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  • Hey, I don't know if you are still active or not, but if you can update the DIablo 3 maps with new classes that would be great!
    Good day to you sir. I'm a fan of diablo and recently a fan of you. I was wondering if you could teach me how to terrain like you? Also planning to make a tribute map and wondering again if i could use your materials?
    hello, do you know this scenario

    i opened an .mdx model in mdlvis,
    tried to rotate its arm,
    and i notice the vertices connecting the arm to the body moves just slighty,
    and as you rotate the arm 360 degrees, those vertices seems to be closing (i mean those vertices moves closely to each other until they hit each other)..

    is that vertex weights???
    do you know how to put vertex weights on an .mdl manually??
    or if you know a tutorial or thread pls make me know where it is.. :)
    Happy Birthday!

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    Your maps of Diablo are very good.
    But Garena is difficult to find individuals who want to play online.
    Do you know any online server with people willing to play?
    in the diablo 3 borderlands..
    how did you increase the height of the bridge??? and how did you make the post sign to sink in the sand so that it would look like a wooden fence?? cause i opened that in the World editor to find out how did you do that, but whenever i move the bridge/post sign i can no longer put it back to where it was before...
    I gived your rep about a year ago xD.
    Btw I have question, how do you import custom font, I know I need font, but I also heard that I need some custom file too, so any help?
    Hi guy, can you give me the skin of your tilesets in the hall of Agony ? I want to talk about the orange tileset in the dungeon. Thanks you !
    Hey HammerFist132,

    please look at the Furious Charge trigger in my maps:

    Custom script:

    if IsLocPathable(GetLocationX(udg_CB_LeakPoint[1]),GetLocationY(udg_CB_LeakPoint[1])) == true then

    If you have other questions for triggers please ask hell gate :)

    Good luck.
    Booody finaly online xD, need your help.
    I have made spell charge with made other effects, main thing what I want to ask u is can u explain to me how u have made to your charger stops when he gets near pathing blockers, and one more thing can I get your permision to try to create AI player in your D3 arena.

    Thanks xD. I was watching on youtube DIII clips this days. Omg your maps are just like them xD. Really hals of agony, and arena just the same. Great work. I cannot believe what u have done.
    What do u think about making full fighting with diablo. From all three phases, in heaven, with shadow etc xD. That would be great
    In short u are god of map making. Effect's are so cool best models what I have ever seen,like to they are created for WC5 can I use some of them in my map, bonus credit, rep and respect. I need it for my map for solo mini maping contest. Pls
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    (Post) Thanks for re-creating Diablo 3 to Warcraft 3 I hope i can see more maps from you. *salute*
    NICE, DIABLO 3 has been updated, how about updating the arena? And I salute you for creating Diablo 3 to Warcraft 3. *salute*
    OMG! Sir, I really like your diablo 3 maps =D its hard,but fun! Especially the borderland part =D and belial is the hardest boss so far, too bad I can't play the halls of agony and bastion's keep, i ran out of time to play :( by the way, I hope you make a new diablo 3 map :D
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