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Last Activity:
Oct 14, 2019 at 11:49 PM
Mar 21, 2008


n00b was last seen:
Oct 14, 2019 at 11:49 PM
    1. Ragnaros17
      2nd melee contest poll started, in the link you can (if you wish) download all the maps from the zip file, see them all and rate what do you think are the 5 best maps. If you don´t have competitive melee knoledge, is okay, you can use other criteria like: enviroment, effort, map shape and others. The general public opinion is important to define 20% of the final score https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/melee-mapping-contest-2-poll.308814/
    2. deepstrasz
      hi n00b, I'm Lem Bidi lol
      planning to increase/improve your map with high texture models?
      since we have patch 1.27b which allows us to increase our map size up to 128mb :3
      1. n00b
        for Monter's purposes, i usually care more about a unit's model actually having decent animations over high-quality textures, so wc3's default units usually suffice

        so no, i don't plan on using high texture unit models

        furthermore, i think high quality models should be used with modesty; dumping a bunch of HD resources into a map won't necessarily improve it
        Jan 14, 2017
      2. FRENGERS
        alright, no worry about that
        Jan 29, 2017
    4. Don-Para-
      Fuck man you're still modding in WC3? I just checked this website for the first time in a while. What a blast to the past. Glad to see you're so well-known in WC3/Hive now... I was always super impressed by the content you made, so can't say I'm surprised.
      1. n00b
        i wouldn't go as far to say that i'm well known, considering monter was basically a flavor-of-the-week thing that is mostly forgotten by now llolol

        and yes i still wc3 mod because i'm a faget with nothing better to do
        Jan 13, 2017
      2. Don-Para-
        Its ok we're all fagets on the inside.

        Have you considered game deving as an occupation?
        Jan 17, 2017
      3. n00b
        not really, because as far as i can tell, the skills i've developed over years of mapmaking only really applies to mapmaking, and not actual gamedev

        that is, i have no idea how to model, draw, or to produce such assets that are probably required to make a nonshit game; furthermore i never actually bothered to learn and commit myself to 'conventional' programming, i just fucking used GUI which is not exactly useful anywhere besides wc3 lmaoo

        also i am quite jaded when it comes to mapping/vidyagames in general

        and yes it took me a week to reply to this, i'm lazy as fuck
        Jan 24, 2017
    5. deepstrasz
      1. n00b
        nah too lazy for that
        Dec 27, 2016
    6. NightStalker
      Hey matey, I loved your map. Monster 2. I'm working on a more complex combat system but using the same principles like combos and custom animations. The question I wanna ask is, how could you get all the animations done? They are quite good and I love the DS sound effects and animations :D
      1. n00b
        used Mdlvis to make the animations. Relatively simple to use, but actually learning how to make acceptable-looking animations is a painful process of trial-and-error of studying and copying animations from other videogames (and other sources)

        i would say it took me 2-3 years to get at an okay level (i.e. the level at i am now) without having any prior experience with animating or modeling in general

        Dec 2, 2016
      2. NightStalker
        hmm, I can make easy animations but the complicated ones like attack/roll are very hard to accomplish. Well, I'll try my best thanks :D git gud :D:D
        Dec 2, 2016
    7. TriggerHappy
    8. Gekigengar
      A type of 1v1 monster hunter mini-game, 1 player plays as human, and the other plays as the monster.

      An experiment with my bro, its hard to make it fun though.
      So I could say its a failure..

      But heck every failure is a learning experience!
      Just gonna have to learn and design better next time~!
    9. Gekigengar
      Whoa, thanks a lot!

    10. Gekigengar
      n00b, I am making a small mini-game, I need a footman with a few sword & shield attack animations, guard, drinking, and a dodge roll animation.

      I am in dire need, will be very thankful if you have them!
    11. Stefan.K
      You know, for the third spell you could do whatever you want, as long as it is a good animation, you could made something that you think it will be fine. I will send you the model in the private message so you can start it. It has no bones, btw, only mesh.
    12. Stefan.K
      The attack animations should be one-handed. Similar to Direfury's Warchief Thrall model.
      Spell animations: He raises the hammer and slams the ground. Spell throw: he throws a hammer on his enemies. The third one should be something where he spins around his hammer, something like spell channel.
      For the stand animations that could work, one where he stands on ground and one that levitates.
      About the link I will check it tommorow, I am on tablet now and cannot open it. I'll check them out and tell you. You can see the progress of the model in my models gallery. If I finish it tommorow, i will surely, I will send it to you. Sorry if you don't understand something, it's a little hard to explain things in english.
    13. Stefan.K
      That's okay, but first, I have to finish the model. I am making Thrall, Go'el I mean. I only done his doomhammer. The model is gonna be based on this picture: http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/wow/images/b/b2/Thrall9.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20120711133750
      Well, I didn't thought yet what animations he should have, but it should have at least two Attack animations, 2-3 spell anims, 2 stand anims, walk anims, and if possible the walk where he levitates. Are you for it? When I finish the mesh I will send you the model.
      I am busy with college so I am not gonna be home for the next two weeks, from monday.
    14. Stefan.K
      Hi there. Would you be interested in cooperation? Animating, I mean.
    15. Times
    16. jonhysone
      ew! 69 reputations , :S at least 70 or 68 , not 69 :S
    17. Eaglendia
      If only I knew how to contact you...
    18. Roland
      Too bad, well I hope you can get along with me at xat :D
    19. Roland
    20. n00b
      I don't think I even had an account. I just entered chatrooms as a guest, if I recall.

      I wasn't really a regular of the site, either. Sorry to disappoint.
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