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Magic Wand Arena v0.9.5b

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Datnes Presents
Magic Wand Arena

An multi-player action RPG MOBA

It's simple!
- play as one of the 60+ unique special units
- in start of the map you receive random special unit to play with
- when your unit dies, you receive new random special unit
- there are also playing special units that are controlled by computers
- every special unit has different abilities
- key of the game is to defeat enemy base by destroying enemy towers and barricades
- players with highest score wins the game
- every player has one Player Flag, where can be used special abilities
- by killing enemy units you receive score and gold
- after some time, when player has enought gold and crystals, he can buy a ship to destroy player towers and even defeat enemy from behind
- crystals and bonus gold items are dropped from killed units






wolf747227673, viiva, Vinz, Citatus Nim Totren, WILL THE ALMIGHTY, Redsteel1, Mr.Henci, Saikann, Hellwooker, Paypa, Karzama, Darkfang, Rubellu Sidus, tonz, lance035, Kuhneghetz, VeLZeVuL


- fixed timer window show bug

Magic Wand Arena v0.9.5b (Map)

Would be nice to have QWERTY hotkeys but maybe abilities are random and it's hard to have that? Or not. T and R are too far from control group 1 and ` for the flag. Hero (units with glow) models are bad because they remain dead on the battlefield and...
Level 4
Apr 28, 2009
Hi, tested your map with a friend in a 1vs1. You kill and get killed sometimes, sometimes you got an air unit that the enemy player can't attack ( pissed my friend of).

Strategy wise its basically push and kill and destroy all towers faster than your enemy. Late game (after 20 min) got boring doing the same stuff with trying to kill towers over and over again. I saw no real use of gold / score ingame like it had no purpose at all.

Suggestion: ? Maybe change it into 2 or 3 main lanes instead allowing to switch and for more strategy play. Here you could be experimental with like a lane that is only reachable through a waygate for example. (yeah I never was a fan of the old hero wars map with just one lane, because when you got owned you could'nt switch lanes)

Allowing to purchase units for team with score/ gold could be nice
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Map Reviewer
Level 70
Jun 4, 2009
  1. Would be nice to have QWERTY hotkeys but maybe abilities are random and it's hard to have that? Or not. T and R are too far from control group 1 and ` for the flag.
  2. Hero (units with glow) models are bad because they remain dead on the battlefield and create confusion.
  3. Could be an idea to enable the use of orbs even if at full HP to prevent enemies in need to take them.
  4. No information in the quest log. What do crystals do? You can find out on the flag if you know about/find it. Same with gold unless you see the shipyards.
  5. The issue with the javelin spells is that you don't know the range/area they trigger the spells on beforehand. It's a bit of a hit or miss.
  6. One can buy ships from the enemy base's shipyards.
  7. There's a tad issue with the ships. They can't board automatically when clicking with the units on them and sometimes then don't move even after boarding.
  8. Annoying that selecting the flag moves the camera to the hero/unit since you may want to heal someone on another lane.
  9. Some units might have better spells; some definitely have more than two which means an advantage.
  10. What's the point of renaming Banish to Black Magic when Blizzard is still Blizzard for instance?
Overall, nice and fast paced.


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