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Last Activity:
Jun 3, 2018
Aug 1, 2013


The everlasting roar!

Wietlol was last seen:
Jun 3, 2018
    1. Fang
    2. Clanzion
      Hello Wietlol, I was using your ManaDetection System, and I notice it doesn't appear to detect mana loss from an aura. Is there a way to fix this issue?
    3. Xonok
      I'll write it here just so I wouldn't be the only who knows.
      You can actually detect when a unit is summoned by a spell.
      When an effect of ability event starts the ability hasn't yet done anything, but it is inevitable. At that time put a 0-second timer.
      This timer will end when the ability has already done its instant effect.
      Between those 2 times, any unit that appears on the map is definitely a result of the spell being cast.
      You can detect most summoning spells with this method, but the additional spawns of lava spawn don't work, and neither do doom or inferno.
      Raise dead does work and so does water elemental.
    4. Lions_Blood
      Hey are you any good at coding man?
      1. Wietlol
        I can code almost everything, but I cannot code a man.
        Jun 27, 2017
      2. Unregret
        Jul 1, 2017
    5. Reaper51
      Hey I saw ur posts on the GUI Damage Engine, how do u fix running 2 instances of a DDS at the same time without overriding variables?
    6. Lasersquid112
      lol grenn lion
      Happy New Year, and thanks for your SPELL <3
    8. Dr Super Good
      Dr Super Good
      Yes I am online at this hour, sometimes.
    9. pOke
      Thanks for the test map. Yeah its pretty wise doing the native check at the onset so we do not do a lot needless stuff. You sure approximated that rect well!
    10. ZiBitheWand3r3r
      hey Wietlol, I'm just curious why you have not published any map in Resources section
      1. Wietlol
        First of all, I have... secondly, I am working to getting a stream ready so people can follow development.
        I am currently working on the final edges of the items, and then I continue with quests... after that, an early alpha should be pretty easy.
        Oct 19, 2016
    11. Screamernail
    12. Keiji
      That's not me, I would never make something like that.

      It's an impostor.
    13. Emm-A-
      Hey there, I think its pretty cool that help out all these people!
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Wietlol
        I am also the source of pretty much every new thing in system development.
        Nestharus had concepts for improvements on DDS, I perfected them. (But I dont use DDS myself so didnt make one for public use.)
        Xonok had concepts for triggered cooldowns, I perfected them. (I use them now in my project maps.)
        BPower had a missile system, I gave him the concepts of mine, he perfected his system (almost).
        Aug 19, 2016
      3. Emm-A-
        sounds great! :) what are your project maps by the way? Would be interesting to play to me :)
        Aug 19, 2016
      4. Wietlol
        Well, the one I am currently most busy with is a Dungeon Crawler.
        I also have an AoS project but I switch between the two in development.
        Aug 19, 2016
    14. BlueSaint
      >> I am working on my ow engine for various reasons and I must say that it is not as simple as it seems.

      Is it on github? I could use it as reference.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. BlueSaint
        Learning purposes :)
        Aug 17, 2016
      3. Wietlol
        Well... you wont understand a thing.
        But I can recommend you to just watch some tutorials and read some "Getting Started" stuff about it.
        I just started rewriting in LWJGL 3.0 (instead of 2.9). I might be uploading that one.
        Aug 17, 2016
      4. BlueSaint
        I hope you tell me if you do!
        Aug 17, 2016
    15. Gogetakao
      Thanks for you wisdom i have +rep you
    16. IcemanBo
      No I didn't forget. But maybe you are a typicl sheep in a wolfskin. ;)
    17. IcemanBo
      Your signature is so outdated!
      1. Wietlol
        Haha, but I am too lazy to change it.
        Jun 23, 2016
    18. Silva
      I couldn't find a replacement, I tried timers but they execute a function and I'll have to make tons of functions for that to work. Could you link me a system of this ?
    19. Silva
      Hello Wiet, you helped me a long time ago with a code about gates opening and closing if you remember, I'd like your help once again if that's okay. I'm having quite a pickle with some JASS code, it's in the triggers & scripts forum (Teleport back and forth) if you can check it out.
    20. Chaosy
      Actually, do you know how this ODE works? I wanted to try it myself but I don't get the syntax.
      // obejct data extract test
      //! LoadUnitData [rawcodes='hfoo'] fields='ugol'

      library xxxxx
      private function onInit takes nothing returns nothing
      local integer cost = GetUnitTypeGoldCost('hfoo')

      edit: made a mistake, updated code.
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