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Predator V1,1

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Dark-Zalor presents :

Predator V1,1
Created by Dark-Zalor

Map Info

The Assassins Orc Organisation want to kill Thrall, due to the alliance he made with humans. He is the base of Black Crock clan in the middle of the dark forest.
In this game you will have to kill other assassins from other clans, that want to kill Thrall either. In order to get the full bounty for you.

This is a perfect map if you want to developp your sneaky skills. You will have to avoid attacks from invisible players, using invisibility and fog of war as your advantage.
But in order to kill them, you will have to track and destroy your opponents. You will needs fast moves, but patience and calm too, to track your enemies.
Developp some strategies in more than 50 battlefields for uniques experiences.

For any questions or suggestions please send your e-mail at: [email protected]

Visit my facebook page at: facebook.com/DarkZalorMapper

Only works with 1.32 version of Warcraft 3 or newer.


This game is a Mini Game/Hero Area. The matter is simple you have to be the last Orc standing. In that game players will fight multiple time in some arenas, the host will choose the size of each battle field. The last player alive will get 1 victory point. The player that have the biggest amount of victory points when the players stop playing won the game.
Each battle field have to be started with command lines (See command section below) and last 2 minutes. The time remaining of the battle field is shown on the game clock.
A game last all the night, if multiple players are alive at the end everyone dies. And no-one get a victory point.

Little Tip: I advise players to start battle fields on bigger maps that the number of players playing in game. A bigger map has more tents and more place to hide.

Commands :

There is a few commands in this map :
-start XX: where XX is the size of the battlefield where you will play.
-start #XXX: where XX is the id of the battlefield where you will play.
-start rd: to play on a complete random battlefield.

Invisibility :

Every player start with the same unit a permanent invisible Critical Master.
The principal ability of that unit is to be invisible over the time as long as the unit can pay 7 manapoints/s. If he has not enough mana, the invisibility breaks.
The permanent invisibility does not allow you to pass through other units, so be careful, a player can know where you are, if you blocks him.

When your unit walks, it has 15% chance each step to produce a dust mark that will reveal your current position to nearby enemies. The effect is visible only 0.6 second.

Visibility Duration (s)
Shuriken Toss2.00
Steal Food0.00
Eat Meat0.50
Plant Land Mine2.00
Plant Ward1.00
Wind Walk0.00

Spells :
Every Critical Master have the same spellpack.
The manacost don't block you from casting a spell. But be carefult to still have enough mana to keep your invisibility after the cast.
Furthermore some spells breaks your invisibility for a short duration. So you can be a easy prey for other players.

- Suriken Toss: Throw in a direction a shuriken, that will damage the first unit touched with 100 damage. If the shuriken hit a target before traveled 400 ranges it deals 200 damage.
Has 500 Casting ranges, 900 max distance range and moves at 1100 ranges/s. Can pass througth buildings and trees but stops if touch a unit.
Cooldown: 1 second, Manacost: 15, Fade Time: 2.00 seconds.

- Plant Ward: put an invisible ward on the ground during 130 seconds. This wards detects invisible units in a 150 ranges radius around it.
Cooldown: 20 seconds, Manacost: 25, Fade Time: 1.00 second.

- Plant Land Mine: put an invisible mine on the ground during 15 seconds. The mine has 2 seconds activation time.
It will explode if a unit goes 31.25 ranges too close to the mine. Deals 180 damage when it explodes to units in 90 ranges of the mine.
Cooldown: 35 seconds, Manacost: 30, Fade Time: 2.00 second.

- Critical Strike: The unit has 40% to deals 2 times his damage on attack. Has 100% chances to remove 10 manapoints on attack.

- Wind Walk: Turn the unit invisible for 25 seconds. Allow the caster to pass through units after 0.2 seconds fade time. Gives a 20% movespeed bonus.
If the hero attacks a unit while invisible, it will instantly remove the buff, but will add 40 backstab damage.
Cooldown: 20 seconds, Manacost: 35.

- Steal Food: Allow the caster to steal food in some tents on the battle field. Has 40% chances to give you a piece of meat. When a unit is seraching for food on a tent, it has
30% chance that other players knows, someone is around that tent. So be careful your opponents can be lucky sometimes.
Cooldown: 1 second, Manacost: 5, Fade Time: 0.00 second.

Kills :

When a player is killed, it can't play on the battle field anymore. It has to wait the next battle field. In the top right of the game screen, you can see your score,
your kills and your deaths.

Food :

It is the only ressource found on the battle field. It is really important cause it is the only way to restore your mana. Theses are items stocked into your equipment panel.
If your equipment is full and the meat is not stackable, then it will fall on the ground at your location. Be careful it's an easy way for your opponents to know your current position.
There are several pieces of meat you can find on a battle field. Each of them has different statistics.
You can consume some food by clicking on the item. Your mana will be instantly restored.

Mana RestoredStackableDrop on Death
Rabbit Meat16TRUEFALSE
Penguin Meat23FALSEFALSE
Chicken Meat25FALSEFALSE
Tauren Meat150FALSETRUE
Warkus Meat180FALSETRUE
Elephant Meat200FALSETRUE
Dragon Meat250FALSETRUE








V 1,0 :
First release

V 1,1 :
Change icons spells and order.
Add wide screen system for messaging


Special Thanks:
The Helper
Hive WorkShop
The Warcraft 3 French Community

doom_sheep (Text Placement Fix) system

Author's notes

I spent a lot of time and imagination creating that map, I hope you will enjoy it.
If you have some ideas about spells, events, modes, just send me an e-mail at : [email protected]

Keywords : Arena, Battle, Fight, Invisibility, Track, Trap, Food, Sneaky, Food, Death, Kill, Spell, Game, Ability, Murder, Assassinate

I appreciate feedback and suggestions!

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates


Predator V1,1 (Map)

It's a nice map, generally, the concept isn't new, there are quite some like it with more dynamics. It seems a bit annoying, the way you choose the arenas depending on the size but the size isn't all arenas are about, it's the way the huts are...


Map Reviewer
Level 71
Jun 4, 2009
It's a nice map, generally, the concept isn't new, there are quite some like it with more dynamics.
It seems a bit annoying, the way you choose the arenas depending on the size but the size isn't all arenas are about, it's the way the huts are distributed too.

I think the map could make use of more stuff like heroes/abilities and game modes. Regardless, it's nice to kill some time with it.


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Hello thanks you for your review

It's a minigame so, yeah the game mechanics are quite simple. It's a killing time game but that needs time to be mastered and needs to be really focused in game. I think, this can be really competitive. I thought it and created it like that.

The number of huth in each arena change really the dificulty of the game. Cause enemies will have less spots to chase you. Like predators waiting their preys near water spots in the jungle ;)

To me the real originality of the map is with the invisibility. In traditional maps if you want to hit invisible units, you need to be lucky or detect them. In that game you don't necessary, cause your actions sometimes will betray your presence (you can produce a cloud of dust by walking). And luck is too dangerous cause it can reveal you... And it's a high risk to be killed instantly.

So in that game you have to move and do actions but only the minimum to stay hidden. It's a pretty hard balance to do I think.
For that reason I said it is simple but quite hard to master and really intense, in-game. Cause you have a lot of stuff to check.

It has be played with other players to see the real potential of the map.

If you have other map to suggest me, for new ideas, you can send me the links, I'm really open minded.

Btw thank you a lot for your precious feedback, I will think about improvements.