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FateGo v.0.20

Submitted by WyrmSlayer
This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
created by WyrmSlayer

"Take part in a battle-arena where your goal is score points by defeating your enemies and win the game!"

-Choose a game mode ( -kills XX or -lives XX )
-Choose a servant (from 7 currently available)
-Use WASD and SpaceBar to pick a servant
-Use Arrow Keys to move the servant
-Z for attack and gain mp (no cooldown, but attacking causes you to move slower )
-X for main ability (10s cooldown)
-D for secondary ability ( 20s cooldown)
-SpaceBar for Ultimate (0s cooldown, 100 mp)

-Items spawn at 8 locations around the map periodically
-They despawn when not bought within 30.0s
-Items can be bought when you have sufficient gold and stand on them
-Items can be upgraded once, when buying the same item twice. They stack indefinitely
-A grail spawns at the center of the map (upgradeable as well) (used to restore mp to max )

-Gold is gained periodically
-Exp is gained through skills, and standing at the center of the map, per second
-level up gives you 1 stat point, use wisely. (max level: 20 )

-BGM system..


-Bug fixes
-Stable'est version.
-Fixed NPs giving player 1 the kills

Version Features: 0.17
-Fixed LifeSteal Bug
-Fixed G.Boots of Speed Bug
-Fixed Reflect Bug
-Fixed Cu Chulainn [X] Bug
-Fixed King's Crown Bug
-Added 1 more Item Region
-Added Item Indicators
-Remade Stat System (Now uses hero stat points, freed up Lumber)
-Fixed Artoria [D]

-Fixed Bugs
-"Changed how damage text works. now reflects source player"
-"Changed Item Base Abilities"
-Fixed Berserker Mana Bug
-Changed Boots Effect

-Fixed Movement Speed Bug
-Items now despawn When not picked within 30s (replaced at half the time)
-QoL changes to game mode picking
-Adjusted Flash Cooldown
-Added Passive Gold Generation (1g every 10s)
-Added EXP Zone
-Increased the Number of Item Spawn points (to 7)
-Added Extra Skills [D]
-Adjusted the cooldown of [X] and [D] abilities to 10/20 respectively
-Fixed Tooltips and Servant info, and Balanced Numbers

-You now retain Mana when you die
-Can no longer repick
-Decreased picking time to 30s
-remove asynchrous functions
-Increased Speed Bonus to 7
-Increase max Level to 20
-Increase Invetory Count to 6
-Remove Day/Time Cycle
-Added Holy Grail [0g] Consumable: Spawns at center every 120 - 150s (restore 100 Mana)
-Fixed Attribute Bug
-Fixed BGM System
-Added QoL Changes to Medea's [X]

Servant Previews:
1. Artoria - Saber

2. Emiya - Archer

3. Cu Chulainn - Lancer

4. Heracles - Berserker

This project would not have been possible without the efforts of the following:
MindWorX, SFilip, PipeDream, xttocs: SharpCraft
moyack: JNGP
Vexorian: vJass; Dummy Model;
Magtheridon96: RegisterPlayerUnitEvent
TriggerHappy: UnitDex; AutoFly
Bribe: SpellEffectEvent;
Rising Dusk: TerrainPathability;
Flux: DummyRecycler
MoCo: FieldOfView
Blink: AnimeSlashFinal; HitSlash; DustWind
AHSS: AHHS Button; AHHS Selection;
Mythic: Arcade Bolt; Azul Arrow; Blink; Conflagrate; Firebrand Shot; Holy Light; Piercing Thrust; Pillar of Flame; Psionic Shot; Smite
Weep: Arcane Missle;
Matarael: Red Boots;
Misha: Charging Up SFX;
terrio: Claw; Cloak of Flames Mask; Circle of Nobility; Crown of Kings; Robe of Magi;
JetFangInferno: FireTrapUp;
ket: PotionGreen; PotionOfInvisibility; PotionOfMana;
republicola: Ring of Protection
sPy: Arcane Rocket Projectile;
TypeMoon: Fate Character Models, Sounds, Images
Solff, pkw; Archer
_Blitz_; Saber HQ
Toma, ChelyzMarx; Lancer
solff, EbonyStallion; Rider
KatzuraRin: Caster
Solff, x10azgmfx: Assassin
Solff, EbonyStallion, Maotao11: Berserker

-Map is optimized. Message me for an Unprotected Earlier Version. Requires Warcraft 3 Version 1.27b or Newer[/spoiler]

FateGo v0.20 HOTFIX (Map)

  1. WyrmSlayer


    Apr 18, 2010
    ~fine version uploaded. please review =D
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2020 at 1:09 AM