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Adventurer's Circle TD v1.2

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Adventurer's Circle TD

Map Info:

Get ready for this coop tower defense!
Defend against 40 different levels of monsters, in 8 unique worlds.
Keep the monsters on the map under the limit, facing different challenges like
air, boss or even immune enemies!

With special attention to visuals and music, and a fresh approach to strategy,
this classic circle tower defense experience will make sure you have a blast.


Can be played in three difficulty levels : Normal, Nightmare and Astral

+Monsters gain 1% damage reduction per lvl
+Towers sell back for 100%
+Don't let the name fool you, "normal" is the intended, 'here to kick your ass' experience
+Monsters gain 1% damage reduction per lvl
+Towers sell back for 85%
+Boss levels gain +100% HP
+Damage reduction will scale double for levels 30+
+Monsters gain 1.5% damage reduction per lvl
+Towers sell back for 70%
+Boss levels gain +100% HP
+All air levels will have immune armor
+All towers can be built from start in Astral

List of towers and their abilities:
  • Siege Tower - Splash Attack
  • Chain Tower - Surge
  • Multishot Tower - Strafe
  • Ice Tower - Icy Attack
  • Poison Tower - Venom
  • Slayer Tower - Critical
  • Dark Tower - Corruption, Corruption Aura
  • Haste Aura Tower - Swiftness Aura
  • Damage Aura Tower - Aggresion Aura
  • Slow Aura Tower - Frost Aura
  • Zoom Aura Tower - Monster Speed Aura

Game Mechanics:

This tower defense has several important gameplay mechanics.

The first one being Colored Attacks. Every tower has it's attack type (Red, Blue, Green, Purple),
and every monster level has their defense type. Attacks that match the defense color do +20% damage.

The second one is scaling damage reduction. Every level after first, monsters gain +1% damage reduction.
On harder difficulties, this scales stronger. This system is a great improvement from Warcraft's Armor system.

Change Logs:

Lives reduced from 800 to 700
For every player slot that is empty, reduce lives by 50. For every leaving player, reduce lives by 50.
Leaving players will no longer spawn monsters
Added -zoom and -clear commands
Added game time and max monsters allowed to scoreboard, and current level to lumber
Added a visible timer for final level
Incubuss (40) number decreased by 10%.
Poison Tower slow rebalanced from 30/30/30/30/30% to 20/25/30/35/40%

Bug Fixes:
Fixed nightmare difficulty sometimes giving an absurd amount of HP bonus to flying boss levels (12 and 24)
Fixed Dinorawr (30) not getting additional HP on nightmare difficulty
Fixed Zoompellin (20) mistakenly getting a lot of HP on nightmare difficulty
Fixed builder's walk animations
Fixed Change Builder ability hotkey
Fixed a bug which caused a spam of text for player red if a player left the game
Fixed armor types being inconsistent on towers
When player leaves their name is correctly grayed out in the scoreboard, and fixed scoreboard size
Reduced some visual clutter on initial game info with game texts

  • First version released.


Special thanks to the Hive Workshop!
Thanks to these people whose resources completed my map:

  • Icons:
    "..." Icon - KelThuzad
    Archer 1, Slayer 1 and Wizard 1 Icons - 67chrome
    Demon 1 Icon - Ceterai
    Panther Builder Icon - Kuhneghetz
    Attacks Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Magical, All Four Aura Icons, Armor Immune, Poison Ability, Zoom Tower, Zoom Ability, - Darkfang
    Armor Red, Blue, Green and Purple, Corruption and Corruption Aura - BlackDoom
    Multishot and Surge Abilities - The Panda
    Aggresion Aura, Swiftness Aura, Ice Aura Abilities - Murlocologist
    Difficulty Icons - 8512590215848

  • Skins:
    Poison Skeleton 1, Multishot Archer 1, Chain Wizard 1, Terrain 1 - 67chrome
    Siege Demon 1 - Heinvers

  • Models:
    Multishot Archer 10 - Retera
    Shots: multi, chain, siege, slayer, poison, dark; Dark Tower Model, Teleport SFX, Blink SFX - Vinz
    Shots: ice - UgoUgo
    Aura models - Vortigon
    Slow Aura SFX - JetFangInferno
    Ice 3 - Mc !
    Ice 4 - Himperion
    Ice 5 - alfredx_sotn
    Immune SFX - Vinz
    Panther and White Tiget - Kuhneghetz
    Dojo floors - Blood Raven
    Starting Tower Scrolls - Kenathorn
    Fireworks - WILL THE ALMIGHTY

  • Other:
    hiit - for the original Green Circle TD, which inspired this map
    Bribe - for Damage Engine

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates

Adventurer's Circle TD v1.2 (Map)

It's a nice tower defense map, nothing that hasn't been really done before though. I think it could be spiced up with more tower variation and maybe races to choose from. Approved. If you want more reviews, you should participate in the The Grand...


Map Reviewer
Level 67
Jun 4, 2009
It's a nice tower defense map, nothing that hasn't been really done before though.
I think it could be spiced up with more tower variation and maybe races to choose from.


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Level 8
Oct 25, 2018
Hey man, thanks for the review!
It is a simple map, but it combats some new concepts. I made this to have a swap in for the classic Green Circle TD to play with my friends - more than happy how it turned out.

Will def work on this some more when I have time.
Level 4
Aug 2, 2014
I appreciate that there is still are new Circle TD maps being made, but I just come from finishing the normal difficulty with a bunch of people and it was literally boredom. Boring. I liked the way it looked, but not the way it felt. Most important is the lack of gold per kill like in all other circle TDs. Everyone getting the same money after each round makes it no fun, and not getting the gold out of kills makes it not rewarding.
I am sure you can tweak it and make it better!