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(8-12)Inner Temple v1.1

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
(12)Inner Temple, (8)Other Temple
Player Suggest: FFA, 6v6, Any team game
Map Creator: Zucth

Inner Temple - 12p

Other Temple - 8p

Map Description:
12p: An old temple just before it turn into a ruins and got lost.
8p: What else, they want more temple? you gotta be kidding me... Anyway, sorry! But the Lost Temple is in another universe!

Neutral Building:
37 Goldmines (Middle- 8500, toward mid expo - 11500, other - 10500)
8 Tavern
8 Mercenary Camp - Summer
6 Goblin Merchant
6 Goblin Lab
4 Fountain of Health

Creep Camp:
24 green
52 orange
5 red + (12 base)

-Map have a size [192x192], [152x152]
-Lost Temple x3 (decrease base cliff level by one)

v1.1 - For the sake of future FFA game. For everyone health, decrease overall gold by 60%. :xxd:
add 8p version. As Godfather & ToD was asked. It's not really the same map, but the idea is the same so I just packed both map as one.

Creator Note:
-Enough of a meme map shall we? xD
-last 12 map is more like a custom map so maybe we don't count that?
-Seriously is this really the right way to go? I hope they won't ask for more like 24p version of Lost Temple... It has become as meme at this point!

Inner Temple v1.1 (Map)

Other Temple (Map)