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Random Skirmish V4 [+AI]

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Random Skirmish

Mini Arena Game

Deathmatch with random unique characters and abilities. The average match time depends on the number of players, the number of kills required and, last but not least, luck.

  • Random spells and hero on each respawn
  • Fast gameplay
  • 11 heroes with their own strengths and weaknesses
  • Simple AI

  • Once every 10 seconds, one of the random bonuses appears, among which there are various books, as well as runes of healing, mana, speed and dispel
  • Once every 30 seconds a random Ultimate ability appears in the town
  • After 4 minutes, a Zeppelin will appear on the map, fly to the city and drop a crate containing a random item that, in the right hands, can turn the match around. When the Hero dies, this item falls to the ground, which makes it possible to pick it up again

  • Mage - ordinary mage, large mana reserve, built-in area dispel
  • Archer - above average range, fire arrows included
  • Bladerunner - swordsman with increased defense and morale
  • Mockinbird - able to spy on heroes' spells
  • Builder - can build a tower. If it is damaged, then when repairing it, he will climb inside the tower until he either completely repairs it or breaks.
  • Blood Elf - rapidly loses his magical energy but can take all the mana from those he personally killed
  • Neromaniac - old, but capable of much. Quickly fires his staff and also raises skeletons
  • Straggle Soul - It's hard to hit, but you can dispel it
  • Unstable Core - a really unstable mass of magical essence that strives to explode with all its accumulated energy
  • Nature Keeper - a conservationist who creates ents to help him
  • Deer Hunter - the owner of a gun, capable of shooting far, and also finishing you off if you are weak with the final shot
  • Holy Knight - A melee horseman imbued with the holy power of healing (can heal himself)
  • Death Knght - Melee Rider Sworn to the Power of Darkness
  • Hungry Ghoul - loses his vital energy and only eating other creatures can feed his endless hunger






Good Luck Have Fun :)

Random Skirmish V4 [+AI] (Map)

Evasion's description is broken for some reason. The Builder's Tower ability has tooltip missing. Last Hit has no description. Also it has a passive looking ability. Could be made active with: Button Manager v1.8.2 Overall nice, core game mechanics...


Map Reviewer
Level 70
Jun 4, 2009
  1. Evasion's description is broken for some reason.
  2. The Builder's Tower ability has tooltip missing.
  3. Last Hit has no description. Also it has a passive looking ability. Could be made active with: Button Manager v1.8.2

Overall nice, core game mechanics intensive; also quite chaotic and random which may not too many times be in your favour as a player.


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