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  • Hello R. Gaming_Strike. Kobas recommended me to you for my question. In general, what's a good size for a 2 player or 4 player melee map. Also, what are the things specifically that you guys consider to be good terrain? I'm thinking of making a melee map, that's why. :p
    as i say, dif forum, dif standard.. the same goes to ppl as well.

    what might get positive rating and feedback at other forum does not mean the other forum you would get the same result as well.

    for example, map that earn 5/5 at hiveworkshop does not mean it would earn approval at wc3c.
    Actually both side are right and nobody was wrong. You should not troll despite being disagree with it.

    I was once like you, doesn't accept most of the negative review. But, if you paid attention to it; you could learn at least 1-3 new thing from those review which could prove to be valuable asset in the future.

    After all, this is a community of map making where people exchange idea/opinion on how map development goes. If we never accept certain opinion, we would never improve at all.

    Peace out at the issues. :)
    I'm so jealous of you now, right now I'm just hoping that I'd be finished with learning German, then only I'm confident enough to undertake Russian. Then I'd be just like you,
    able to speak in 3 european languages, hah! (That'd be around 10 more years). Not that there's anyone around me speaking any of those languages.
    Germany, Switzerland, Russia.. I envy you, both Switzerland and Russia are famous for it's cold weather. I'm very keen on the German language however, I've been trying to pick up the language for the past 9 months.
    It's not easy, but it sure is interesting. Auf wiedersehen~
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