxX then
      set x1 = WorldBounds.maxX
      elseif x1 < WorldBounds.minX then
      set x1 = WorldBounds.minX
      if y1 > WorldBounds.maxY then
      set y1 = WorldBounds.maxY
      elseif y1 < WorldBounds.minY then
      set y1 = WorldBounds.minY
      static if LIBRARY_DummyRecycler then
      set .u = GetRecycledDummy(x1, y1, z1 - GetLocationZ(l), facing*bj_RADTODEG)
      elseif ....
    12. jonbon29
      Working great man, thanks :)
    13. jonbon29
    14. jonbon29
    15. jonbon29
      That's cool, thanks!
    16. jonbon29
      Yow BPower I'm creating a simple Ball of Firespell using you're Missile-GUI System. Just a single target spell that would follow the targeted unit and deals damage.

      I tried editing the Fireball Cast trigger, however it doesn't seem to hit the targeted unit. Can you help me?

      Here's what I did so far when casting the Ball of Fire spell.

      Ball of Fire
      Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability
      (Ability being cast) Equal to Ball of Fire
      Set Missile__Target = (Target unit of ability being cast)
      Set Missile__TempLoc = (Position of Missile__Target)
      -------- --------
      -------- Each Missile must be created in a --------
      -------- Trigger - Run Missile Configurate <gen> --------
      -------- Trigger - Run Missile <gen> --------
      -------- code block, as you can see below. --------
      -------- --------
      -------- One of the golden rules of Missile: --------
      -------- Never ever remove Missile__Origin or Missile__Impact via custom script. --------
      -------- Don't worry these two variables don't leak. --------
      -------- --------
      Trigger - Run Missile Configurate <gen> (ignoring conditions)
      Set Missile__Source = (Triggering unit)
      Set Missile__Owner = (Triggering player)
      Set Missile__Origin = (Position of Missile__Source)
      Set Missile__Impact = (Missile__Origin offset by 1000.00 towards (Angle from Missile__Origin to Missile__TempLoc) degrees)
      Set Missile__ImpactZ = 50.00
      Set Missile__OriginZ = 50.00
      Set Missile__Speed = 500.00
      Set Missile__Collision = 48.00
      Set Missile__Arc = 45.00
      Set Missile__Damage = 200.00
      Set Missile__Model = Abilities\Weapons\FireBallMissile\FireBallMissile.mdl
      Set Missile__Data = 1
      -------- Set trigger with should run on missile events. --------
      Set Missile__OnCollideUnit = Fireball Actions <gen>
      Set Missile__OnRemove = Fireball Actions <gen>
      Trigger - Run Missile <gen> (ignoring conditions)
      -------- --------
      Custom script: call RemoveLocation(udg_Missile__TempLoc)
    17. edo494
      thank you
    18. Wietlol
      I kind of rewrote it in vJASS struct syntax which comes with some neat tricks.

      Pastebin if interested.
      The CircleOnUnit TargetingType doesnt really work though, and the merger is still something I have to check... dunno really what is useful for that.

      I am quite busy on my project and giving it full priority over other wc3 stuff.
      So I might not be able to work on my uploaded resources.
    19. edo494
    20. Meatmuffin
      Nice, looking forward to it.
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