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Dalaran Castle Defense

Submitted by Tier10Trash
This bundle is marked as awaiting update. A staff member has requested changes to it before it can be approved.
Dalaran Castle Defense
Dalaran Castle Defense is a co-op survival map based on the finale of the Undead campaign in Reign of Chaos.

The object of the game is to survive 30 enemy waves without letting Jaina die.

Play anywhere between 1 and 8 players. The map regularly checks for how many people are in the game and scales accordingly.

Enemy AI are coded to respond and cast abilities depending on what you throw at them.

You can purchase different workers from the Peasant Merchant that can build defensive towers.

Note: As of February 17, 2020 this is the final version of the current build. Going forward, I will be revamping the map entirely in order for the Scourge and Burning Legion to be playable by User players and default to AI scripts if empty.


Choose from 14 different races, purchase heroes and items from the vendors at the center of Dalaran.

  • [​IMG]

    Remnants from the downfall of Lordaeron, the Alliance are a versatile group that employ both a strong military and powerful magics.

    Units - Footman, Knight, Rifleman, Mortar Team, Flying Machine, Gryphon Rider, Siege Engine.

    Heroes - Paladin, Archmage, Mountain King, Blood Mage.

  • [​IMG]

    Descendants of stone giants, the ogres few numbers are made up for in their pure physical strength.

    Units - Ogre Warrior, Ogre Magi, Ogre Mauler, Ogre Lord, Stonemaul Ogre, Stonemaul Magi, Stonemaul Warchief.

    Heroes - Rexxar

  • [​IMG]

    Granted dominion dominion by the titans, the dragonflight are lead by their aspects to maintain balance in Azeroth.

    Units - Blue Dragonspawn Meddler, Blue Dragonspawn Apprentice, Blue Dragonspawn Warrior, Blue Dragonspawn Sorcerer, Blue Dragonspawn Overseer, the Gemini, Green Drake, Red Drake, Blue Drake, and Bronze Drake.

    • Gemini - A celestial born dragonkin that can ascend dragonhood by infusing with drakes. Can cast Pollux in order to entwine with a drake. Can also cast Shadowstep which teleports the unit to target enemy, dealing damage. Attacks land units
    • Green Dragon - Heavy ranged flying unit that is immune to magic and has Dream Aura, which periodically causes random enemy units within range to fall asleep. Can also cast Emerald Sculpt, which creates a friendly copy of target sleeping unit. Attacks land and air units.
    • Red Dragon - Heavy ranged flying unit that is immune to magic and has Cycle's End, which renders enemies to ashes so no corpse remains. Can also cast Fire Trail, which leaves a wake of fire behind the dragon's path. Attacks land and air units.
    • Bronze Dragon - Heavy ranged flying unit that is immune to magic and has Tip the Scales, which causes the dragon to revert to a rapidly aging, younger state upon dying. Also has Time Spiral, which causes a stacking debuff on its attacked targets which lowers their attack speed, movement speed, and size. Attacks land and air units.
    • Blue Dragon - Heavy ranged flying unit that is immune to magic and has Overflow, which causes the dragon to have empowered attacks and abilities while having over 1000 mana. Can cast Detract to steal mana from target units and life if empowered. Can also cast Leyline, which links several units together to share damage for a period of time and gives increased armor if empowered. Attacks land and air units.

  • [​IMG]

    Seeking a new homeland after the events of Draenor, the Orcish Horde settled in Kalimdor.

    Units - Grunt, Raider, Tauren, Headhunter, Demolisher, Kodo Beast, Wind Rider, Batrider, Witch Doctor, Shaman, Spirit Walker.

    Heroes - Tauren Chieftan, Far Seer, Blademaster, Shadow Hunter.

  • [​IMG]

    Aaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle! Obviously.

    Units - Tiderunner, Blood-Gill, Snarecaster, Marauder, Shadowcaster, Huntsman, Plaguebearer, Flesheater, Nightcrawler, Mutant.

    Heroes - Murloc Summoner - Can cast Rain of Fire, Thorns Aura, Frost Armor, and Death and Decay.

  • [​IMG]

    Comprised of some of the most formidable villains of Azeroth, the Naga are masters of sorcery and warcraft.

    Units - Couatl, Mur'gul Reaver, Naga Siren, Snap Dragon, Naga Myrmidon, Naga Royal Guard, Dragon Turtle.

    Heroes - Lady Vashj.

  • [​IMG]

    A powerful and mystical race whose origins extend back to ancient times, the Night Elves find their power through nature.

    Units - Archer, Huntress, Dryad, Glaive Thrower, Hippogryph, Chimaera, Druid of the Talon, Druid of the Claw, Mountain Giant, Faerie Dragon.

    Heroes - Keeper of the Grove, Warden, Demon Hunter, Priestess of the Moon

  • [​IMG]

    Undead freed from the grip of the Lich King, the Forsaken seek to reclaim the past and future that was stolen from them.

    Units - Ghoul, Abomination, Meat Wagon, Crypt Fiend, Gargoyle, Banshee, Necromancer, Obsidian Statue, Frost Wyrm.

    Heroes - Death Knight, Crypt Lord, Lich, Dreadlord.

  • [​IMG]

    A peaceful humanoid race, the Tuskarrs make their home in Northrend and have adapted to its hostile environment.

    Units - Fighter, Spearman, Healer, Trapper, Warrior, Sorcerer, Giant Polar Bear, Chieftain.

  • [​IMG]

    A devolved sub-race of the Draenei who reside in Outland, they have been mutated from exposure to the fel energies wielded by orc warlocks.

    Units - Guardian, Disciple, Protector, Watcher, Harbinger, Darkslayer, Seer, Stalker, Vindicator, Salamander, Demolisher.

    Heroes - Akama/Elder Sage.

  • [​IMG]

    A noble race descended from the Night Elf Highborne, the High Elves secluded themselves through the founding of Quel'Thalas and worship the Sun Well.

    Units - Captain, Priest, Sorceress, Spellbreaker, Dragonhawk Rider, Swordsman, Archer.

    Heroes - Kael'thas Sunstrider, Sylvanas Windrunner, Anasterian Sunstrider who can cast Breath of Fire, Rain of Fire, Blink and Critical Strike.

  • [​IMG]

    The orcs that drank from Mannoroth's Chaos Well in Ashenvale, demonic blood corrupted them throughout for the gain of power to overcome their enemies.

    Units - Chaos Orc Warlock, Grunt, Raider, Kodo Beast, Black Drake, Chaos Warchief, Dark Shaman and Molten Giant.

    • Dark Shaman - Chaotic melee spellcaster. Can initially cast Combustion Strikes, which slows and causes fire damage. Can also learn Toxic Mist and Fire Tempest. Attacks land units.
    1. Combustion Strikes - Adds fire damage to an attack and slows target, but at the cost of mana with each strike.
    2. Toxic Mist - Breathes out a cone of toxic mist that fills the surrounding area causing poison damage and reducing armor.
    3. Flame Tempest - The caster extends four lines of fire, damaging those caught in the flames. The cast time renders the unit vulnerable.
    • Chaos Warchief - Mounted defensive orc, infused with the blood of demons. Can cast Charge in order to close gaps on enemies. Also has Devotion Aura and Bash. Attacks land units.
    • Molten Giant - Massive melee unit that doubles as a tank and a siege weapon. In its normal stance, its melee attacks cause small volcanoes to erupt. While in siege mode, it causes fire damage to nearby enemies and its attacks cause earthquakes. Attacks land units.
    Heroes - Grommash Hellscream (Chaos).

  • [​IMG]

    Found throughout the forests of Lordaeron, the Amani were founders of an enormous empire that is now a shadow of its once glorious self.

    Units - Forest Troll, Shadow Priest, Trapper, Berserker, High Priest, Devotee of Akil'zon, Devotee of Nalorakk, Warlord.

    Hero - High Priest of Kavalye'van

  • [​IMG]

    Summoned through a twisting nether ritual and bound to your will, command a mighty army of demons.

    Units - Eredar Warlock, Bloodfiend, Overlord, Fel Beast, Fel Ravager, Infernal Machine, Vile Tormentor, Maiden of Pain, Queen of Suffering, Greater Voidwalker, Nether Drake.


  • While weathering the siege, your team must protect Dalaran's workers while they scavenge the area for gold and lumber in order to meet resource checks.

    A third necessary resource, food, randomly spawns around the area and automatically scores upon being picked up.

    Teams will need to find a balance between keeping units at Dalaran for defending while exploring outside the city limits for resources.

    Failing to meet resource checks within the time frames cause bad things to happen.

  • Successfully completing the first food check provides a keg of ale for each player, along with a pet to take with you on your adventures. The kegs have several charges and provide a buff in health and mana regeneration.

    Successfully completing the second food check provides a second, random race summoner to each player.

    Failing a food check causes your units to become starved and exhausted, lowering their damage to 75% on the first fail and lowering their attack and movement speeds to 75% on the second fail.

    Successfully completing the gold check will bring in reinforcements from the Silver Hand. Four Paladins will be placed at each lane to defend. Each Paladin comes with their standard spells, along with being able to summon a randomized squad.

    Failing the gold check has the economy nearly collapse, causing players to be periodically taxed.

    Successfully completing the lumber check will allow players to upgrade their base defensive towers to level three.

    Failing the lumber check causes players to no longer be able to upgrade their towers past level one.

  • Smaller objectives will occur while the game is ongoing. Completing them are not necessary, but can give rewards.

    Caravan Escort - Supplies from Lordaeron will arrive at the outskirts of Dalaran. Escort the wagon to the city center to receive the Blink spell for your Summoner.

    Mana Bomb - A Unholy Construct will appear, going straight for Jaina. Charge the mana bomb by having it siphon mana from your units to create a weapon capable of destroying the Unholy Construct. Upon dying, the Unholy Construct will drop several objective resources.

    Dimensional Gate - A demon gate will spawn, creating a small battlefield between the Burning Legion and Scourge. Destroying the Gate will stop additional demons from being summoned and will reward the Soul Preservation spell for your Summoner.

  • Each wave comes with a different affix, ranging from buffs, debuffs, and additional units so that no two waves will be the same.

    There are currently twelve affixes, including plague ghouls, mana shields, sprinting plague bombs, slowed player units, disease clouds, units exploding, faster enemies, thorns aura, food upkeep decrease, health reductions, damage reductions, and poison attacks.

  • Changed Blue Dragonflight to Dragonflight, allowing their builder to include the other aspects.

    • Increased waves to 30. Modified the wave system to be more friendly toward players to allow more time to get used to the map. As it was, players were not able to even get outside the city.
    • The game now scales from 1-8 players by allowing players to summon more or less units depending on the amount of players. Enemies will have more units summoned in the areas surrounding the city depending on the amount of players.
    • Added a repick option for races.
    • Dalaran itself has been revamped to be more open. Alleys have been added that increase unit speeds for faster travel between each gate.
    • Modified affixes, separated the mana bomb affix into a mini-objective, along with adding a caravan escort and dimensional gate event.
    • Changed objective failure outcomes and added rewards for each mini-objective and objective.
    • Demons now turn on the Undead after a certain point and only demons will spawn randomly throughout the map after that point as well.
    • Changed loot tables for Necropolis and Demon Gates.
    • Added a roaming demon merchant with custom items.
    • Made Race Summoners into heroes to allow for use of spellbooks. Summoners can have both spellbooks.
    • Added a mounted orc to the Chaos Orc race.
    • Added Anasterian Sunstrider as a hero for the High Elves race.
    • Added a cinematic for Archimonde.
  • Added passive abilities to the Summoners to gain as they level.
  • Moved all enemy bases further back to allow areas to be more open.

    • Added three campaign Broken units to their Summoner that I missed.
    • Added a camera zoom function.

    • Added a short tutorial at the start of the game.
    • Objectives system has been revamped to have a significant reduction in micro management.
    • Lumber and gold harvesting is now automated like melee games.
    • Your peasants, goblin shredders and goblin blasters will now return collected resources to the Castle at the center of Dalaran.
    • The Castle can also sell Peasants.
    • Turning in lumber rewards gold.
    • Gold mines have now been added around the map and no longer randomly spawn.
    • Tree locations have been adjusted for updated objectives.
    • Enemy heroes now have a chance to drop food, lumber or gold.
    • Mini objectives now reward food, lumber and gold.
    • Food now drops from stores at enemy bases with chances of it being either infected or edible.
    • Food now automatically scores and does not need to be sold.
    • Peasants and all Goblin units received speed buffs.
    • Added a greater variety of units that can spawn outside of Dalaran.
    • Added Golems to be activated through purchase at the Merchant Mage.
    • All units have been adjusted through health and summoning times to make all units viable.
    • Hotkeys have been adjusted for the base races.

    • Added the Affixes to the multiboard and are no longer announced otherwise.
    • Gold bounties have been halved.
    • Peasants harvesting gold and lumber are now completely AI driven.
    • AI Peasants now have an exclamation point above their head to set them apart.
    • You are still able to purchase peasants for your own tower building.
    • Player purchased peasants can no longer harvest gold or lumber and no longer have an inventory.
    • The Peasant Merchant now sells workers of all races.
    • The Goblin race has been removed due to making objective harvesting AI controlled.
    • You now choose a race by double clicking the one of your choice.
    • You can now choose a random race with the -random command.
    • Failing to choose a race by the time of the first wave causes a random race to be chosen for you.
    • Food now spawns randomly around the map, ripe for the picking.
    • Food now automatically scores upon being picked up and has been given a floating text animation.
    • The initialization tutorial has been removed.
    • Peasants, the gates opening, and mini objectives now all have cinematics to explain things as they go instead of everything at the start.
    • The second food check now gives a random builder.
    • Summoners can no longer use physical attacks.
    • All heroes no longer cost lumber.
    • Lumber has been changed to Summoner Skill Points. Use your skill points for your Summoner at the Ability Merchants in the center of Dalaran.
    • You gain an ability point at levels 5, 10, 15 and 20.
    • Rewards for the caravan and dimensional gate events have been changed to single, stronger abilities.
    • Special effects have been added for spawning enemy units.
    • Special effect has been fixed for the Summoner building units.
    • Fixed the issue with tech requirements on heroes after you purchase one.
    • Each player is now given a basic peasant upon choosing a summoner.
    • Peasant health pools have been nerfed.
    • Units no longer constantly spawn with the dimensional gate event.
    • Peasants are now given for -random and forced race selection.
    • Moved Summoners in closer to Jaina and added circles of power underneath them.
    • Fixed Archimonde's scene.
    • Fixed some of the writing from objective alerts.
    • Tower health pools have been nerfed.
    • Archimonde and Kil'jeadan have been nerfed.
    • Paths from where the undead are coming from has been adjusted to prevent blocking/mazing.
    • Food fails have been changed to a health and damage handicap.
    • The lumber reward at wave 10 has been removed.
    • Added SD merchants for those playing on Classic graphics.
    • Changed the food failures to lower damage and lower attack/movement speeds.
    • Removed the lion statues in order to make way for more tower building spots.

    • Fixed several triggers, abilities and memory leaks.
    • Custom Units are in!
    • The Chaos Orcs and Dragonflight races have been updated and revamped with custom units, abilities and heroes.
    • The Elemental Race has been changed to Wizards.

    • Teching has been reintroduced and revamped for all races.
    • Unit specific upgrades must be researched manually through your Research Centers.
    • Find your Research Center at the bottom left quadrant of Dalaran.
    • Units have been revamped with new abilities and tech-trees.
    • New units and a new hero have been added to the Forest Trolls.
    • Wizards have been removed until total revamp.
    • Bosses have been given event abilities.
    • Food requirements for endgame units has been increased to 2.
    • Button placements have been adjusted for all units and upgrades.
    • Tooltips on upgrades have been updated.
    • Plenty of new icons for abilities, caster arts, and upgrades.

    • Various bug fixes.
    • Shops have been moved and condensed.
    • The hero reviver has been removed.
    • Heroes now automatically revive after 5 seconds.
    • Waves 14 and on have been nerfed.
    • Food cap for 6 players and up has been increased from 10 to 12.
    • Meat hook ability added to abominations available through tech research.
    • Air units have been nerfed.
    • Time before the first wave has been increased to 3 minutes.

    • Added meat wagons to attack outside of the city.
    • Unholy Construct health has been reduced so that he can be killed without the bomb.
    • Added Gargoyle Spires and Nerubian Ziggurats to be able to spawn along with Necropolis as enemy bases.
    • Gargoyle Spires are anti-air.
    • Lesser Demon Gates have been given anti-air attacks.
    • Nerubian Ziggurats attack by spawning small nerubians which explode at their target.
    • Air units no longer receive armor buffs.
    • Item prices from the Demonic Merchant have been reduced.
    • Added Plague Spreaders to the randomly generated enemy units outside of Dalaran.

    • Objectives do not begin until five minutes after waves have started.
    • The difficulty of waves 1-4 have been increased.

Author Note: As of February 17, 2020 this is the final version of the current build. Going forward, I will be revamping the map entirely in order for the Scourge and Burning Legion to be playable by User players and default to AI scripts if empty.

This map is meant to be played in Reforged. It is playable in Classic, but there will likely be issues, including invisible units due to Reforged-Classic model pathing conversion errors. All necessary merchants have been given Classic version counterparts. Several races do not show up while in Classic mode. You are still able to play as them, but only through the text command -random at this time. If Blizzard does not fix the conversion issues in the coming weeks, I will work on creating SD friendly versions of race summoners.


Credits to Mystic Nefro / Keeper Axen / Azeroth's Most Wanted for creating Dalaran, to Jawn Jawn, Akrifay, Brekna and Jeff for testing and extensive feedback, KaikeWolf for the early testing and extensive feedback, I3lackDeath for the Frostmourne icon, Eleandor for the hero pick system, to The Panda for the Undead Bow Icon, to 4eNNightmare for the Finger of Death icon, to Dentothor for the Cloak of Demonic Summoning Icon, to Chucky for the Demonic Artifact icon, Wa666r for the inspriation from your custom units, -Berz- for Shadowstep and the Rain of Fire Icon set, Lelling - Noxious fumes icon set, jim7777 for the flare seal spell, ~Nightmare for the Eye of the Fire Storm icon pack, FrIkY for the Maghar Shaman icon pack, Sin'dorei300 for the Ysera iconpack, The Panda for the Fire Tornado icon pack, dark09cry for the Meat Hook ability, OgeRfaCes for the TimeUp icon pack, CoLd Bon3 for the Charge-Slash ability, FrIky for the FireImpact icon pack, Mad for the Cata icon pack, The_Sulent for the SpearOfJustice icon pack, Ardenian for the DraeneiCrystals icon pack, 4eNNightmare for the Netherswap icon pack, nightelfbuilder for the Fel Shivarra, Archimonde and Kil'Jaeden icon pack, Ginufe for the Fel Orc icon pack, Ginufe for the Ogre icon pack, Stanakin for the OgreClubs icon pack, Sin'dorei300 for the Nozdormu icon pack, [TheKaldorei] for the Corrupted Dragon icon pack, 67chrome for the Alexstrasza icon pack, BlazeKraze for the Witch Doctor Ritual icon pack, NFWar for the AxeStrike icon pack, Golden-Drake for the BearPawPurple icon pack, Blizzard Entertainment for the Druid Flightform icon pack, BlazeKraze for the Deep Sea Murlock icon pack, Maxwell for the Murloc Amulet icon pack, Sin'dorei300 for the Royal Guard War Stomp icon pack and the Malygos icon pack, viiva for the Tornado icon pack, KelThuzad for the ChronoHD icon pack, The Panda for all of the Move buttons, PeeKay for the Hook icons, and everyone on the Hive.

Dalaran Castle Defense (Map)

The map is a nice concept but a bit weird. I'll summarize my thoughts below: The diversity of races is cool, each player feels unique. Balance wise the map isn't too bad, every unit feels useful in some way, if it doesn't have stats then it has...
  1. pick-a-chew


    Jul 15, 2007
    The map is a nice concept but a bit weird. I'll summarize my thoughts below:

    • The diversity of races is cool, each player feels unique.
    • Balance wise the map isn't too bad, every unit feels useful in some way, if it doesn't have stats then it has abilities like slow which are decent.
    • Heroes are weird. You can build multiple of them. They aren't very interesting. It would be better if each race has its own pool of heroes to choose from.
    • The "explore around the map" situation feels a bit strange, it's nice you don't have to camp the castle, but at the same time, it's not very clear what going out and exploring is actually good for (other than just having fun killing things). The enemy towers are a bit overpowered, one bad move, you lose a few units.
    • The research building could do with some kind of triggered select as it took me a few minutes to find it. The fact that there's 12 techs is cool, but some of them are a bit general and a bit boring, there's so much potential to have cool and interesting research techs for each race.
    • There was probably reasons why the global death and decay killed Jaina but it wasn't very clear; players can skip the cinematics. It is generally best to avoid cinematics on multiplayers for this reason. Any big / major events should be communicated in game texts. It was my first time playing though so that could be why I missed important information.
    • Having a global builder to "build" units is strange. Why did you not opt for a barracks? Would this not make more sense? (from a gameplay feel mechanic?), the fact you can build a unit anywhere is a bit dubious and cheap (e.g. spam build in enemy areas).
    • I had lumber and no where to spend it. There's supposed to be a shop "in the middle" but I could not find one.
    • Experience is a bit strange. The research dummy can level up! Is that a bad thing?
    Edit: should mention I played in SD!