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  • Your Actual Work on your map is impressive, i think that we have to give thanks to you my frriend
    The "E" Hotkey bug might be caused by custom hotkeys settings or that you might have a different language version of wc3 than english. Instead of non working hotkey a different relevant hotkey might be displaced (russian?)

    I have english wc3 version and D button is working for me.
    ok hmm, u need to put efforts if u want to make icons here is some tutorial that maybe can help you. Crazyrussian's tutorial, this is Dentothor's tutorial (very usefull if u use gimp).
    so check out those tutorials and try making an icon that is 100% free hand.
    Hi thank you very much!
    Well actually im making a new map now, but just a demo one (not full functions)
    will upload it soon and if ppl here or in Garena like it maybe ima jump from Parasyte to this new map, not sure :)

    and sure i can help you anytime,
    im not good at triggering tho, thats one reason i protect my map (too embarrassing to show :p)
    but my head is full of ideas if you want some
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