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  • Hello Sir BPower

    This is regarding your system here: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/equipment-v2-5-2.243917/page-4#post-3312008

    I just like to ask if you can add a function that allows the transfer of equipment from one unit to another (I notice that the code you used is almost similar to The_Witcher's equipment system but highly improved) I was initially using his system but i noticed the significant improvement that your system has so I would like to use your system instead.

    The_Witcher's equipment system uses this function:

    function ChangeEquipmentOwner takes unit u, unit newowner returns nothing
    set Equipment.owner = newowner

    it basically transfers an active equipment to another unit.

    Can you help me out? You can PM TIA
    Reputation (+4):
    (Post) Thanks for feedback. There is no real difference between readonly static and constant in our "vjass environment".
    Hey, is there any chance you can revisit my realistic airplane system? I updated it twice, but it doesn't seem to move back to the "Submissions" folder.
    Disabled equipment and errormessage. Problem arose with Equipment Setup Example.

    I disabled Equipment Setup Example, and tried save again. I used to be able to get the optional ItemSet to save properly, but now I have this error

    // Trigger: Item Set
    library ItemSet / v2.5

    "Not a valid library declaration: (neither the [/] nor the [*])"

    Thanks again. Only reason I asked about a public forum was because I didn't want you to think I felt you weren't being helpful haha I am very grateful for you attention to this problem I'm having.
    Are you successfully saving a map if you import the original map's triggers into the new one? I am still getting errors.

    function ThrowWarning takes boolean expression, string libraryName, string functionName, string objectName, integer objectInstance, string description returns nothing
    if (Fields.lastError != null) then
    set objectInstance = 1/0

    Do you mind if I take this to a public forum and ask if anyone else is having the same problem?
    I had to delete some of what I think was documentation. The optional libraries with links to those systems had to go, it was interfering with the save. Now I have come across one more, I do not know how to fix it, I can't find what trigger it is under either.

    //* Destructor:
    //* ===========
    //* Does also unequip all slots.
    method destroy takes nothing returns nothing
    local integer index = 0

    Error is Line 585 Member Redeclared: Destroy
    What's the difference between Missile and Projectile? Almia said it was a rewrite in Projectile's thread, but how much of a rewrite? Will the API be similar to Missile, and what new features, if any, will it have? (Will it be able to do homing + arcs + curves? :p)
    Yo BPower, how does your missile system handles missiles created out of the worldbounds? Example, will call Missile.create(99999, 99999, ...) crashes?

    Nevermind, I got it using something like this:

    //Safety precaution, make sure bullet is not outside bounds
    if x1 > WorldBounds.maxX then
    set x1 = WorldBounds.maxX
    elseif x1 < WorldBounds.minX then
    set x1 = WorldBounds.minX
    if y1 > WorldBounds.maxY then
    set y1 = WorldBounds.maxY
    elseif y1 < WorldBounds.minY then
    set y1 = WorldBounds.minY
    static if LIBRARY_DummyRecycler then
    set .u = GetRecycledDummy(x1, y1, z1 - GetLocationZ(l), facing*bj_RADTODEG)
    elseif ....
    Yow BPower I'm creating a simple Ball of Firespell using you're Missile-GUI System. Just a single target spell that would follow the targeted unit and deals damage.

    I tried editing the Fireball Cast trigger, however it doesn't seem to hit the targeted unit. Can you help me?

    Here's what I did so far when casting the Ball of Fire spell.

    Ball of Fire
    Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability
    (Ability being cast) Equal to Ball of Fire
    Set Missile__Target = (Target unit of ability being cast)
    Set Missile__TempLoc = (Position of Missile__Target)
    -------- --------
    -------- Each Missile must be created in a --------
    -------- Trigger - Run Missile Configurate <gen> --------
    -------- Trigger - Run Missile <gen> --------
    -------- code block, as you can see below. --------
    -------- --------
    -------- One of the golden rules of Missile: --------
    -------- Never ever remove Missile__Origin or Missile__Impact via custom script. --------
    -------- Don't worry these two variables don't leak. --------
    -------- --------
    Trigger - Run Missile Configurate <gen> (ignoring conditions)
    Set Missile__Source = (Triggering unit)
    Set Missile__Owner = (Triggering player)
    Set Missile__Origin = (Position of Missile__Source)
    Set Missile__Impact = (Missile__Origin offset by 1000.00 towards (Angle from Missile__Origin to Missile__TempLoc) degrees)
    Set Missile__ImpactZ = 50.00
    Set Missile__OriginZ = 50.00
    Set Missile__Speed = 500.00
    Set Missile__Collision = 48.00
    Set Missile__Arc = 45.00
    Set Missile__Damage = 200.00
    Set Missile__Model = Abilities\Weapons\FireBallMissile\FireBallMissile.mdl
    Set Missile__Data = 1
    -------- Set trigger with should run on missile events. --------
    Set Missile__OnCollideUnit = Fireball Actions <gen>
    Set Missile__OnRemove = Fireball Actions <gen>
    Trigger - Run Missile <gen> (ignoring conditions)
    -------- --------
    Custom script: call RemoveLocation(udg_Missile__TempLoc)
    I kind of rewrote it in vJASS struct syntax which comes with some neat tricks.

    Pastebin if interested.
    The CircleOnUnit TargetingType doesnt really work though, and the merger is still something I have to check... dunno really what is useful for that.

    I am quite busy on my project and giving it full priority over other wc3 stuff.
    So I might not be able to work on my uploaded resources.
    constant real DEFAULT_DELAY = GetHeroLevel * 4;
    variable GetHeroLevel didn't declared!! How to fix this?
    Do your missile system support changing Z value only.
    Basically I want it to move up and down but I can't manage to do that, I think it's because you do some kind of math where the distance to travel is needed.

    The only way I can think of is to periodically set the x and y to the origin, but that's really lame.
    I currently use this code, which makes it bounce infinity in one direction but that's not what I want :s

    edit: except it's f****** read only so even desperate solutions like that wont work.
    Managed to find the issue :) I missed a pair of paranthesis, so I'm guessing it threw the whole equation off.
    My overall goal is to have a parabola that works with two different Z end points. Will what you described to me work for that?
    Of course! Here's the shortened version, I took out stuff i felt wasn't relevant.

    I was originally using this formula (2nd one), but I was told that you can just subtract the value of the GetUnitFlyHeight() from the output of Height.
    Hey BPower! I'm having some troubles getting a parabolic algorithm to work properly when the Z values of the endpoints are different. Do you mind giving a hand?
    Hmm, however using KillUnit may cause the locust dummy to interact with other spells that calls GroupEnumUnitsInRange so it may still cause problem even if you're aware don't you think?
    Ahh, so UnitApplyTimedLife should be used instead or will it make the locust unit enumerable during death time?
    Was it you who said that KillUnit should not be used on locust dummies because it appears on GroupEnum? So during the whole death time the unit appears in GroupEnum?

    call KillUnit(u) //unit with 1 sec death time
    call TriggerSleepAction(0.1)
    call GroupEnumUnitsInRange(...) //will be able to pick locust unit or not?
    I think for this, I won't start making contests anymore. Maybe in the future, I can try to balance discussion and poll time.
    Hello BPower, I wanted to ask you if my map (system) that I made for my tutorial is worthy to be uploaded into the spell section. Here is the tutorial. The system is attached in the thread.
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