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Goblin Circle TD 1.04b

Filip Iliev


Type: Circle TD
Players: 1-8
Buildings: 13 different upgradeable towers
Levels: 40
Difficulty: Easy/Medium/Hard
Easy: Base HP, Base Armor
Medium: +11% HP, +Armor
Hard (almost unpassable): +22% HP, +Armor
The map adjusts to the number of players
It has a Difficulty voting system
Gold mining + tree harvesting















Thanks to:
Mr.Goblin - The Goblin Sniper icon
Frankster - The Laser Tank icon and model
CRAZYRUSSIAN - The awesome goblin interface, the Goblin Turret icon, the Repair icon, the Poison icon, the Slick Weaponry icon and the Speed Aura icon
Huinipachutli - The Explosive attack icon and the Piercing attack icon
Oinkerwinkle - The Goblin Miner icon and model and the Tree Harvester icon and model
ikillforeyou - The Goblin Turret ability icon
NFWar - The Destruction Aura icon
donut3.5 - The Goblin Turret model
Rizz_Boomer - The Plasma Shooter model
WILL THE ALMIGHTY - The Goblin Sniper icon

goblin, tower defense, circle, td, tech, towers, heroes, goblins, upgrades, mining, gold, lumber, harvesting, upgrading, killing, winning, fun

Goblin Circle TD 1.04b (Map)

23:45, 9th Jul 2011 ap0calypse: Approved
Level 1
Aug 3, 2009
Kl3sk Reviews : Goblin Circle TD

Version : 1.03c

Map Type : Tower Defense

Description : (4/5)

While the Description is pretty good and covers almost all aspects of describing the tower defense, I notice the lack of credits. This should be fixed as soon as possible, or approval will be postponed.

In-Game Review


One might say that a TD should rely less on visuals and concentrate more on balance, diversity, etc. , but that's not an excuse. This TD however has quite decent terrain, contrary to my expectation. Even so, I can't quite shake the feeling it looks..."empty". The paths are clean and the tile-set is okay, but there's really nothing jaw-dropping. Suggestion : Try adding more doodads and eventually, some goblin-related structures. (3/5)


I found the complete customization of a regular TD with a character-based theme actually quite neat! These models are fresh (most of them I've never seen before). Some of their attack animations are...awkward to say the least, but nevertheless, awesome models. (5/5)


Same as above. No real complaints, hence they look awesome as well. Custom icons all the way! (5/5)


Ermm...not really the case for this specific map right here, but if effects also fall into this category, then please boost Slowing field's effect as well as add an interesting effect to Sniper tower as well. (I'll cover this in Game-play section) (4/5)


I'm going to start by giving you a thumbs up for the custom user interface / skin. The burgers give it a nice touch. (5/5)


Well, it's a tower defense, so go figure : Game-play is decent, quite balanced for a new-concept version of classic TDs, but what makes it stand out is the theme itself. It's new, fresh and will probably gain popularity real fast after the first few hosts on B-net , G-arena and so on. There might not be much to look at in terms of environment, but you pretty much won't have enough time to browse the map if you're busy building and upgrading all the time. Even though your eyes will be focused on the waves of creeps rushing through, I still think the terrain needs improving. While this does not affect game-play directly, it influences the player's experience of the map and finally : the replay value.

As far as balance goes : As I mentioned earlier, there are a few towers that aren't worth their weight in gold. The Sniper is the first one that comes to mind. It's simply weak. Though it has a higher range than most towers, its painfully slow attack speed does not compensate for the damage it does and just falls behind. You'll want to sell it a few upgrades later. Then there's the Freezing Field : cheap, but quite useless (Yes, I've upgrades it several times, not worth the money). Lastly , the Plasma Goblin should also receive a nice boost / rework in either improving the stunning chance and / or damage, or changing its attack animation to something a bit faster. (the projectile is considerably slow)
Also, I'd like to point out that the upgrades for the main Goblin structure are too costly, given the situation where you're barely keeping up with creep waves, upgrading towers and auras. Oh and towers can attack each other if given the command (I know no one is wee-todd-id enough to attack their own structures, but you may never know when a retarded player might come and harass / troll you for kicks) Give this some thought as well.

To keep it short, let me recap what needs to be done, along with a few suggestions :

1 - Improve terrain ; 2 - Balance towers / effects. ; 3 - Lower costs ; 4 - Friendly Fire (tower-tower) ; 5 - A custom loading screen with the current version details and contact info is most welcomed ; 6 - Maybe add a "fun mode" with random events, such as "Greedy Goblins" (a slot machine appears at a random point of the map, it is visible to all players but can only serve one person at a time. The customer may insert "X" number of coins in the machine and pull a handle, leaver and may either lose all that money or double it, etc. etc.)

Finally, while it might not exceed in terms of game-play, this map is unique among TDs and surely deserves a try.

Do I recommend TD fans to play this : Yes (it's a new TD, worth checking out)

Do I recommend non-TD fans to play this ? : Yes (you might have never played a TD before, and Goblin Circle TD will probably get you into this type of map)

Will I play this map again : Yes (I most probably will)

Final verdict : Approved (4/5)

Foot-note* : Don't forget to give those full credits to their respective authors. And sorry for the lengthy review...
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Level 5
Nov 13, 2008
"And sorry for the lengthy review..."
Are you kidding me?! Very few people take the time to thoroughly check the map like you. You wrote a clear and straightforward review. And I thank you for that. I enjoyed reading it.

Things I've changed:
-Prevented the towers from attacking themselves
-Balanced both the Sniper Tower and the Freezing Field
-I generally rebalanced most of the towers by giving them new attacks and specs to their attacks.
-I improved the terrain by adding gold mines. (you will see what I did ingame)
-And the costum loading screen, I can't make one. I used a default WC3 screen.
-As for the credits, I took my time with them. I decided to put them at the very end of the game. Win or lose players still get to see the credits. They take 30 sec. of their time and I don't think that people will want to Alt+F4 the game just to skip them.

Have fun playing it (that is, if you want to test it again) and thank you for reviewing it.
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Level 1
Aug 3, 2009
^ Improvements made and noted. Such quick responses deserve a treat : +Rep (hopefully, this will stimulate you in further projects)

Edit : Also changed vote from 3/5 to 4/5.

2nd Edit : Uh-ho...nothing major or anything but I lost the last time I played and hit the restart button after the credits, but guess what ? - The screen froze. I could still move around on the map but I could give any commands or use W3 shortcuts or anything. Problem ?

3rd Edit : @ Below : I already PMed a map moderator about your map and others' , but the problem is, that specific mod is having some real life issues. I hope you understand someone's priorities ...
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Level 5
Nov 13, 2008
I really don't know what you mean by the "screen froze" since I tested it and it worked fine. None the less I will re-check that. And I forgot to mention that I removed the heroes because I want to stick to the goblin theme and the goblin theme alone. The heroes just give the feeling that the map is one big mess. Anyways I'll try to improve the gameplay a little in the next versions.

BTW: Does anybody know how long it takes for a map to get approved?
Level 28
Jan 26, 2007
It didn't take me long to notice that this game really isn't newby-friendly.

It's the first time I play this map (obviously, just checked out your request to get it reviewed) and I knew I had a miner (loading screen accidentally said that, because it shows the changelog - not the basic information).
I rather quickly found my miner, put him into the mine and picked my builder. I browsed through the different towers (which, at first sight, are not sorted in any logical order, although the first collumn contains 2/3 pierce-towers and the second collumn contains 2/3 chemical-towers).
By the time I chose a tower, creeps were already happily passing by. I just didn't have enough time. So I had to restart the game.

This time, I was better prepared: directly put the miner into the mine, built the pierce turret with its upgrade and then I had some leftover gold, didn't know what to do with that. Just built a plasma-tower.
Things went well, but at level 3 or so, I started getting really annoyed. There had to be a way to gather lumber, but I couldn't see it at first. Luckily, I found it (second row of the headquarters, absolutely no idea why you placed it there).
And now I realize what I had to do with that leftover money at the start, so I restarted the game (second time, even though I wasn't losing or anything - the difficulty was easy).

Okay, this time went really well, actually.
Put the miner into the mine, bought the lumber harvester, built the (level 2) pierce tower, and waited a while.
Bought the freezing field and got the plasma tower while stocking on harvesters, you know: I think it's rather the default strategy.
It is at about this time that I may have noticed one of the most little known shortcomings of Warcraft, a rather import one actually. 11% critical strike? 7% bash? Forget about that: such things do not exist (to put it simply: critical strike and bash round down to 5%).

Other things that I noticed:
  • 3000-3001 damage? Such a pity! You should learn how the damage formula works, it's really easy too!
  • I don't really like human-styled building in TD's, I don't know whether you thought about it or just lacked the motivation to make them summon instead of build->repair, but I dislike it.
  • Bosses drop an insane amount of gold.
  • Typically circle TD: if you fall behind, you keep falling deeper, unless your team-mates are generous enough to give you gold. An option to split loot would be nice.
  • It could be because I played alone/easy, but the more the game advanced, the easier it became.
  • The damage/speed upgrades, I found them useless. I only built a small amount of towers and upgrade those, by the time I was able to purchase them, half my towers were already placed. And I didn't even know how much damage my towers would gain.
  • Good point: it's as if you cannot run out of towers. Or only at very late stages.
  • The Alchemists's poison improved linearly. It's mostly about the slow, I get that, but seriously: 1000 total poison damage (over 5 seconds), while the tower itself deals out 32.000 + 19.200 damage every 0.15 seconds (that's 340k DPS with a 200 DPS poison damage, even without the "k", the regular damage would be more).

It's approved, but you can really improve this map a bit more.
Change the critical strike/bash (because really, it's silly to see it has a 13% chance when in reality it has a 15% chance), do... other stuff that I have said (like the damage, really! I absolutely detest damage like 3000-3001, it's so... unclean).
Unfortunately, someone is whining for me to play a team-game (that is not Warcraft) with him, so I'm not able to test harder difficulties...
Level 3
Aug 28, 2009
Your enemies are whores pimps then flying whores... why?? it would be way better that there would be normal enemies atacking not retards on a horse... only my opinion.

Ingame map info could be upgraded. And its just me or i cant see lifes on easy mode.(or there is no lifes?)

Mods upgrades tower descriptions looks awesome interface is very nice. if i wouldnt know you created this map i would say its blizzards work :p (just those whores ar sooo not cool)

Sry for bad english