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  • Hmm you are also gone.. well should you return, then I wish you a Merry Christmas and happy new year.
    The map reviewers are in need of you! The group has been very inactive for the last 2 months and I would like to see you back into action in the maps section and help moderators like myself to speed up the process of moderation.

    Thanks in advance.
    Map Reviewer News
    Hello fellow map reviewer or moderator. -Kobas- recently lent the group maintainer position it to me. Whether you are inactive or not, I feel it would be best to know than not know. If you have any questions please message me or post in the group.

    Happy Hiving and take care!

    Happy Birthday!

    <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is a cake.</span>

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    Well, I'd be sure as hell pissed off if we coordinated well a gank to kill the enemy support, and then their ranged AD denied them in the last second, showing us all the middle finger. Creeps and towers are okay, but heroes - as you said, I might think it through in the future. I was also lazy to do even bigger modifications to the assistance/kill library, so that another reason why I didn't want to make heroes deniable as well. I've already done such a huge amount of code changes in such a short time, this feeling I always have that I made something buggy grew even bigger inside me. But it's still a beta after all, I always fix everything people report and I can replicate, or things I find on my own (which is mostly the case).

    I always prefered these kind of UI windows over fancy models and effects, when it comes to customization. They look more solid, and more smooth when you click on them. And with the trackable usage they also look more professional - or at least they do for me.

    You're free to share your thoughts with me at any time. I don't usually just say "no" to anything people write, unless it's coming from either a troll, or in an unacceptable manner. But if you come to me politely, I'll always consider your suggestions, like I did with deny.

    Thanks for showing your interest, I hope you won't lose it after testing the map! :)
    Didn't want to post it in the thread as it's not yet finished, but I took this screenie for a friend of mine who's making the box model for the last 2 options, thought I'd show it to you:


    I'm still 2 models short for the Shagutt rework, so I decided I'd implement the ModeCrafter while waiting, or at least start doing it. It appears that I was quicker than I thought I'd be, and I'm in fact finished with everything, but the last 2 options (almost done with them too, though). So yea.

    About deny:
    As you can see on the picture, there are 3 options: Off/Minions/Everything. The first 2 is self-explanatory, the third one is kinda misleading though - you still won't be able to deny heroes. If someone works hard to get a kill, they deserve to get it. I'm

    Some other stats:
    You can attack minions with <=50% and buildings with <=10% health.
    A denied minion grants only 33% of the XP it'd normally grant.
    A denied structure grants only 25% of its original global gold value (50 for towers, 25 for the armory buildings).

    Feel free to share your thoughts with me :)
    It is quite urgent since the poll has been closed for 2 months now :p But go ahead and finish your chosen ones review, no need to rush.
    I kinda feel like you are experienced enough in judging, but why not give it a test first to find out?
    It's this contest http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/arena-226/techtree-contest-6-poll-214703/
    And there's an urgent need of at least some judge right now, so how about you judge GhostThruster's entry and send me your judging, then I'll look over it and we'll see if your judging will be good enough, of which I have no doubt.

    P.S., if you need some inspiration take a look at the previous contest's judging: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/contest-archive-227/techtree-contest-5-results-211967/
    is there any difference between 1.6 version and 1.7 version for example in item i look in the walkthroughs in www.tcocampaign.com ther eso many item that is not correct also in recipe there is to much different . . . this is first time i play the version is 1.7k . . .
    I am okay, thanks, and soon i can have rest.
    Well, i hope everything will be alright in your life. :D
    No problem, Kl3sk, :cgrin:, i understand it. Good luck with your exams, i hope you are doing your exams well. :D And i am always patient.
    Thanks, Kl3sk. Actually, i have already fixed some of the tool-tips, but i will continue fixing them to a better status. :) I will try to add even more things to my map to make it spectacular and entertaining.
    No problem, Ki3sk, i understand it. :) Anyway, it has some improvements, e.g. i fixed the creeps and added some spells, but i think i can add more things, e.g. units, doodads, etc. I hope you will like it when i update it but to be honest, i think i should still improve it a bit.
    Hello i know u don't know me but can i provide u with a challenge.could u review my pending map and ignore the graphics and spelling error but look at the raw game play.
    Great review! Thank you for everything and yea, map has been imrpoved since than, more quests, more NPCs, I'm making proffesions too I think :)
    Happy New Year, KI3sk,
    How are you doing?
    Currently a user offered me to create spells in my map, and after he finished it, i will improve it more and then maybe in 1 or 2 months i will upload it. I hope you will like it. :D
    Merry xmass to you as well. :)
    Occasionally I grab some time to drop by to HW but lately I've been working on 2 jobs (one full and one part time), and going to college so I've got literally no time to sleep properly, not to mention WoA project. :/ I would really love to finish it all some day, but I'm really tired of promising people stuff I can't fulfill so I just gave up on setting any deadlines for the project... I've made a great progress in OM since last year, but that's just not enough for it to be released. :/
    Anyway, wish you all well :)
    I wish I could give maps DCs, but I can't, I actually have reduced map mod powers, less than Kobas xD
    And I'd have to discuss a DC with every map mod first, so maybe the diablo 3 map will get it.
    Reputation (+12):
    (Post) (+12) Just kidding ;P Also how come you don't have a lot of rep yet, you've done so much for the maps section D: There ya go
    I will gladly remoderate cool maps :)
    Oh SotP is great, each day we made some progress :)
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