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Map Description:
There have been reports of a corruption in the Marshlight. Investigate the area and drive out all opposition.
Map Type: 1v1 (Melee)
Map Size: 108x108
Tile-set: Northrend, Modified
Modified:Removed Rock(Northrend), Ice(Northrend), Rocky Snow(Northrend). Added Dirt(Icecrown), Rough Dirt(Icecrown), Red Stone(Underground), Grey Stones(Underground), Lordaeron Winter-Grass(Cliff Base Tiles-Group 2), Black Citadel-Dirt(Cliff Base Tiles-Group 1), Light Dirt(Outland), Rough Dirt(Outland), Cracked Dirt(Outland), Flat Stones(Outland), Rock(Outland), Lordaeron Fall-Grass(Cliff Base Tiles-Group 2)

General Statement:
The map is of moderate size, with plenty of open terrain.

Neutral Buildings:
Starting Goldmine:
2, 1 per starting player
Neutral Goldmine: 3
Marketplace: 1
Goblin Shop: 1
Goblin Laboratory: 2
Fountain of Health: 1
Tavern: 1

Creep Camps:
Green(Easy): 8, Levels 6-8
Orange(Moderate): 9*(-1), Levels 13-19
Red(Hard): 2*(+1), Levels 23-40*(16+24)

Item Drops:
Charged: 6

-Level 2: 3, Modified: Crystal Ball, Replenishment Potion, Sentry Ward, Wand of Illusion
-Level 3: 2
-Level 4: 1, Modified: Ankh of Reincarnation, Book of the Dead, Healing Wards, Health Stone, Mana Stone, Wand of the Wind
-Level 5: 1, Modified: Potion of Restoration, Scroll of Restoration

Permanent: 11
-Level 1: 2, Modified: Cloak of Shadows, Gauntlets of Ogre Strength, Mantle of Intelligence, Ring of Superiority, Slippers of Agility
-Level 2: 2, Modified: Claws of Attack +5, Gloves of Haste, Ring of Protection +4
-Level 3: 2, Modified: Circlet of Nobility, Claws of Attack +8, Pendant of Energy, Periapt of Vitality, Ring of Protection +5, Ring of Regeneration, Talisman of Evasion
-Level 4: 2, Modified: Alleria's Flute of Accuracy, Belt of Giant Strength, Boots of Quel'Thalas, Ring of the Archmagi, Robe of the Magi, Runed Bracers, Scourge Bone Chimes, Sobi Mask, The Lion Horn of Stormwind
-Level 5: 2
-Level 6: 1, Modified: Amulet of Spell Shield, Khadgar's Gem of Health, Orb of Darkness, Pendant of Mana

Power-up: 10
-Level 1: 9
-Level 2: 1, Modified: Tome of Agility +2, Tome of Intelligence +2, Tome of Knowledge, Tome of Strength +2

Creep Camp Breakdown
Ancient Hydra Camp (16+24) XP:1,030 HP:4,825 Item: Permanent 6, Charged 2

-x1 Ancient Hydra (10) XP:340 HP:1,600 Item: Permanent 6
-x2 Hydra (6) XP:150 HP:575
-x4 Hydra Hatchling (3) XP:60 HP:325
-x1 Draenei Seer (6) XP:150 HP:775 Item: Charged 2

Ogre Lord Camp (25) XP:570 HP:3,175 Item: Permanent 5, Power-up 2
-x1 Ogre Lord (7) XP:190 HP:950 Item: Permanent 5
-x1 Draenei Seer (6) XP:150 HP:775
-x1 Ogre Mauler (5) XP:115 HP:850 Item: Power-up 2
-x1 Ogre Magi (5) XP:115 HP:600
-x1 Draenei Protector (2) XP:40 HP:325

Enraged Jungle Stalker Camp (23) XP:600 HP:3,150 Item: Permanent 5, Power-up 1(x2)
-x1 Enraged Jungle Stalker (9) XP:285 HP:1,600 Item: Permanent 5
-x2 Sea Elemental (5) XP:115 HP:550 Item: Power-up 1(x2)
-x1 Draenei Harbinger (4) XP:85 HP:450

Berserk Elemental Camp (19) XP:475 HP:2,400 Item: Charged 5, Power-up 1
-x1 Berserk Elemental (8) XP:235 HP:1,100 Item: Charged 5
-x1 Draenei Darkslayer (5) XP:115 HP:525 Item: Power-up 1
-x1 Draenei Harbinger (4) XP:85 HP:450
-x1 Draenei Protector (2) XP:40 HP:325

Makrura Tidal Lord Camp (16) XP:385 HP:1,870 Item: Permanent 4, Power-up 1
-x1 Makrura Tidal Lord (7) XP:190 HP:800 Item: Permanent 4
-x1 Makrura Snapper (5) XP:115 HP:620 Item: Power-up 1
-x1 Makrura Tidecaller (2) XP:40 HP:240
-x1 Makrura Pooldweller (2) XP:40 HP:210

Elder Jungle Stalker Camp (14) XP:325 HP:1,850 Item: Permanent 3, Power-up 1
-x1 Elder Jungle Stalker (6) XP:150 HP:900 Item: Permanent 3
-x1 Sea Elemental (5) XP:115 HP:550 Item: Power-up 1
-x1 Jungle Stalker (3) XP:60 HP:400

Ogre Magi Camp (13) XP:285 HP:1,780 Item: Charged 4
-x1 Ogre Magi (5) XP:115 HP:600 Item: Charged 4
-x2 Ogre Warrior (3) XP:60 HP:400
-x2 Skeleton Archer (1) XP:25 HP:190

Darkslayer Camp (13) XP:250 HP:1,795 Item: Charged 3
-x1 Draenei Darkslayer (5) XP:85 HP:550 Item: Charged 3
-x1 Draenei Watcher (3) XP:60 HP:400
-x1 Draenei Protector (2) XP:40 HP:325
-x1 Draenei Disciple (2) XP:40 HP:280
-x1 Draenei Guardian (1) XP:25 HP:240

Makrura Snapper Camp (8) XP:180 HP:1,030 Item: Permanent 2
-x1 Makrura Snapper (5) XP:115 HP:620 Item: Permanent 2
-x1 Makrura Tidecaller (2) XP:40 HP:240
-x1 Makrura Prawn (1) XP:25 HP:170

Draenei Watcher Camp (7) XP:140 HP:1,005 Item: Charged 2
-x1 Draenei Watcher (3) XP:60 HP:400 Item: Charged 2
-x1 Draenei Protector (2) XP:40 HP:325
-x1 Draenei Disciple (2) XP:40 HP:280

Hydra Hatchling Camp (7) XP:140 HP:950 Item: Permanent 1
-x1 Hydra Hatchling (3) XP:60 HP:350 Item: Permanent 1
-x2 Reef Elemental (2) XP:40 HP:300

Ogre Warrior Camp (6) XP:125 HP:965 Item: Power-up 1
-x1 Ogre Warrior (3) XP:60 HP:400 Item: Power-up 1
-x1 Draenei Protector (2) XP:40 HP:325
-x1 Draenei Guardian (1) XP:25 HP:240
Update v01a
-Added Manual of Health to Power-up 1 Drop Table
-Added 2 "Trees" near Tavern
-Added the forgotten creeps Oops

Marshlight (Map)

Level 6
May 28, 2020
It's me again, this time with a Zangarmarsh themed map. It utilizes multiple assets from different tile-sets. There are loads of mushrooms abound, and a mixture of Sunken Ruin, Outland and Ogre Creeps. Also do not be fooled by the Orange Camp in the bottom right corner of the map, it's an Ancient Hydra>Hydra x2>Hydra Hatchling x4, plus a Draenei Seer.

As always, I look forward to any and all feedback. Best of luck out there.
Level 7
Jun 15, 2013
Hello there
Yet again it's me checking your map
I was comparing your modifications on items compared to their melee counterpart
Level 1 : Permanent
Somehow I don't understand why remove the ring of armor + 3, it's really good, compared to cloak imo
I know cloak saves heroes on high lvl plays but still, I always sell it
Level 2 : I personally never see the staff of tp being dropped, guess its fine
Lvl 3 : Boots of Speed is great there, it cost 250gold, which is quite a investment on the early game, so I would definitly suggest you bring it back
It's not because an item can be bought that it shouldn't drop
Lvl 4 : Dark Summonning always nice imo, but yet again not the kind of item I see dropping, tho it can save some lives, fine ish
lvl 6 : Okay staff of imbalance is definitly broken, I hate it, but its needed? Don't have enough data on it, can't say for sure
What I can say is, it dropping from a lvl 16 is definitly not fine, doesn't matter if it multiplies on death and has a healer nearby, not fine on hydra sorry

The rest is fine ish, Removing tome of health even tho sometimes you just need hp vs burst instead of stats
The lvl 5 Charged tho, nope, summons are just way too good, each can turn the tide of the battle in your favor, especially in a 1v1
Fel stalker is amazing, -100 mana, you cast it 3-4 times, if you're fighting an undead you just win straight up
Invul pot on a DH is amazing as well, and I could go on

Definitly want to re-add some if not all of the drops on lvl5

Otherwise I feel map is fine, there's no cliff I like it, green camps are fine
Aethetic fine, even tho I dislike those barrens doodads, its personnal opinion, they prolly fit well

Edit : You forgot critters, could as well add some trees near taven for NE players
Level 6
May 28, 2020
Hi OnyxTheDark,

The item drops I have mostly tailored to follow what I found on Liquipedia for the competitive 1v1 map pools. My original thought process for not including the Manual of Health was that the Tome of Strength would already give a hero health, so why bother adding in two health gain options. However, in doing so I made the Tome of Agility more likely to appear, so I have re-added in the Manual of Health to all of my current maps. Otherwise, the only other difference would be the actual inclusion of Charged 5 drops compared to the competitive map pool. Out of the drops, I felt the the most balanced options were between the two healing options, Potion of Restoration and Scroll of Restoration. I agreed with your sentiment that the Fel Stalker and Invul Pot would be too powerful.

That all said, I did take what you said and added in a couple trees near the Tavern and the critters that I forgot to put in.

As for the barrens doodads, I felt the desire to add in a bit of "corruption" by using the fissure doodad and to coincide with the color pallet change in the area to be more red and dry.

All in all, I really do appreciate you taking the time to review my maps and providing me with feedback.

On a similar note, it has been great to have a creative outlet that I could share with the community, and I will endeavor to continue to improve and create new maps.

Like always, I look forward to any and all feedback.