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Aggressive Castle Defense 3

Submitted by tomek83
This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Aggressive Castle Defence 3


In this map you'll control single hero and protect your ally base.
Use your hero to scout the map and report enemy bases to have them destroyed before they grow too strong.
Each enemy factory will produce units for attack waves, so you should keep number and size of enemy bases small so your defence can handle their attacks. Map is focused on exploration and searching for enemies, not on hero development.


Your ally starts with big base, but cannot build any new buildings nor repair existing ones (units are trained automatically). Enemy starts from single worker but can build and extend it's bases. It pays for buildings, but units are trained for free (for each attack wave) Player starts from single hero, 6 minutes delay and needs to protect allied base.
Player wins the game when all enemy buildings are destroyed or on timeout (all attack waves).
Player loses the game when HQ (Fortress) is destroyed.

  • All buildings destructible, including factories, altars, fountains and towers
  • Attack wave sizes depends on state of enemy development, which player can disrupt in several ways
  • High focus on scouting the map and searching for troubles
  • Multiboard showing defence status and enemy unit counts
  • Custom enemy AI, that can control and develop a few bases and use number of gold mines

  • Enemy bases can be built anywhere, they don't need to be close to the gold mines
  • Enemy is restricted not to train new workers in base that's under attack
  • Enemy building requirements are local to each of it's bases -> enemy bases are independent on each other

Console commands (for use at the beginning of the game):
  • enter resize N to adjust scale of multiboard to your resolution, for example "resize 135"
  • h800 command - increases camera height to 800px, for better field of view
  • optional "no hero" command at the beginning - for 0 players (observer) mode.

Console commands for use in game:
  • attack - recalls enemy units to hero's location. Only limited number of units can be send to attack, others will go back to defence

Map is protected.

Aggressive Castle Defense 3 (Map)