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This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Superb Avalon Presents
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Map Info

P r e d a t o r

The Game

Predator is based off of the movie Predator[1987] and every aspect of gameplay is a derivative of that. Players try to survive in a jungle using various items and abilities for twenty minutes. However, there is a lethal hunter stalking them in the jungle. The Predator. His objective is to slaughter every one of them.

Commandos: The Commandos are a group of heavily armored special forces soldiers tasked with guarding 'Arnold'. If Arnold is killed, they lose the game. They are designed to work in a group to survive, however, they can put up a bit of a fight 1-on-1. Their objective is to protect Arnold and survive for 20 minutes.

Arnold: Arnold is a hardened survivor with a bow. His abilities are centered around pure survival and cunning. His objective is to evade the Predator for 20 minutes or try to kill him. He starts separated from the other Commandos and must make his way past dangerous rebels and jungle to link up with the other players.

Rebels: Rebels are hostile soldiers controlling a drug cartel. They have a large encampment directly in the middle of the map, heavily fortified. But stock piled with upgraded weapons, armor, food and equipment. If players coordinate an attack, they can find themselves with a pretty decent base.

The Predator: An advanced alien creature which has crash landed in the jungle to hunt the world's most dangerous prey...Man. He is equipped with futuristic weapons and equipment such as the Plasma Caster, Medicomp, Cloaking Device and Shuriken. He excels at picking units off one by one. His objective is to kill Arnold, the Commandos are optional but recommended as they reduce the difficulty of winning. Once Arnold is dead, the Predator wins.


-Over 60 Items & Item Classes (Level 1,2,3 Equipment, Weapons, Armor, Traps, and Medical Supplies.)

-Futuristic and Modern ideas and units (Power Armored marines, Rebel drug operation.)

-Captivating Gameplay (Roam through a large expanse of jungle, treading through water, mud and vines.)

-Unique Systems (Thermal Vision/Ultra-Violet Vision/Environmental Vision, allowing the Predator to see hidden units glow red, purple or highlighted clearly in blue. Also included, Mud. When used makes the user near invisible to the Predator's vision modes.)

-Countdown Timer (This makes it so games are fast-paced and end with a bang or a cheer.)

-In-Game chat messages (Whenever the Predator interacts with something or types a certain command a spooky message will appear or a custom sound will play.)

-The Big Bang (When the Predator is reduced to a certain amount of health [200 Hp or Lower] he will automatically fall to the floor and begin activating his self-destruct device attached to his wrist gauntlet. The other players will have around 10 seconds or so to high tail it out of there before a massive explosion wipes out any trace of the Predator...or whatever was next to him.

-Slot Restriction (Marines are given two single slots to carry weapons or equipment in, Arnold and the Predator are given 3. This gives the feeling of weight. You have to carefully choose which items help you the most and which just take up space.)





  • Marines: 98% Finished
  • Arnold: 96% Finished
  • The Predator: 97% Finished
  • Systems/Triggers: 93% Finished
  • Terrain: 40% Finished
  • Total Game Completion: 86.7%

Predator (Map)

17:17, 17th Oct 2014 Orcnet: You can vm/pm me once the map is complete.




17:17, 17th Oct 2014
Orcnet: You can vm/pm me once the map is complete.

Deleted member 237964


Deleted member 237964

Does that map have Ai? I would like to play it but sadly my Warcraft version dosen't allow me for multiplayer.
Level 7
Nov 14, 2012
Does that map have Ai? I would like to play it but sadly my Warcraft version dosen't allow me for multiplayer.

I don't have multiplayer at the moment either! I currently don't have an AI for it and really don't have a single clue on how to incorporate one. If someone could help with that, I could pay a small amount of money or just be very thankful. Whichever is easiest! haha

It is great that you released a demo. Cant wait to full version !

Thanks, I appreciate the support!
Level 30
Jul 31, 2010
This seems like a strong project, sadly we have rules for not uploading Beta maps which they are not allowed right now, although I can make an exception of leaving this one out for a while.

You can vm/pm me once the map is fully released already.