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Legendary Trials V34Bx

Legendary Trials ( V34Bx )

Conquer bosses in epic encounters inspired by MMOs and the legendary boss battle maps of Warcraft III. Work together with your allies to overcome puzzling mechanics and massive attacks: beat the enrage timer and push each fight to the limit as the most valuable player. Legendary Trials provides an engaging cooperative experience for five players, prioritizing visual clarity, skill expression, and exciting encounters for fans of boss battles.



"Listen To The Land", Sylvius's most powerful attack (2:30), aims to test if players are ready to move on to the hardest encounters Legendary Trials has to offer.


You can find us on Discord for updates and game finding. https://discord.gg/CM3ExtN


Hero Selection: Choose one of 26 Heroes—though the classic trinity of roles is present, the variety of concepts is broad and experimental enough to find something that appeals in any role. Explore team composition and skill expression through hero selection. There's no need to grind weak mobs to level up; all of your tools are available from the beginning, and it's up to you to discover what you can do with them.

Complex Abilities and Synergy: Needless to say, you won't be equipped with melee Warcraft III spells - and neither will it always be as simple as pressing your abilities on cooldown. Heroes vary in complexity, and each one has a kit of tools designed to work alone and with others. Synchronize multiplicative damage buffs, utilize interrupts to block boss attacks and active mitigation to soften blows, taunt enemies to control threat, and reposition or rescue your allies from danger. Earn upgrades, potions, and powerful Relics with each boss defeated that will help compensate for your weaknesses.

Epic Encounters: Puzzling mechanics will require coordination across eighteen encounters of varying difficulty. Avoid red zones and seek safety in blue zones. Dodge projectiles, bait attacks, and stack together to weather powerful blows. React to telegraphed attacks and solve puzzles—but don't expect the luxury of stopping the fight to do so if you expect to beat the enrage timer. Boss fights are timed, and their behaviors are predictable. Each one is a frontier to master and a dance to perfect.

Elegant Custom UI: Boss health and enrage timer are neatly shown at the top of the screen, while healers and support Heroes have access to a clickable interface that allows them to cast their most important healing and resurrection spells and track the status of their major individual buff on specific players.

Persistent Gameplay: Save and load your DPS records for each boss with each Hero, as well as persistent loot items that will allow you to coordinate with your allies and create a powerful build.


It'd make me very happy to see replays and footage of folks enjoying this map, if it turns out to offer a worthwhile experience.

Feel free to let me know if you have any ideas or feedback on how the game could be improved, especially with regard to visual clarity, hero gameplay, and bugs.

Legendary Trials is balanced for five players. There's also an experimental Undersized Party mode, which can be selected with three players, at the Difficulty Selection vault in the game lobby: upon completing the tutorial on this difficulty setting, enemy health and damage will be scaled down to more manageable levels. Though I intend to tweak this feature a little more in the future, it may not currently offer a balanced experience or one truly indicative of gameplay; not all team compositions will have balanced toolkits, and some mechanics may be easier, others more difficult, and others still impossible. A similar feature, called Explorer mode, is available for single players experimenting with Heroes or boss mechanics. Selecting these difficulties (as well as Hard or higher) allows players to skip directly to Sylvius.

The Dimensionwalker, Sevarrys, is presently the final boss. Defeat her on Hard or higher difficulty to unlock a bonus encounter.

Version V34Bx

V01B (9 June 23)
- Released.

V01Bx (10 June 23)
- Hotfix for an issue that could result in awkward wait times after killing bosses.
- Adjusted the position of floating text warnings in a legendary encounter.
- Fixed a softlock that could occur when using the -reset command in a specific circumstance.

V02B (16 June 23)
Physician: Updated the appearance and sound of Astra (W).
- While strong in terms of performance, the Physician is, in my opinion, the most lacking Hero in terms of gameplay. I intend a rework eventually. For now, this should make his most important ability more visually appealing.

Devil Checker: Health, damage, and frequency of attacks increased. Behavior updated with new attacks.
Commander Kemp: Damage increased. Health of spawned adds increased. NPC Priest's heal now heals for 1000.
- Creating fights that are engaging enough to keep new players interested without being so difficult that players become discouraged is a tough calculus. I'll work on making early bosses more "exciting" over time.

Prince Cressaegrim: Health increased. Good luck!

Starscourge Vanadie: Fixed an issue where Vanadie's "Chasing Meteors" was not dealing damage in some situations.
Special Target - Money Talks: Added. Defeat Reaver and the Royal Duo to unlock. (Tier 3 difficulty.)
Special Target - Arjuna synt Illithuvia: Added. Defeat Sylvius to unlock. (Legendary difficulty. Probably harder than the final boss?)

Minor performance improvements on a couple of demanding boss abilities. I'll be experimenting with some more improvements in coming updates.
Fixed a couple of clips and weird map geometry shenanigans.
Secret boss: Model bounds radius adjusted, making selection and maneuverability easier. (Credit: n00b)

V10B (28 August 23)
Too many changes to conveniently list. You can now see the changelog here.

V20B (9 September 23)
Too many changes to conveniently list. You can now see the changelog here.

V20Bx (26 October 23)
Fixed issues with behavior and terrain in encounters with Kemp, Royal Duo, and the Royal Trio.
Additionally, deployed miscellaneous item fixes and adjustments. The next major update will focus on item tweaks including Defiance and Paradox. Play Legendary Trials on Hard difficulty or higher to explore these item combinations.

V21B (30 October 23)

Continued from above, plus minor Hero changes and feature updates. See the V20B changelog for a more complete list of changes.

V30B (19 November 23)

See the new changelog here.

V31B (13 January 24)

See the new changelog here.

V32A (3 February 24)
See the new changelog here.

V33B (23 February 24)
See the V32A changelog above.

V33Bx (5 April 24)
See the new changelog here.

V34A (18 April 24)
See the changelog here.

V34Bx (26 April 24)
Above changelog amended.

Yours Truly
Champara Bros
General Frank
Rubellu Sidus

Blizzard Entertainment
Mc !


Alexander Nakarada
Masayoshi Soken (The Hand That Gives The Rose, From Fear to Fortitude, Silent Scream via FFXIV OST)
Nobuo Uematsu (Answers via FFXIV OST)
Borislav Slavov (Broken Shackles, Quirky Bones via Divinity Original Sin 2 OST)
Blizzard Entertainment
Riot Games

n00b (If you read this you're required to play MONTER 2. Get on it!)
Psyris Eis
Miscellaneous Testers And All The Homies, Credited Elsewhere

  • As described in the game, ensure you are always taking actions, unless you're forced to choose between taking actions and staying alive.
  • Visual and text indicators are your guide to combat: clearly communicating mechanics to the player is a design goal of Legendary Trials. Still, there will be puzzles of timing, execution, and comprehension. Dodging the red circles on the ground is an important part of the picture, but doesn't represent the entirety of the picture.
  • Red zones universally indicate damaging effects, while the effects of blue zones may vary per attack.
  • Coordinating with your party will make many attacks much less dangerous than they appear.
  • Many Heroes have percentage damage boosts. These stack and apply multiplicatively; each one you activate at the same time makes all the previous ones stronger as well.
  • You can launch the map alone to experiment with Heroes in Explorer Mode. Find your favorite and rise to the challenge!
  • It's important to bring a balanced team, but though Heroes are divided into a 'tank/healer/dps' trinity, some Heroes bridge gaps between the roles, allowing for a broad variety of compositions to succeed at any difficulty.
  • While the cast of characters is diverse, common factors among them will make new ones easier to play for those that are already familiar with the game. Tank heroes all use the same key for their taunt and interrupt; healer heroes use the same key for their mobility skill, to provide a couple of examples.
  • Periodically check the Special Targets vendor on the left side of the lobby for some bonus encounters.

Legendary Trials V34Bx (Map)

Please put your username along the YouTube name in the map authors to avoid confusion. A lovely boss fight series map with dedicated scripted material and UI. Approved. If you want more reviews, you should participate in the The Grand Review...
Level 12
Jan 4, 2014
Great gameplay and boss mechanics!

  • Most of the bosses are a lot of fun
  • Great to play with friends on voice chat
  • Losing doesn't feel bad because the fights feel fair
  • There is tons of content and every boss feels unique and polished
  • Great UI with indicators, one of the best uses of custom UI i've ever seen

  • Stability issue prevented us from progressing (doing -reset during felhound intro bugged us out)
  • Boss difficulty scaling is not really exact (some bosses are way easier than others even though they are the same tier)
  • Death Knight boss is probably the most wasted potential, very interesting mechanic, but it's so easy it doesn't matter
  • The early game will make or break the game for many people even though, it gets way better if you stick too it. Early bosses are dull and feel too tanky, meanwhile you're bombarded with walls of text for each of your 7 abilities. We weren't sure we wanted to keep playing during the first 10ish minutes, but we were very glad we kept to it
  • No save/load. So we probably won't play it again even though we didn't finish the map, because we would have to play for like 2 hours just to make it back to where we were

There's a lot of comments in the cons, but most of them are minor. This one of the best maps i've played in a while and it's an early version so I'm sure you'll have addressed many of these as you go. I would really like to for there to be a feature to save your progression somehow, the game is very long and many people won't be able to do it in one go.
Anyway I strongly recommend this game to anyone who has a few friends on discord and wants to play a fun challenging map for a couple of hours

Post made during my first playthrough of an early version, as of now most, if not all cons have been addressed. I strongly recommend this fantastic map!


  • Boss Trials.w3g
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Level 7
Dec 30, 2007
Great gameplay and boss mechanics!

I really appreciate the play and the good comments and will be eagerly watching this replay when I've got a minute.
The stability issues we discussed have already been hotfixed. As for the early bosses feeling a little "lacking" when contrasted against the legendary encounters, this is a hard balance to strike for player retention purposes, as being thrown immediately into the deep end with tough mechanics on top of Heroes that are often minigames unto themselves is sure to leave one a little lost. I'll be making some minor difficulty adjustments as I work on the map in the future.

I will say the following, regarding revisiting the game:
  • It looks like you were playing with four players! On Normal difficulty, this is bound to be quite a challenge, as the core game is balanced for five. This seems to be a pretty popular group number, so I'll consider making a scaling difficulty setting for it in the future, but bear in mind that a lot of the perceived tankiness of bosses may come from the fact that you guys spent a lot of the early game swinging upward, and probably spent more time than you had to smacking away at some of the more mechanically simple encounters. A good damage dealer can represent a quarter of a team's damage output in most circumstances—coming back with a fifth person would definitely soften the feelings of "lost progress", but possibly look forward to standard difficulty settings scaling down to four players.
  • Playing on Hard difficulty or higher immediately unlocks all basic encounters. The need to "farm" for upgrades is obviated on the "Hell" and "Heaven" difficulties, which disable upgrades entirely: as you probably learned from your long journey, the game can very much be completed without them. Revisiting the map on a higher difficulty once you're already familiar with it allows you to take the opportunity to jump straight to the legendary encounters, or just knock out some of your favorites to pick up relics and potions rather than replaying all of them. Technically, you need only complete three bosses to reach the map's final boss, though making this happen would expect some experience and coordination.
Thanks again for playing and enjoying—I hope you and your friends will consider coming back to the map sometime in the future to see what you missed.
Feel free to extend an invitation if you need help filling a five man band.
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Map Reviewer
Level 70
Jun 4, 2009
Please put your username along the YouTube name in the map authors to avoid confusion.

A lovely boss fight series map with dedicated scripted material and UI.

If you want more reviews, you should participate in the The Grand Review Exchange!


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Level 7
Dec 30, 2007
Please put your username along the YouTube name in the map authors to avoid confusion.

Thanks for the good review and the timely approval!
I'll go ahead and update this for clarity's sake. The author is just me.
I might have lost access to my old account by that name here on Hive at some point over the years. Hopefully my comment replies can get approved soon too. . . such is the price I pay! 😩
Level 12
Jan 4, 2014
Played another session and beat the game!
It's an absolute blast 5/5!
Only 2 notes
-UI enrage timer for Succubus is inaccurate, says 360, when it's in fact 300
-Star Boss gets laggy when she does her board-wide-star-fall circles. Maybe remove the special effects or something, it was the only laggy part

In terms of our favorite bosses it would be
-Magic Vault (second version)
-Star Boss

Bosses with collaborative mechanics were really the best!


  • boss battles2.w3g
    3.8 MB · Views: 4
Level 7
Dec 30, 2007
Updated to V10B with a hefty changelog.
As usual, I'd love to see videos or replays, or hear about your experiences with the map! New feature tests are announced on Discord.

Major changes in this version:
  • Defeating Sylvius now provides rewards for all skipped encounters.
  • Upon defeating bosses, your performance will be ranked (S/A/B/C/D). This doesn't do anything now, but lays a foundation for a more interesting reward system in the future.
  • A new Legendary Trial has been added.
  • The Dancer, a new DPS hero with challenging gameplay, has been added.
  • Normal difficulty now automatically scales to 4 player lobbies, allowing groups of any size (between three and five inclusive) to enjoy the game.
  • A host of updates to hero abilities and game balance.
  • Reworks to the Paladin, Demonologist, and Sentinel. These Heroes should be much more fun to play for everyone.

On The Horizon​

New Encounters
One New DPS Hero
Save-Load Features
(Track stats and defeat bosses with style to earn persistent Artifacts that will let you customize your favorite Hero to your liking!)
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Level 7
Dec 30, 2007
Legendary Trials V20B Preview: The Keyword Update
Hiya, team. Proud to show you what I've been working on in anticipation of what will most likely be the final major update for Legendary Trials.
Persistent features and legendary loot are the two things that are most commonly asked for.
Legendary Trials has always—for me—been an exercise in making the kind of map I'd most want to play, and I've finally been able satisfy those requests in a way that suits my vision.

Boss Loot
  • In V20B, defeat bosses to earn loot.
  • Legendary Trials emphasizes its unique Heroes. While there are items to suit simpler satisfactions, most items will change the way you play your Hero and engage with the game. Read on to see how you'll discover powerful builds and synergies.

Some items are simple; some are more complex. Some have drawbacks; some change the way you play.

  • Arm yourself with the six new keywords: Healing Surge, Violent Strike, Cultivate, Vitality Void, Defiance, and (???).
  • Your Hero can't avail these abilities on their own.
  • Instead, these keywords are found on the loot you might discover.
  • The Master of Combat, a new NPC in the lobby, has information about the keyword abilities.
  • Credit to Epic Encounters II for inspiration and ideation.
Healing Surge
  • Basic effect of Healing Surge: When activated, the user heals themselves for the higher value between 2500 and 10% of their missing HP.
  • Healing Surge extends a Hero's longevity, and powerful activators can be used to keep an entire team alive. Healing is often incidental, and thus Healing Surge activations will often come alongside additional benefits and synergies. Collect the proper items and coordinate with others, and this innocuous effect can be a force to be reckoned with.

Violent Strike
  • Basic effect of Violent Strike: When activated, your next outgoing direct damage is increased by 25% before modifiers.
  • Damage is king, and Violent Strike is innately powerful: as such, you won't find it associated with many synergies. Instead, powerful builds will be able to consistently activate this immense effect and even bless an entire team with Violent Strikes. Even so, there are exceptions: the Gift of the Half-Light, for example, confers a Healing Surge whenever an ally receives Violent Strike—and likewise, confers any additional effects that your Healing Surge may offer.

  • Basic effect of Cultivate: You create Bloodgrass. When Bloodgrass is collected by a Hero, you heal that Hero for 1000.
  • Did you see it above? Cultivate is a fun and versatile effect with valuable synergies. A Cultivate activation is weak on its own, but under the right conditions, you and your team will plant entire fields of Bloodgrass that trigger Violent Strikes and other delights when collected.

Vitality Void
  • Basic effect of Vitality Void: When activated, you deal damage in a small radius. The damage is equal to twice your HP% (200 damage at 100% HP).
  • Tanks and peak performers alike will appreciate this effect, which maximizes the value of synergies by turning powerful combos into pure damage. These items show some of the interplay you'll discover between Vitality Void and other effects.

  • Basic activation of Defiance: If enabled, Defiance becomes active when the base damage of an incoming attack exceeds 80% of your current HP.
  • Defiance has no innate effect and an innate cooldown of 10 seconds.
  • Items activate Defiance and enable it to trigger powerful bonuses. The strongest effects will not confer basic activation of Defiance on their own, meaning you must have another item that grants its effect first. A new purchasable Relic, the Warbanner, confers the basic activation of Defiance.

Persistent Gameplay
Join your friends and advance through Legendary Trials's difficulties with the new Save/Load System, gaining and keeping more powerful loot with each boss encountered.
  • Save your Hero's gear, the contents of your Stash, and even your best DPS performance against each boss with that Hero. Try to get a score no one's seen before!
  • Higher difficulty settings award more powerful items: Legendary Trials beget truly legendary loot!
  • Relics, consumables, and upgrades are exempt from the save system. Some features are in the process of being phased out, and a difficulty overhaul is underway.

Coming Soon
The update will include a new boss encounter with difficulty befitting the windfall of loot you'll discover. Future updates will include minor changes, new items, and perhaps even updated encounters.
If anyone is familiar with TriggerHappy's Codeless Save/Load System—I'd appreciate a DM: there are features that I'd like to implement and improve on, but there's some things I haven't been able to figure out on my own as yet!
Level 7
Dec 30, 2007
V20B Now Available

Persistent Features
You can now -save and -load your progress.
Your boss loot and your performance records with each Hero are saved.

Legendary Trials is not an ORPG. The addition of these features is supplementary to the game experience.
It affords players the option to pick up and resume play without having to "redo" their progress, and affords replayability to those looking for a deeper experience.
The experience for those who do not wish to interact with these features remains uncompromised.

New Hero

The final DPS Hero, the Shadow Hunter, has been added.

New Encounter
A "raid"-type encounter has been added for those who wish to engage with the difficulty of Legendary Trials.
Completing this encounter will require more coordinated play for a longer period of time than other encounters.
Any encounters added in the future may not aspire to this same standard.

Improved UI
The enemy cast bar has been overhauled and additional visual feedback is provided for abilities that can be interrupted.

On the Horizon
  • Expanded tutorial that provides an introduction to mechanics used in legendary encounters.
  • Minor balance updates and updated encounters, with changes targeted at higher difficulty settings.
  • A handful of additional items.
Join us on Discord for updates and hosting.
'Till so long, thanks for everything! Comments and replays are appreciated—I'd love to hear about others enjoying the game.

Known Issues:
  • Shadow Hunter selection tooltips incomplete.
  • Bosses may not drop the appropriate amount of loot on Normal difficulty and lower. Loot tables subject to future updates.

Level 7
Dec 30, 2007
V20Bx Now Available
No new features today, but enjoy some minor fixes and improvements to some items.
The next major update will include a new encounter and will focus on item improvements, especially activators of Defiance and Paradox.

Quick patch to fix some things that hadn't yet come up in testing. Make sure you've got the "fix" version for now.

Edit 2
I went ahead and released V21B, bundling the changelog with V20's. There'll be some more minor changes in the coming weeks, but it'll probably be a bit before any features are added. This update focuses on boss behaviors and adds some much-requested changes, as well as a new way to acquire rare loot on Heaven and Hell difficulty that makes them much more worth playing.
Last edited:
Level 7
Dec 30, 2007
V30B Now Available
While originally I'd intended to continue releasing minor updates—I got carried away, and ultimately ended up with what I'm now comfortable calling a "definitive edition". Rather than move on to V22B, the amount of new features was such that I just decided to call this V30.
You can view a changelog here.

For a short list of improvements from V20:

  • New Bosses. Two new legendary trials have been added: Lord Aretuza and the Geometer.
  • Hero Reworks. The Animist and Moonward have had their gameplay streamlined, with a focus on making each Hero more fun and more playable.
  • Difficulty Select & Arcade Mode. In addition to making Difficulty Selection a proper part of beginning gameplay, a new mode is available called Arcade Mode, which can be played on any difficulty setting. Arcade Mode streamlines the Legendary Trials experience: instead of freely selecting bosses, players will face a random assortment of trials before taking on Sylvius and Sevarrys. Gameplay proceeds automatically, and lives are limited: gameplay ends after five cumulative defeats to bosses. One-use consumable items, unique to Arcade Mode, can be purchased.
  • Improved Loot. Many items have had their usability and effects improved. The Horrendous Hoarder, available on Hell and Heaven difficulties, allows players to earn more rare items for defeating bosses. Players may now trade items.
  • Improved Visual Clarity. Changes have been made, and systems refactored, to improve visual clarity.
  • And More . . .
As always—thanks for playing and enjoying. Replays and reviews are greatly appreciated, and I'll be about fixing any bugs or issues that emerge with the new version.

Join us on Discord for updates and hosting.


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Level 7
Dec 30, 2007
V32A Now Available
You can view a changelog here.

V32A features a new boss, updated relics, improved tooltips and visual clarity features, and a variety of difficulty improvements and overhauls focused toward Hard and higher difficulty settings. The game's final boss has been improved with an additional phase exclusive to Hard difficulty and higher. There's another small update in the works (aimed at touching up one or two other encounters) which should release within the next couple of days. If you've played before, a lot has changed: if you haven't played yet, now's a fine time.

Join us on Discord for updates and hosting.

Irksome quick fixes.
Make sure you've downloaded V32A2 or later.
Changelog has been updated!
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Level 7
Dec 30, 2007
V33B Now Available
V33B includes balance changes and a number squish designed to bring the "feel" of gameplay into the realm of the familiar.


Additionally, two new keywords and over 20 new loot items have been addred.
The changelog is affixed to the bottom of the previous changelog.

Join us on Discord for updates and hosting.