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Forest Party v0.12

Submitted by kja12.
This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
This map is a collection of minigames which can be played alone (with computer players) or with other players. The mechanics and the style are pretty similar to those of the famous map called Uther Party which i am a big fan of.

  • Various survival games
  • Collect & sell stuff games
  • Racing games
  • And more
There are additional bonus games which can be found.
The map can be played by 2-10 players (including computer players).

How to play:
Your objective is to complete 8 minigames and collect more points than your opponents. The winner can then choose additional minigames which can be played for fun.

It is possible to play the map with computer players which will be controlled by the in-map AI. Note that the current AI isn't smart enough to beat a human in the most of games in this version, so don't expect too much from it.

- Game 02 (Wendigo's Lair) : Removed hiding spot behind trees
- Game 08 (Lumber for the Alliance) : Changed evasion icon
- Game 11 (Unexplored Planet) : Increased game duration to 120 seconds
- Game 20 (Siege engine factory) : Changed evasion icon
- Game 21 (Rockstar Arthas) : Improved special effects
- Game 36 (Decaying Undead) : Decreased max game duration to 4 minutes, increased item spawn rate, slightly increased zombie's hit points and movement speed, disabled regeneration
- Fixed leaderboard title
- Various tooltip and text adjustments

- Game 01 (Everhungry Undead) : Fixed buff, increased damage of ghouls, changed childern armor to unarmored
- Game 02 (Wendigo's Lair) : New Icons, recolored effects
- Game 06 (Lost Souls) : Fixed buff, changed icons
- Game 07 (Dangerous Game) : Changed slow spell to drunken haze
- Game 11 (Unexplored Planet) : Changed marine's armor to heavy and increased it to 3
- Game 12 (The Grand Tournament) : Reduced dust cooldown to 10, rebalanced orbs
- Game 16 (Horse Race) : New Icons, more decorations
- Game 17 (Fear of the Dark) : reduced pickaxe stun duration to 1 second
- Game 18 (Escaped Prisoner) : reduced movementspeed of wardens, new decorations
- Game 24 (Chicken Hunt) : reduced slow duration
- Game 27 (Raid) : rebalanced stomp
- Game 30 (Miners) : fixed "sell all" ability
- Game 31 (Burning Legion Attacks) : reduced tower build time, added guards
- Changed armor types in various game
- Fixed typos

v0.09 - v0.10
- Game 06 (Lost Souls) : Improved visuals and game mechanics
- Game 10 (Pillage) : New area and environment design
- Game 20 (Siege Factory) : Bite now restores health
- Game 32 (Auction) : Improved design, fixed bugs
- Game 33 (Summoners) : Aura reworked, added descriptions to units
- New game : Sacred Hill
- New game : Decaying Undead
- Various visual & balance improvements
- Fixed typos

- Fixed desync, bugged game selection and minor bugs.

- Added 7 minigames
- Improved game selection area

v0.04 - 0.06
- Added 4 minigames
- Minor improvements
- Bug Fixes

- Added 7 minigames
- Added secret minigames
- Design improvements

- New minigames
- Bug fixes
- Icons


- Created the base
- Added 15 minigames

Used Icons:
Steal gold (Hand icon) EmptyHand by 4eNNightmare
Degeneration Aura (Game 06) DeadCoil by Mr.Goblin
Possession 06 GhostCoil by Darkfang
Possession (cooldown) CancelCommandButton by ~Nightmare
Bomb Item 07 Spell_Shadow_MindBomb by BlizzardEntertainment *dummy acc
Fading Necromancy by PrinceYaser
Panic increase 17 Eyes by Big Dub
Flamethrower 11 Enflame2 by ElfWarfare
Sprint 07 WWPeasant by kola
Precise shot 09 GaussRifle3 by The_Silent
BerryBush by lelyandra
Campfire by FhelZone
FrostSpell by -Berz-
Mushroom by Mr. Goblin
DireWolfAcuteSenses by Edge45
Gems by General Frank
StoneSmall by Ergius

Used Models:
Torch Attachment by sunwarrior25

Forest Party v0.12 (Map)