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  • I didn't work on it since a long time. Sad enough, because I once wanted to further improve the map alot. But it can really happen that I get time to do some work on it in the next months. I really hope so :)
    its ok im almost finish one of my halo mini games its 4 games in one oddball n team slayer n ffa n zombie game
    Somehow. I should have some time to improve maps with small features or changes.
    Do you have a special concern?
    Sorry that I answered that late. I just didn't see that you posted here (I wonder I should get an email notification).
    i want a team game and hard terrain and ur own style and im do all the spell and models and triggers but i just need something new and diff ya know
    all i want you to do map the terrain and ill add the others and if this work outs ill share all my halo models that not even out to ppl and it must be a something with flood attack or coventant i have all the models so dont just come with something and ill mod it and send u a copy on unprotected so u can make more halo maps :)
    Alright, i will check it right away. And oh, i just rememberd i have some more unit models i made during the time i didn't have 3ds max - an Elite-based flood, a Human-based flood and a Hunter. They are just reskinned, modified wc3 models and their qualities are poor, but at least it is better than what you have now and could serve as placeholders. You can find them here. I think that the one based on the Faceless One is just a skin, so you can just import it to overwrite the Faceless One texture and use that model, rather than importing this one.
    I would, but somehow wc3 does not allow me to start the map. Usually this is caused by using defunct models (not an issue if you are using stuff from the models section) or mistyping your import paths in such a way that wc3 does not recognize the file. Did you ever get a screen that said "compile error" when you saved the map? In this case it might be that you are using jass code which requires the NewGen editor (which i strongly recommend you use), or that you did something else wrong with your triggers. One way of finding out can be of disabling such systems, test the map, and see if it runs then.

    By the way, i just want to say i am really impressed by the humble and mature way in which you handle criticism. It makes me feel like my help is worthwhile.
    ur map is indeed improving, but it's got a long way to go before reaching anything close to even 75% of acceptable completion. im not here for that tho, here's an old map where i compiled a lot of halo models, most of which are shit and u shud not use. however, i do recommend u use the ghost and warthog models, as well as the flood combat form skins made by fingolfin. if u choose to, please credit the appropriate authors (which are noted in the trigger editor)

    also i recommend u use this, and ffs dont tint it to pure black
    I've actually played this on MMH, it's one of the maps that gave me the idea to make a Halo RTS. He has a lot of elements I don't and vice versa. Such as picking your starting map. Cool features.
    no you havent

    when your map;
    -has a terrain that is either decent but custom-made or blizzard made but incredibly appropriate to the map
    -shows effort in choice of models/skins/icons (and dont bs that u tried ur hardest i cud easily find suitable-enough models for at least half ur units which i wont do because thats ur job)
    -shows effort in manipulation of object data/game interface (wheres the UPG icons? as one example)
    -shows effort in creation of a unique, immersive and/or entertaining gameplay whose factions AREN'T JUST SIMPLE EDITS OF EXISTING Wc3 RACES. SERIOUSLY I LIKE HOW U RENAMED THE GRYPHON AVIARY INTO AN AIRPAD AND CALLED IT A DAY (AS BUT ONE EXAMPLE)
    -has no green disbtn icons; even though this is relatively minor, its incredibly telling of ur overall attitude
    THEN you have "fixed the rest". i dont intend to re-review ur map until such an update happens

    and u rly ought to reply on ur map's comments section
    well the reason i uploaded it was for others' use so yes. make sure u give credits properly; read all the info on the download page
    Well, with me, personally, I don't consider it cheating, as long as the girl is up to my standards and has no issues involving me in the "activities" that may transpire. But if you are not into that and you want simply her to yourself, and you DO consider that cheating, just talk to her about it. Approach it calmly, and sanely, and simply explain to her how you feel about it. If you and her are meant to be together, she will understand what you are saying, and work on it, or you two will work something out between you. Because at this point, if she is doing that, she doesn't think you consider it cheating, if she knows that you know, so she will keep doing it. So just talk to her about it.

    Also, Archange1. I feel as if that response was aimed more at me, but whatever.
    okay that's a little different. ^_^
    NOW the whole story comes out lol.

    I would say that he should talk to her and find out why she likes to do that.. if it's just something she wants to do, it's not tied to being upset or anything I would say that's pretty much cheating.
    If the guy is into that, well then it's not so bad, but it sounds like he isn't. ;p

    If they're meant to be together it will happen, just tell him to talk to her about it and see if he can get her to stop.
    Just don't be rude about it lol. xD
    Sometimes girls look to other girls for comfort because most guys are extremely insensitive and simply don't understand what we go through.
    Nor do they EVER want to admit that they're insensitive...
    I know I've run into that problem quite a bit, but you just get used to it.

    You probably don't like that answer but there you go.
    I can tell you from a guy's point of view. Yes, it is. Because a girl would view it as cheating as well.
    it depends.

    EDIT: If you honestly have to ask that question then there has to be more to it than just her kissing someone else.
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